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General Questions

What do the alternatives do?

Selecting "Start minimized" will certainly hide the dialog display when girlfriend launch the program. deserve to still be accessed with the symbol in the mechanism tray.

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Selecting " home window always ~ above top" will certainly ensure the program window remains visible even when switching to an additional application. This option has no impact if has actually been decreased to the device tray.

If you"d favor to it is in loaded when you rotate on your an equipment enable the "Run once Windows starts" option. additionally supports separate LCD display screens on key-boards such as the Logitech® G15™. If you have a supported key-board you will view the option to "Display status on key-board LCD". Permitting this option will permit you to check out FPS graphs and also other identifiers ~ above the key-board while play your games. If you have a G15 but do not check out this alternative then you may need to install the recent G15 drivers easily accessible from Logitech"s website.

Does have a performance influence on the game?

There is a little overhead associated with illustration the framerate ~ above screen. This may vary relying on your system configuration, yet should remain relatively minimal. The best means to measure up it on her own mechanism is to discover a game that enables you to benchmark it and also compare the results obtained with and without loaded.

When you room benchmarking the overlay is instantly disabled to provide the most accurate results.

If you are recording a movie v there deserve to be a noticeable affect on the game. This is as result of all the extra work connected in conserving the screen data to disk.

FPS (Frames every Second)

What perform the options do?

The Overlay display screen Hotkey allows you entrust a button that will toggle the framework rate counter between the four corners and off. To adjust the Hotkey, click in the box and form a new key to it is in assigned this function. Click Disable will protect against the Hotkey native having any kind of effect.

The Benchmarking Hotkey lets you entrust a button that deserve to be offered to recognize the average structure rate between any two points in a game. To adjust the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new key to it is in assigned this function. Click Disable will stop the Hotkey from having any effect.

The overlay edge indicates the region of the screen that the framerate respond to will be shown in. Choose a edge that doesn"t obstruct crucial information in the game"s display. If you choose Disabled the frame rate counter will no be shown on screen.

Selecting "Only upgrade overlay as soon as a second" will certainly only adjust the frame rate respond to once a second.

Selecting "Save structure rate to file each second" will certainly output the structure rate as soon as a second to the record gaianation.netSEC.TXT in your directory. This alternative is deprecated and has been gotten rid of in 2.7.0. Usage the thorough FPS statistics alternative to get individual CSV papers for each benchmark run.

The "Stop benchmark automatically" option permits you come specify a solved duration because that the benchmark. As soon as the number of seconds has elapsed the benchmark will immediately stop and also the outcomes will be created to disk.

Finally, thorough benchmark statistics can additionally be conserved to disk. These are written in conventional CSV documents that can be imported directly into a spreadsheet. All papers are instantly named/timestamped and also saved in the benchmarks subdirectory. Right now there room 3 files written for each benchmark as soon as this option is enabled:

FPS - has the framework rate worth for each second of the benchmarkframetimes - includes the time (in milliseconds) of every structure that to be rendered in the benchmarkminmaxavg - contains the complete frame count, benchmark duration, minimum, maximum, and average structure rate values.How deserve to I average the framerate in between two points?

While in the video game press the an essential you assigned to the Benchmarking Hotkey. This will note the start of where averaging is to take it place. A environment-friendly box is shown to let you recognize that logging has actually begun, and also then the respond to is eliminated for best accuracy. Once you desire to end the benchmark, press the Hotkey again. The median framerate will currently be presented in a red box. Full details are also saved in the document gaianation.netLOG.TXT in her folder, and into the benchmark brochure if girlfriend have thorough statistics enabled.

What is the maximum framerate will certainly show? will present a preferably framerate the 9999 fps ~ above screen. If you need to know specific framerates over this you have to use benchmarking and find out the value from gaianation.netLOG.TXT, or indigenous the thorough statistics (if you have this alternative enabled).

Why doesn?t show above 30fps, 60fps, 75 fps (or any kind of other framerate) in my game?

This have the right to be because of several reasons.

Many gamings have internal limits that avoid them rendering much faster than a particular framerate. In some situations this have the right to mean they are locked at a best framerate of just 30fps.

Another possibility is the you have Vsync enabled. Vsync is provided to synchronise the calculation of your graphics card through the display screen of her monitor. As soon as your graphic card has actually finished rendering the next framework it waits for the screen to finish displaying the present one before switching to the new one. This means that the maximum framerate girlfriend can achieve will be same to the refresh rate of your monitor (which is commonly 60hz, 75hz, 85hz, or 100hz).

If girlfriend disable Vsync then her graphics map will repeatedly render without waiting for the last frame to be shown in the entirety. With fast graphics cards this means that her monitor may switch to a new frame halfway down the screen. This impact is known as tearing together there appears to it is in a visible line separating two various halves. Because of this, friend should usually leave Vsync enabled except when benchmarking.

Screen catch Questions

What execute the alternatives do?

