The Minecraft Infinity charm is a valuable effect that renders your bow not minimize your arrow count when you fire. Below, we"ve spanned the methods you deserve to use to put this charm on your bow.

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How to get the Infinity Enchantment

Before we begin, we"d choose to note two important facts around enchanting her Bow with Infinity. First, it only works on regular arrows. You"ll still have actually to achieve Tipped or Spectral Arrows if your Bow has the enchantment. Second, friend can"t mix the Infinity enchantment v the repair enchantment ~ above the same Bow.

Even with the downsides detailed about, the Infinity charm is convenient because it isn"t any more an overwhelming to get than any type of other enchantment. Let"s look in ~ the different methods.

Enchantment Table


Enchantment Tables are the standard go-to technique for any type of enchantment, and also Infinity is no exception. To usage a level 30 charm Table, you require to have actually three Lapis Lazuli and an experience level the 30 or more.

Enchantment Tables are, unfortunately, randomized. There is no method to insurance a details enchantment will be available. This means that if you desire to Enchant the Bow straight (or a publication to apply it), you"ll have to place the on the charm Table and also hope because that the best.



One lesser-known method to acquire the Infinity charm is through trading with Librarian Villagers. If you build up a village to have countless Librarians, the is much easier to uncover one that them the will profession a book enchanted v Infinity.

To force Villagers to find out to be Librarians, they must be unemployed and approach a Lectern. It"s simplest to perform this by trapping infant Villagers in a small area which consists of a Lectern.

While it can take a far-ranging amount the time to gain a Villager ready to profession a book with Infinity, this is regularly the best technique to guarantee you"ll gain it. Librarians have actually a greater chance of offering enchanted publications in their Novice, Apprentice, and Journeyman tiers. The price selection for a book enchanted with Infinity is all over from 5 come 19 Emeralds.



Fishing is among the most difficult ways to acquire the Infinity enchantment. It is even much more randomized 보다 the enchantment Table, due to the fact that fishing is mostly for capturing Fish.

You have the right to increase your opportunities of capturing treasure (which contains Enchanted Books) by equipping your Fishing Rod v the luck of the Sea III Enchantment. Still, capturing an Enchanted publication doesn"t insurance that publication will have Infinity. This is just one of the longest and also most arduous approaches of gaining the enchantment.

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If you currently have a book enchanted through Infinity and also want to apply it to your Bow, you deserve to do this via an Anvil. As soon as you combine two agree items (such as the publication enchanted v Infinity and a Bow), they incorporate to kind the linked Enchanted item. In this case, it would be a Bow v Infinity.

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