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Michigan MC Number sticker labels – $15.95

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Michigan MC Number sticker labels come in 10 colors and 8 fonts. The State that Michigan’s MC number needs (read an ext here) are an extremely specific, and our numbers comply through all regulations – size, font, and letter spacing. Just remember to choose a color that contrasts with your boat’s hull color. If her hull is white, black or blue numbers sell the forced contrast. If her hull is colored or dark, girlfriend can choose lighter colors, or also specialty metallic and also carbon-fiber look colors (as displayed below.)

Your 3 customs tall Michigan MC Number stickers can be created with dashes or no-dashes.

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Select your color and font from the list below, form into the order kind exactly as you got them indigenous the Secretary of State, usage dashes if you’d favor to, and also click include to cart. Then check out v our easy PayPal notified system. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal accepted. Each set (one that the harbor side, one for the starboard side) is just $ 15.95 to add shipping ($0.95) and also Michigan sales tax. You only should order one collection to have numbers on both political parties of her boat’s hull.

How fast will I gain my numbers?

We run numbers usually within 2 job of receipt that order, unless we article otherwise top top our internet site (e.g. As soon as we are vacationing ~ above a Michigan lake somewhere!) This means your order usually goes out within 48 hours, and also then is mailed from east Lansing, MI. For most points in Michigan, this is a 2-3 day distribution (longer to the U.P. And much shorter to cool Rapids and also Metro Detroit.) If girlfriend order ~ above a Monday, you will obtain usually get your bespeak by Friday in time for her lake-boating weekend adventures. Contact us straight if you need your numbers sooner and also we have the right to arrange for overnight (extra) shipping. We cannot control the short article office, and all packages are sent first class.

If you order top top a Friday, you’ll have actually them the following week, mid week, with time for a long weekend.

We have recently updated our ecommerce software. If friend have any issues v ordering, or go not obtain an order confirmation email, speak to Ann at 517-402-8500!

Order Michigan MC numbers

(priced per set of 2, one for each next of her hull)

Boat registration Stencils


Stencils are designed for plastic roto-molded hulls like kayaks and sport boats that room not fiberglass. This stencils are paint mask stencils. You use them as quickly as ours vinyl Michigan MC number above, selecting fonts/typefaces below, but once affixed, girlfriend spray paint your number permanently on her hull. If you use a powered kayak (small motor) or have actually a little fleet of rental canoe or kayak or little sail boats, you’re forced to have MC numbers presented on these motor kayaks, rental kayak, canoe or sailboats.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Just how do I understand if my watercraft or watercraft requires registration and also MC numbers?A. We’ve contained the demands below.

Q. Just how do I it is registered my watercraft with the State of Michigan?A. Contact the Michigan Secretary that State to register your Michigan watercraft or watercraft.

Q. Exactly how do I know what my MC numbers are?A. As soon as you have registered your boat or watercraft v the State that Michigan, girlfriend will obtain your registration documents. Your MC numbers will certainly be shown on your paper registration.

Q. Where perform I placed the numbers?A. The State the Michigan needs that you location the MC numbers and also your registration decal in accordance with numerous rules, which us have contained here for your convenience. You can additionally download the file from the State of Michigan – Secretary the State’s website.

Q. Just how do ns install the sticker labels from Michigan MC numbers.com?A. Click end to our installing Michigan MC Numbers page for part instructions.

Q. How quick will I get my MC number stickers?A. We usually ship in ~ 48 hours or receiving her completed order. Us ship M-F. Therefore if you order ~ above Saturday afternoon your numbers room usually run on Monday and also ship that exact same day. They go out very first class in a business sized envelope, so you’ll get them in 2-3 job in most of Michigan.

Q. Can I use one more font, such as a script or italic font?A. The State of Michigan has specific rules about the format of the letters. According to the state, “All letters and also numbers have to be level block personalities at least 3 inch high.

Q. I’d prefer to have some an elaborate numbers, through shading and multiple colors, choose in the watercraft store catalog. Have the right to you perform those?A. We can do them, however they would not fulfill the State that Michigan’s requirements, “All letters and numbers must be plain block characters at least 3 customs high.” below are some examples:


Michigan Watercraft and also Boat it is registered Requirements

Below room the needs as they show up on the State that Michigan net Site.

Watercraft – registration Requirements

All watercraft, uneven exempt, have to be registered v the room of State and display a registration decal. Once a registration number has actually been assigned, it cannot be moved to an additional watercraft. For most watercraft, the registration fee is based upon length. All registrations expire on march 31 in the third year that issuance.

Watercraft freed from it is registered are:

Those 16 feet or shorter, moved by oars or paddles, and not offered for rental or commercial purposes; Nonmotorized canoes and kayaks not offered for rental or commercial purposes, rafts, surfboards, sailboards, and swim floats, nevertheless of length; and Watercraft registered in one more state and used only temporarily in Michigan.

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If you have not registered your watercraft with the State and also been assigned MC numbers, you re welcome visit them now online. You have the right to then return right here to order her Michigan MC number stickers.