You can pick the folder wherein will save all screenshots in. Through default this folder is the same as the directory you set up into, however you deserve to customise it to save everywhere on her disk. Click the readjust button to select a brand-new folder, or the View button to present the current materials of the folder.

The Screen catch Hotkey allows you entrust a button that will certainly take a screenshot that the game screen. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and type a new an essential to it is in assigned this function. Clicking Disable will avoid the Hotkey from having any effect.

Screenshots can be conserved in windows Bitmap (BMP), JPEG (JPG), Portable Network graphic (PNG), or Targa (TGA) format.

Selecting "Include frame rate overlay ~ above screenshots" will include the framework rate respond to on her screenshots. If the structure rate overlay is disabled, no respond to will be saved on her screenshots.

What is the preferably resolution supported by the screen capture?

Screenshots have the right to be take away in gamings running in ~ resolutions approximately 2880x1600 or 3840x1200.

Video record Questions

What carry out the alternatives do?

You can pick the folder wherein will store all movie in. By default this folder is the same as the catalog you mounted into, however you deserve to customise it come save almost everywhere on your disk. Click the adjust button to choose a new folder, or the View switch to show the current contents of the folder.

The video clip Capture Hotkey allows you assign a button that will record movies the the game. To change the Hotkey, click in the box and kind a new vital to it is in assigned this function. Clicking Disable will protect against the Hotkey native having any effect.

Choosing Half-size will keep the movie at fifty percent the resolution of the video game screen. Full-size will store the movie in ~ the exact same resolution as the game screen.

You can choose the framework rate of the output movie from 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps, or a tradition value approximately 100fps. Greater values an outcome in smoother playback but will increase the record size. Some video editing programs will certainly treat movies recorded at 25fps together PAL, and those caught at 29.97/30fps as NTSC.

Selecting "Record Sound" will conserve the video game audio in addition to the video. You can disable this choice if you space planning to add your own sound to the video.

When you pick "Detect finest sound input" will identify the best input to document the game sound on. If you choose "Use windows input" the default windows recording input will be used. The home windows input might not capture every one of the video game sounds, so friend should normally let recognize the input unless you desire to record sound native an external source.

How perform I document a movie while running a game?

First choose the target framerate because that the movie, which suggests how countless frames will be had in the movie each second. You can right now choose from 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.

In the video game press the video clip Capture Hotkey (F9) when you desire to begin recording. While recording the framework rate counter will turn red. When you desire to end your movie, press the switch again to avoid recording. You will now find the movie saved in your default folder.

What is the preferably resolution sustained by Half/Full-size video clip capture?

The maximum resolution because that full-size and also half-size capture is currently 7680x4800.

Why is the AVI movie created by for this reason big? How can I mitigate the size?

The filesize is large because over there isn"t enough time come encode the movie if the game is running. The movie frames space slightly compressed, but still call for a large amount the disk room due come the high resolutions. After you have actually finishedcapturing friend can convert the clips into a compressed layout using a video editing program. More than likely the simplest one to usage is windows Movie an equipment which is included free as component of windows Live Essentials. It allows you to quickly edit yourclips and include text and also other effects to her film. The end result will likewise be compressed into the home windows Media video (WMV) style which can be played earlier in most media players.

How perform I avoid the frame rate respond to being conserved on mine movies?

The structure rate counter shouldn"t be conserved on your movies. What you may be see is mirroring the frame rate of her media player. Try exiting before playing her videos and also you have to see clean images. If this doesn"t help you deserve to disable the framework rate counter before recording by pushing the Overlay screen hotkey.

When I see the movie I saved the video clip skips and the sound crackles. What"s wrong?

Your media player might be having actually trouble keeping up v the big amount that data has written come disk. is optimised for processing large amounts that data, but many players are not. If lock can"t review the data fast enough skips in the video and audio might be present.

Keep in mind the life data saved to disk should be fine. If friend encode the video clip into a compressed style you will likely finish up with a video file that theatre perfectly due to the greatly reduced paper size.

You can also lower the movie structure rate or usage a reduced resolution to mitigate the data saved to the tough disk.

How have the right to I adjust the volume of the sound that is recorded?

You have to configure the volume through the "Sounds and Audio Devices" item in the control Panel. Usage the complying with steps:

Click ~ above the regulate Panel and also select Sounds and also Audio.Click on the Audio tab.Find the Sound Recording maker and click Volume.Adjust the volume because that the Input that is recording from. This is usually named "What U Hear", "Record Master", or "Stereo Mixer".

If girlfriend can"t view the correct Input on screen you may need to allow it by clicking Properties in the menu and also ensuring every Inputs have a examine beside their name.

Where can I find the tradition FPS1 codec?

The codec (FPS1) is put on the mechanism when you install If you"ve reinstalled windows you will likewise need come reinstall in order come play earlier your movies.

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Please save in mind the if you desire to provide your raw clip to another person castle will likewise need to have actually installed.

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