I often see this inquiry coming up so i did some digging and also decided to make a perform of all airline in the US and their rules about bringing a skateboard on one airplane. An excellent news! numerous airlines allow skateboards top top a plane as long as you monitor the rules.

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You can lug your skateboard top top a airplane as lengthy as you bring it as a carry-on or checked baggage. Because that carry-on, the size may not exceed 62 inches and also should weigh less than 50 pounds. If her skateboard fits under the seat you don’t need a bag. Wheels have to be facing up under the chair to protect against it from rolling. 

If stowed in an overhead bin you must cover the wheels using a rubbish bag. This only use to a small variety of airlines. Most of the airlines don’t permit you to carry on her skateboard and require girlfriend to check them in instead. Feather at these regulations it method that much shorter longboards, prefer mini cruisers can also be brought on a plane.

In many cases, friend can’t bring an electrical skateboard or electrical longboard ~ above a plane, uneven you eliminate the batteries. If you’re confident sufficient there space a couple of ways to bending the rules a little.

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List of airline & Rules concerning Carrying Skateboards

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The policies vary most airlines permit you to take your skateboard ~ above a plane as long as you stick to the regulations. Here’s a perform of typical US airlines and also their policy. Make sure to examine their websites together things might change.

AirlineCarry ~ above or checkedAirline carry on policy
Alaska AirChecked baggageAccepted as confirm baggage, listed a skateboard is effectively packed in a soft- or hard-sided situation designed especially for the equipment. Fees may apply.Policy
Allegiant AirChecked baggageChecked baggageSkateboards on the aircraft are embraced as long as it’s in a container or case and not much longer than a penny board. This means you can’t lug your continuous skateboard. Policy (scroll under to 60.11).
American AirlinesChecked baggageAmerican airline doesn’t permit you to bring your skateboard top top a airplane as lug on. You’ll require to examine it in and might be charged the very same fee as the 1st or second bag dues of her destination. Your board do not do it weigh much more than 50 lbs (lol) and can’t be much longer than 62 inch Policy
Air CanadaCarry-onAir Canada allows you to lug your skateboard as a carry on. Just remember that 1 board or 1 bag containing her skateboard counts together one item of luggage in the direction of the maximum number of checked bags allowed. Max 50 lbs. And 62 inches Policy
Delta waiting LinesChecked baggageSkateboards are enabled as confirm baggage and also standard baggage plans apply. Delta states that skateboards are enabled as carry on but it shouldn’t exceed 45 linear inches. In theory, this means you can’t carry in as carry on. Policy (scroll down)
Frontier AirlinesChecked baggageSome civilization report a disassembled board and also in a bag to be fine together a carry-on, assembled still needs to be confirm in. Their plan doesn’t yes, really state anything details about skateboards therefore prepare to pay fees.
Hawaiian AirlinesChecked baggageHawaiian airline only allows carry ~ above baggage with a maximum dimension of 45 straight inches (9x14x22) and also 25 pounds. This way you need to check-in her skateboard, extra fees might be charged. Policy
JetBlueChecked baggageJetblue accepts skateboards as lengthy as they don’t exceed 22 inches. This basically means that lock don’t expropriate skateboards as carry-on because skateboards are roughly 32″. Policy
RyanairChecked baggageRyanair doesn’t allow bringing a skateboard as carry on, you can check in the baggage and also fees might apply. Plan (listed under 8.4.7)
Southwest AirlinesCarry-onIf the skateboard fits under the seat in former of friend (good luck v that) you deserve to place it there without the require of bagging it. You should stow it through the wheels dealing with up to protect against it from taking off and possibly causing injury to passengers or crew. If it doesn’t fit under a chair you deserve to stow it in an overhead bin. Make certain the wheels challenge up while keeping the wheels covered (trash bag is fine). This is to avoid the board from damaging various other peoples property.


Policy (click on the Sports equipment tab in ~ the bottom)

Spirit AirlinesChecked baggageWhen flying spirit Airline confirm baggage fees may apply. You also have to sign a minimal liability release type and hand over her left kidney.


You can’t bring electric skateboards and hoverboards because that on the plane period.

United AirlinesChecked baggageJust like JetBlue, joined Airlines look at accept lug on skateboard but they can not exceed the traditional baggage size of 45 straight inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) this contains handles and wheels. Be all set to examine them in! unified Airlines only accepts non-powered skateboards so girlfriend won’t have the ability to bring your electrical skateboard. Store in mind that very first or 2nd checked bag business charges could apply.


Policy (info at the bottom)

Virgin AmericaChecked baggageSome get away with it and others have actually to inspect it in. Assume you have to examine it on however you’re not charged any extra fees due to the fact that it’s a item of sports equipment. Virgin America is now part of Alaska Airlines.

Make sure to double check the policies as gradually the rule may adjust over time. Offer them a contact to be particular and stop extra charges. Many airlines case you’re enabled to take it you skateboard as a carry on yet size restrictions tell otherwise! This post was make on Oct. 18th-2018. Check for yourself just to be sure!

