Bluetooth permits you to gain wireless flexibility while operation a wide variety of devices. V Bluetooth connectivity, friend can have the ability to comfortably hear sounds from your PS3 over a pair the headsets.

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But, a human who is not acquainted with PS3 ask: exactly how do I affix Bluetooth headphones to PS3?

You may finish up assuming the the procedure is straightforward —just choose connecting a headphone adapter right into a certain headphone jack. Unfortunately, the is no the situation as the PS3 has actually no head jack. To be on the safe side, girlfriend will need to follow the procedures below. 

How To connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

#1 - Paring a Bluetooth headphone come PS3

Before utilizing your Bluetooth headphones, friend will need to pair it through PlayStation 3 using the adhering to procedures:

Step #1. Fully charge her Bluetooth headset.

Step #2. Gain your ps3 and go come its main menu.


Step #3. Uncover this alternative drop column and also click top top Accessories Settings, then later press Manage Bluetooth Devices.


Step #4. Due to the fact that there is no Bluetooth an equipment paired v the PS3, a message will pop up saying: "The Bluetooth maker has not been registered. Execute you want to it is registered it?" choose “Yes” to register.


Step #5. Now power on your Bluetooth Headphones. A flashing red-blue as soon as it is on and also in the Pairing Mode.


Step #6. As soon as the Bluetooth is ready, Go ago to Ps3 and also press "Start Scanning."


Step #7. Bluetooth tools within range that are ready to be registered will certainly be displayed if the scan is successful. In this case, it is her Bluetooth headset. If no an equipment appears, it might be the your device was not properly prepared because that pairing.


Step #8. Next, to finish the pairing procedure, friend will require to get in the passkey for your Bluetooth headset. Therefore, get in of “0000” or “1234” together the passkey once prompted. When the pairing is successful, a blue light will flash from the Headset LED because that a couple of seconds.


“A passkey is usually a security attribute that secures your PS3-Bluetooth headset connection.”

Step #9. Press OK and also then wait because that "Register completed" message. This confirmation way that the pairing is complete. Now, her Bluetooth headphone and also PS3 re-publishing a certain wireless connection.


#2 - setup a recently Paired Headset as an Input/Output Device

After efficiently registering or pairing your headset v the pS3, the is now time to set it as the default intake / calculation Audio maker so that it can come to be useful.

Step #1. Return to the key menu of her PS3. Head to the "Accessory Settings" menu to access the "Audio device Settings" menu.


Step #2. To mark “Input Device” choice through pushing the "X" switch the controller. In ~ this point, you will have to select a suitable microphone to relay voice chats. As shortly as this menu opens, discover the desired microphone input follow to your an equipment and then, click the "X" button.


Step #3. Highlight “Output Device” option. Search through the headset alternatives and click "X" to pick them. The setup is currently ready to be supplied as a microphone and wireless headphones.


‘After the setup, both the "Input Device" and the "Output Device" will instantly match. This permits players to hear voice chats via the Bluetooth headset.’

Step #4. Now, readjust a comfortable Microphone Level. To carry out that, speak with the microphone to check the input/output level of your headphones. If you uncover the voice coming out of the machine too soft, adjust the volume level.


Step #5. After finishing setting go come the bottom part and click OK.

Step #6. The is it! Now, friend are ready to beat PS3 while hearing the sound top top the headphones. 

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#1 - Jbl Bluetooth headphones to PS3



These kinds of headphones one of the most typical gaming Bluetooth headphones around. Most gamers attest to the reality that the is simple to attach JBL Bluetooth headphones come PS3. Several of the popular brands that JBL headphones include:

JBL underArmour sports Wireless Train Headphones - These headphones on-ear architecture that is securely installation to provide a cool base audio sound.JBL E65BTNC - It has a decent noise cancellation attribute that permits it to provide out pretty bass-forward audio.JBL Everest upstream 750NC- The JBL Everest elite 750NC headphones amalgamate noise cancellation v a wireless audio feature, however the superior one on sound high quality is noise reduction.JBL E55BT - apart from the enormous quality Bluetooth experience, it gives a rich, and high crisp boosted bass response.JBL Everest upstream 700- supplies a comfortable style with a customizable and powerful Bluetooth audio performance.JBL Reflect contour 2 - The headphone entails an exercise-focused design that delivers a balanced Bluetooth audio sound.

