When you’re making a music video, friend may uncover yourself in require of a few models to star in it. Though asking her friends come star in her productions is easy and convenient, they might not have the ability to bring the level that talent or particular look you’re going for. However, detect models to actors doesn’t need to be terribly complicated or time-consuming.

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Here’s how to find models for her videos.

1. Find for neighborhood models ~ above Instagram.

No matter where friend live, there’s most likely to be a few people in your ar who room trying to end up being actors, models, or music stars. For plenty of of these people, Instagram is their preferred platform. Search with friends of girlfriend to discover the human being you want to contact.

Check the end this video to acquire an idea that the sort of human being you’re spring for.

2. Contact them through a shared friend or send a DM.

Once you discover the civilization you’d like to cast in her video, either reach out to them through a mutual friend or send lock a straight message. Be expert but also friendly. Attach them come previous work you’ve excellent so they can obtain a an excellent idea that what you’re creating.

This video will provide a few helpful tips because that contacting models with Instagram.

3. Don’t ask lock to job-related for free.

Professional models room hardworking people. They have to hussle to publication photoshoots and also other payment gigs since they frequently have more than one job. Therefore, you must be prepared to offer your models more than simply their surname in the credits. Also if you can’t salary them, market them cost-free food or allow them to save the apparel you have actually them wear in the video.

This video clip breaks down exactly how Instagram models do money.

Instagram is a an excellent place come find and also contacts models for her music videos. Try to discover ones you have friends in usual with, and also be all set to salary them.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening come a wide selection of music, native Taylor Swift to, ~ above occasion, Celtic instrumental. She likewise spends her time writing, reading, and also baking.

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