Don’t concern Too Much about the TSA

Make certain to educate yourself properly and also know the regulation of each airline. This will prevent any kind of unpleasant surprises as soon as you go through security. In general, the TSA (Transportation security Administration) permits skateboards on a plane or in the cargo hold.

The TSA website claims that “The last decision rests with the TSA officer top top whether things is enabled through the checkpoint“. Lock don’t desire the hassle of checking a skateboard deck at the gate and if they prevent you try to negotiate and also be polite.

Careful through Connecting Flights Abroad

This is whereby it it s okay a bit much more complicated. As soon as you fly abroad various rules might apply, even if you’re capturing a connecting flight. Indigenous what I can find is the London (UK). Frankfurt (Germany) and Sydney (Australia) won’t enable you to carry on a skateboard.

You’ll have to go outside of the airport and check in her skateboard, which could potentially mean absent your flight. I tried my best to uncover the precise policy yet haven’t succeeded, okay be sure to upgrade this post if i can find out more.

How to pack a Skateboard because that Air Travel

The best method to gain your skateboard in a airplane is by disassembling. Carry your trucks in a backpack and attach your deck making use of straps, assuming you have a skateboard backpack. If girlfriend don’t have actually a bag, check out part duffel bags v straps on or look because that backpacks with straps.

The employee doesn’t have time to attend to a deck that’s simply a little bit oversized and also won’t stroked nerves you uneven they’re having actually a bad day. Simply make sure you’re in former of the line, meaning you have to obtain through the gate a bit earlier and get in prior of the queue.

Make certain to load your board in the finest stowable method possible and the crew won’t bother you. Like I said, be friendly, compliment the crew when you can and also they won’t provide you any kind of trouble (depending ~ above the airline).

If girlfriend don’t have a bag through straps and you’re forced to inspect in your skateboard just firmly tape her bag and also cover it v plastic wrap. You don’t desire your deck to go missing, strapping her trucks to your shoes no an option, or is it? simply make sure you can display your luggage is one solitary piece.

If who at the check-in respond to is offering you a tough time, tell them “excuse me, ns don’t understand. I’ve been traveling the world and this is the an initial time i’ve heard the this. I checked your site and also it didn’t mention anything about this being prohibited” (keep smiling and also stay polite).

The safest way is to get a bag that fits your skateboard. A regular skateboard would fit perfectly and also the employee won’t really give you a difficult time. They could ask those in there and also you just say mine clothes and also my skateboard, no problem.

Don’t mean to get all these concerns on a residential flight though, castle won’t provide you any type of trouble. If they carry out (domestic and international) just pressure it while maintaining your cool. I’m not talking around security (avoid suggesting with them) however the men and women in ~ the desks.

Most Skateboard-Friendly Airline

And the winner is… South-West Airlines! They administer the most accurate details without having to dig through their website and also many skateboarders only have actually positive experience bringing their skateboard on plank (heh). They nothing charge any type of extra fees and also you’ll have no worries going with security. Cheers guys!


Disassemble your Skateboard and Bend the Rules

Sometimes it help to disassemble her skateboard. Now, this no a an extremely practical solution but it can save you part money in instance they fee you fees.

Just remove your trucks and also put castle in a backpack, her deck doesn’t take it up too much room and have the right to be stowed in one overhead bin. Alternatively, you can put in under the chair in front of friend or wedge it between the seats.

If you have a window seat you might put the on in between you and the chair fuselage. Together a critical resort, strap that on her luggage and also put her skateboard deck in the overhead bin. Ns can’t guarantee this will constantly work however if girlfriend act polite and also friendly no one of the cabin crew will certainly bat one eye.

Put top top your many confident face and stow her skateboard ~ above the plane as quickly as girlfriend can. The early on birds constantly get your bags ~ above the plane. Oh and if she wondering, you have the right to ride your skateboard in the airport. Just make sure not to run anyone over or gain in the way. Security can ask friend to avoid though.

Electric Skateboards on a Plane

Bringing an electric skateboard top top a aircraft is difficult. Most airlines have actually strict regulations and also won’t enable E-boards due to the fact that of fire hazards. There are human being who claim you can bring your electrical skateboard once you disassemble it and carry the batteries in your backpack yet curb her enthusiasm. 

According come Thetechieguy the TSA doesn’t mind e-boards walk through protection as long as the board’s battery meets the lithium-ion requirements.

However prepare to it is in disappointed, nearly all airline won’t permit you to carry your board also if girlfriend disassemble it. Friend can shot your luck however it can end up gaining you in trouble. No legitimate trouble, however what if lock refuse to take it it top top the plane? are you going come trash her board?

So deserve to you lug an electric skateboard on one airplane? No, lock a fire hazard.

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Some civilization remove the batteries and get away through it yet you’ll risk shedding your expensive equipment.

Can ns Take mine Skateboard ~ above a Train or Bus?

Yes, girlfriend can lug your skateboard ~ above a bus or train, no problem. Amtrak and Greyhound permit you to bring it along. You deserve to even bring your electric skateboard! As lengthy as her skateboard isn’t gasoline-powered you will be fine. Happy travels!