#2 - Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones to PS3


Some say that 2 heads — or skulls? — are better than one. Skullcandy has moved indigenous the luxury gaming to an ext budget-conscious gamers. Therefore it is an affordable wireless headphones alternative that uses neckbands compared completely wireless earpieces or skimpy cables. It’s popular brands are:

Skullcandy meet - These are reasonably low price wireless headphones the entail a decent noise cancellation feature.Skullcandy Crusher 360 - Offers base lovers superb wireless experience.SkullcandyHesh 3 - provide a strong and solid balance audio experience.Skullcandy Crusher Wireless - provide an adjustable bass Bluetooth audio suffer which most low-end lovers can find too much to handle.SkullcandyiCon Soft - The headphones provide a nice style and sound that countless teen gamers love.

#3 - Sony Bluetooth Headphones to PS3 


Sony Bluetooth Headphones space a an option favorite for both young and also old video game players. It has innovative features that boost voice quality, voice command, and also speech recognition to level-up gaming endure for serious gamers. Few of the noteworthy models are:

Sony WH-1000XM3

The epitome noise-canceling headphone together it has improved performance and more comfortable fit.

Sony WH-1000XM2

Although no that comfortable, the is respect as one of the remarkable headphones around.

Sony WF-1000X

The best-sounding wireless earphones in the market.


A step up in sound contrasted to other inexpensive wireless headphones.

Sony MDR-1000X

An excellent sounding headphone with wireless noise-canceling features.

Sony MW1 Multi-Functional smart Bluetooth Headset

An average Performing s Bluetooth headphone will certainly plenty of tricks.

Sony MDR1R

A stylish and also highly accurate-sounding balanced headphone that deserve your attention but has a lofty price tag. 

Is it feasible to affix Bluetooth headphones toPS3

Yes, the is possible! You deserve to easily connect a Bluetooth headset/headphone to your PlayStation 3. Every you need to do is to pair your Bluetooth headphones v your PS3 through adhering to the accuse on “How to attach Bluetooth headphones to PS3” above.

Can ns use any Bluetooth headset with ps3?

Sure, you can easily connect any kind that Bluetooth headphones (with version above) to your PS3. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that is universal. However, to be on the for sure side, use the ones “Recommended Bluetooth headphones because that PS3” above.

How to perform If ps3 Bluetooth passkey error?

Look on your Bluetooth devices. The Default Bluetooth passkey is commonly 0000. Otherwise, check to see if one more one is listed in your Bluetooth devices’ customers guide/instruction manual.

PS3 Bluetooth headset no working?

While the headset is OFF, walk to the headset Bluetooth interface Settings>Accessory Settings>Manage Bluetooth Devices. If there is a Blue dot next to your headset’s name, simply, highlight the Triangle option and select connect.

PS3 Bluetooth headphones game sound?

PS3 permits you to hear to video game sounds via the Bluetooth headsets conveniently. Just follow the measures above; exactly how to attach Bluetooth headphones to PS3.

PS3 Bluetooth headphones no sound?

This is a usual problem. It might be that your Bluetooth headset is no compatible. Therefore obtain a compatible headset for PS3.

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to ps3?

A constant Bluetooth audio might not work, on the ps3. We recommend you achieve an optical audio speak system, such together a home theater, or otherwise an RCA to plug into your PS3.

PS3 Bluetooth headphones Netflix?

Apart from gaming, you can likewise view Netflix movies v your PS3 Bluetooth headphones. However, you need to find a more compatible headset that deserve to handle both gaming and watching videos.


To amount Up

Now you have actually learned how to connect your Bluetooth headphone to your PS3. Walk ahead and enjoy the game without disturbance from any type of person the is around. If you are stranded, just refer to the indict above.

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In situation your girlfriend asks you; how do I affix a Bluetooth headphone to PS3? You will certainly be in a better position to sell a an excellent solution.