We can differentiate three kinds of levers, as displayed in the snapshot above. Every of them is characterized by the following:

Effort - just the point where you use the intake force;Fulcrum - the allude that stays stationary;Resistance - the load;Motion - the direction of motion after the pressure has to be applied.

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In every case, the mechanical benefit of a bar is calculated follow to the formula:

MA = effort arm / pack arm


effort arm is the distance in between the suggest of effort and the fulcrum;load arm is the distance in between the allude of resistance and also the fulcrum.

As clearly shows in the number above, a pulley-block is a device made of wheels and also ropes that connect them. 2 wheels make one pulley.

To calculation the mechanical advantage of together a system, simply use the complying with equation:

MA = 2 * n

where n is the variety of pulleys straight attached to the object.

If girlfriend were looking for a mechanism of two wheels of various diameters linked with a belt loop, you have to head directly to our sheave calculator. And also if you"re trying to find applications of mechanical benefit in other system, examine out our an excellent winch size calculator.


A common screw is composed of 2 parts: a threaded cylindrical shaft and also a head. To determine the mechanical advantage, girlfriend will require two features of the object (helical ridges top top the screw):

Diameter of the screw shaft, andLead that the thread. In simple screws, the lead is same to the distance between two nearby threads. In double- or triple-start screws, that is characterized as the distance (parallel to the screw"s axis) the screw travel in one complete transformation of the shaft.

The mechanical advantage formula because that the screw is:

MA = π * diameter / lead


A wedge is a an easy tool in the form of a triangle. It have the right to be used to split things into two parts or to lift heavy objects. The mechanical benefit formula for a wedge is dependency on the geometry:

MA = broad / length

Width is measured in the horizontal direction (see the picture above),Length is measure in the vertical direction (see the snapshot above).

A ramp, otherwise recognized as an skinny plane, is a flat surface tilted in ~ an angle to the horizontal. It is comparable in shape to a wedge - in fact, a wedge in nothing yet a portable inclined plane. Also, a screw is basically an inclined airplane wrapped around a cylinder.

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Our mechanical benefit calculator can discover the mechanical benefit of a ramp indigenous two different formulas:

MA = together / V

MA = 1 / sin Θ

If you analysis these equations more closely, you will discover that they room equivalent, as sin Θ = V / L.