A coating that wax top top hardwood floors protects the wood against moisture and also liquid spills.Over time, the wax will certainly naturally build up, make the hardwood surface appear dull and hazy.Wax buildup should be removed before refinishing or re-waxing again. If you’re wondering just how to execute that, there’s great news: you in the appropriate place. So, without additional ado, below is exactly how to get wax turn off hardwood floors.

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What you will do it Need

Soft bristle broom and dust panMineral spiritMicrofiber clothFine stole woolBucketKnee padsRubber gloves

What come do

Using a broom, move away loosened dirt, soil and also other debris to produce a clean working spaceMop the floor v a damp item of fabric to remove any kind of sticky grimePour a small amount of mineral spirit straight onto a small section and also start rubbing with a item of cloth in the direction of the grain. A yellow residue of wax will form on the cloth.Using one more clean cloth, wipe the floor dry v the mineral spirit for the second time till there is no an ext yellow residue forming on the cloth.If over there is hefty wax buildup that might not be gotten rid of by a item of cloth, use fine stole wool come scrub and also clean the residue with a dry item of cloth.Mop the floor with a damp towel preferably with heat water and also let that dry totally before re-waxing or sanding and also refinishing your hardwood floor.

How to eliminate candle wax native hardwood floors

Candle wax might accidentally drop on her hardwood floor.This can destroy the figure of your beautiful floors. If you want to eliminate the candle wax, monitor the actions below.


This an approach involves applying a moderate amount of warm on the wax to melt it, do it straightforward to remove. The simplest way to carry out this is v a hairdryer or a warmth iron.Run the hairdryer pointed top top the wax until it turns into a liquid and use a item of file to soak it up.If you decide to usage an iron, friend will also need a brown paper bag or old towel.Cover the wax with the record bag or towel and use steel to apply low come medium warmth as if you to be doing some regular ironing top top the towel.Do not let the steel sit in one area for lengthy to avoid scorching the floor.The towel or document will draw up all the wax. If there is any residue remaining, buff the area v furniture wax, infant oil, or olive oil.

Chill out

If you cannot rental heat, freeze or chilling the end wax to harden is an additional simple method of acquiring rid that candle wax on a hardwood floor.You will require ice in a plastic bag and also a plastic spatula. Simply place ice on the wax and also let it sit for 15 minutes.Almost like magic, the wax will solidify and also you deserve to now use a coffee or spatula to chip the away.

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The Bottom Line

Commercial wax removal assets may additionally be supplied for acquiring rid of wax indigenous hardwood floors.If you decide to usage one, closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions.Be aware of the kind of complete you room dealing with and possibly try out her preferred an approach on a little area before using that on the entire floor.