Thank you because that your interest in Phillips Academy. We space excited to acquire to know you together you embark ~ above the application process. Please keep in mind that we space no longer accepting applications for loss 2021.

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Our application for loss 2022 is now obtainable online, and also is not due till February 1, 2022.

Because the our need to prioritize the health and also safety of ours internal ar in a year as soon as our regime for our current students will certainly be delivered entirely in person, we have actually made the complicated decision no to invite admission travellers to campus this fall and also winter. All students interested in using for fall 2022 will finish interviews virtually, although you will have actually the opportunity to participate in a virtual campus tour and other virtual programs throughout the fall. We regret that we room not able to sell an in-person endure to our loss 2022 applicants, and we say thanks to you because that understanding. We will open up our autumn interview calendar by at an early stage September, and also invite you come schedule a digital interview appointment via our self-service portal in at an early stage September or later.

We space pleased to share that will certainly be test-optional again for candidates using for the loss of 2022. You re welcome feel complimentary to read more about ours test-optional policy on our “apply” page.

We space proud to it is in entering our 14th year the need-blind admission. Guided by our school’s founding principle the youth native every quarter, we seek to admit talented college student of every backgrounds into our intentionally varied community. Especially during this momentous time in us history, we worth the methods this presents. We stand v students and families speak out versus racism and injustice and remain deeply committed to education and learning for a better good.

Please execute not hesitation to call us in ~ (978) 749-4050 or admissions if friend have any type of questions or if we can be beneficial in any kind of way.


Jim Ventre ’79Assistant Head of institution for Admission and Financial Aid

Jill ThompsonDirector the Admission


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Be daring. Very first of all, don’t be afraid to apply. I never ever thought I’d also get into However I acquired in—and I obtained financial aid. Without it, i wouldn’t it is in here.

You come to since of the 1,100 other students who involved They are, as our founding charter calls for them come be, “youth from every quarter.” lock talented in quirky and also serious ways, they have actually ideas and also opinions like— yet mostly unlike—yours, they have actually fascinating histories and also surprising ambitions and also generous hearts. They come due to the fact that they love ideas and also learning and also discovering. And also they come because maybe you will certainly be right here too.

Meet the Admissions Team

The admission Office is passionate to aid you as you find for an independent high school.


Jim Ventre ’79

“No one goes through life at without the help and support of others.”

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Jill Thompson

“It is exorbitant to it is in a part of a neighborhood where students, faculty, and staff deserve to feel comfortable being that they are.”

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Heidi Jamieson

“The best component of my project is having the opportunity to speak with families, not only around financial aid, but around themselves.”

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Kevin Graber

In enhancement to his work in Admission, KG a.k.a. Legend, is likewise the coach of our varsity baseball team.

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Jessica Acosta-Chavez ’06

"One of my favorite things is seeing a college student light up as soon as they talk around their passions."

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Charles “Trey” V. Brown ’12

Complementary home counselor in Taylor House and also varsity football coach

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Sarah H. Carroll

“I’m yes, really excited come be part of a residential community again. Ns thrilled come immerse myself in all elements of boarding college life.”

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Pete Dignard ’07

“ is a place where it is cool to be smart and also kindness matters.”

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Terrell cream color ’00

While functioning as manager of Basketball Operations at Davidson College, TI common the bench with a young Steph Curry.

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Jamie Hagerman Phinney

“To live and also work in ~ is come be surrounding by curiosity and kindness.”

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Lela A. Paultre

Assistant director of DEI Outreach & Assistant manager of Admission