Every HP press is equipped through a network user interface card (NIC) and has a media accessibility control (MAC) address. This MAC address is provided to determine every machine attached come a network. As soon as it is enabled, only a device that has MAC address on the filter list can access your network. At any time you need to filter MAC addresses on her router or uncover the HP printer’s MAC address the your, then in that case, printer can be an ext problematic than the personal computers. However, by dialing HP support Number and taking professionals’ guidance, you deserve to easily discover HP printer’s MAC attend to with simple steps.

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Possible means to locate HP Printer’s Mac Address

You deserve to simply uncover MAC attend to by beginning ipconfig/all in the command notice windows. But, together we all know mostly printers are not compatible with key-board input, therefore you must make use of different methods to find the MAC addresses. Here, we are pointing out the ways through which you deserve to easily uncover your HP printer’s MAC address. You need to discover your HP printer’s IP deal with first, after that you will be able to locate the MAC address.

Find your HP printer’s IP address

Press the windows key and form control panel and also then click on control panel.From the hardware and sound section, click the devices and printers link.Look for her printer, right click it and then native the pop-up menu choose printer properties.Go because that ports tab and then you require to select standard TCP/IP harbor entry.After clicking on the configure harbor button, girlfriend will view the printer’s IP address in the press name or IP deal with box.

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Steps to find your HP printer’s MAC address

Open the quick accessibility menu by right-clicking top top the start button.Look because that command prompt and also after finding it, merely click to open it.In the command prompt conversation box, form “arp-a” (without quotation marks) and then hit enter.Scroll under to the result until you check out the IP address that you found from the above steps of your printer.Next come IP address, friend will watch your printer’s MAC address. The MAC deal with format looks like “00-1d-7e-e8-d7-27.”

Isn’t finding her HP printer’s IP and MAC deal with is nice easy? expect you are additionally able to discover it. In case, if you room still unable to uncover MAC address, then we imply you get aid from HP Live Chat assistance technicians. Lock are extremely proficient in providing ideal assistance to solve customer’s queries within a pinch of time. Surely, they will certainly also assist you the end to uncover your HP printer’s MAC deal with with some simple steps.