Shih tzu normally want to please their masters however they carry out occasionally have actually that stubborn minute when they desire to carry out their own thing and also nothing else, which can make them challenging to potty train. However, you can turn the around and with some persistence and also patience on your part. You can make the answer come the concern “Are shih tzu straightforward to potty train?” a resounding “Yes!”.

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The Sooner The better – potty train from two to 3 months if you can

As with any type of training, potty cultivate is ideal taught indigenous the earliest opportunity as soon as the shih tzu is a puppy. A shih tzu puppy will begin to understand potty trining indigenous the age of roughly two to three months.

If you have adopted an enlarge dog that doesn’t understand where to relieve himself you have the right to still use the same techniques collection out in this write-up but it’s going to be a many more challenging and you’re going to need a lot an ext persistence, understanding and also patience.

With together dedication you will certainly win through in the end. Contradictory to the old adage you can teach one old dog new tricks.

The very first step in potty cultivate is come designate an area for her shih tzu to do his business. This deserve to be a sheltered point out in your backyard or former garden, ideally protected from precipitation through a roof overhang or thick tree so the you deserve to still go there with your pup in foul weather. If your residence doesn’t have an outside area then pick an suitable spot outdoors the is near by, i will not ~ annoy anyone and you have the right to clean up any kind of mess easily. If girlfriend live ~ above the upper floors the a high increase it’s going come be also late by the time you get exterior in which situation I recommend using a commercially easily accessible dog litter tray and also placing that on your balcony or in her bathroom have to you not have a balcony. If you have a male shih tzu the type of litter tray through the small, vertical write-up in the center is best.

The tray may additionally be employed by those owner that will certainly be out at work-related or school all day and also there is no-one else obtainable to take the puppy come his designated spot throughout the day. The tray, in this case, have to used in conjunction through “open crate training”. This is entirely different to “crate training“, wherein your shih tzu is shut into a smaller crate for durations of time (Not together cruel as it sounds!). Open crate cultivate is much better described in my post: “Shih Tzu Separation tension – just how to cope“.

Go, Go, walk! – rather Literally!

Once girlfriend have established where the designated “go to” area is, the time to begin the potty training in earnest. Whilst in toilet training, have actually your puppy undertake his harness and have his leash at hand so the you are ready for emergency action. If girlfriend spot the signs that he needs to go or is about to go you can quickly clip ~ above the leash and take him to the designated area.

Walk your puppy top top the leash to the designated toilet area and also give, in a clean authoritative voice, an ideal command such together “go toilet” or “go potty”. Everything phrase you usage it needs to be a certain toilet command the can’t be confused or provided for anything else. For example, if you offered the phrase “let the go” you might have a pond on the floor the following time you try to obtain your slipper back.

After you’ve issued the restroom command wait and also see if your shih tzu does his business. If he does, provide him a reward. This can be a tiny treat or part lavish praise. If her puppy doesn’t perform anything, don’t worry and also don’t take any type of action. Simply go ago to whereby you to be and try again ten to fifteen minutes later. Offer the command again and when that does at some point do his business in the correct place you must provide his price immediately. Any hold-up and he i will not ~ associate the reward through going come the restroom in the place and also with the command. This is important, you require your puppy to think good things space going to take place if that responds to your commands. In a couple of months as soon as doing his company in the right areas becomes habit, friend can progressively tone under the rewards until totally stopping them.

Shih tzu have small enough bladders together it is, for this reason it complies with that the bladder that the puppy is going come be even smaller and not qualified of holding on to much urine. For that reason you really have to take your puppy come the designated point out every 2 hours. You have to say the command every time and reward a successful discharge every time. Consistency is key! with day come day repetition of this training it i will not ~ take lengthy for her puppy come associate your command v going to the toilet.

After a few visits your puppy will be attracted to your designated area just by the odor of urine and feces. Dogs instinctively like to urinate on previously soiled spots. Return the shih tzu’s short snout provides their feeling of smell weaker 보다 that the a longer snouted dog and, even if you clean the area or tray, they will certainly still choose up the odour.

There will inevitably be some accidents, especially during the night once you’re no going to want to acquire up every two hours to take your shih tzu puppy out. If you record him in the act, issue no punishment various other than a resounding “no!” and clap your hands sharply. Then pick him up, take his leash and also take him out to the designated spot to finish. (You did have actually his harness on, didn’t you?) If there is only evidence of his mishap ~ the fact, issue no reference or penalty at all. That will end up being confused as he will certainly not know what the is being reprimanded for.

Because your shih tzu will be attracted by the odor to defecate in the same spot again, all incidents of indoor mishaps must be extensively cleaned up making use of a clean product certain formulated for cleaning up after pets. As soon as the area is dry, spray it through an odour neutralizing product. Follow all of this advice and also the mishaps will come to be less and less together the training goes on.


Keeping continuous

While continuing the training friend can also take your puppy for walks, ideally double a day. View my article “How frequently Should girlfriend Walk a Shih Tzu?” for additional discussion. Together you walk, use your favored toilet command in proper places, such together the grass at the basic of an created tree. That course, reward him as usual if that responds to her command. For this reason in enhancement to poop scoop bags, constantly take a small bag that treats on the walk through you, at least until he is totally house trained.

Try and also keep the 2 walks at constant times the the day, every day. Ideally, take her shih tzu out an initial thing in the morning so the he learns that will be able to discharge his overnight build up of pee at that time. The second walk need to ideally be ten to fifteen minute after his night feed. A shih tzu is usually prepared to defecate around half an hour after eating. It will certainly also aid with the potty maintain if you save meal times to the exact same time every day. Continuous meal times = consistent potty times.

Some people, consisting of experts, will certainly tell you no to allow your puppy accessibility to water in ~ night. This is a identify no no! girlfriend must permit your shih tzu access to water at all times . Depriving your puppy the water can lead come dehydration and heatstroke, both possibly fatal conditions in the extreme.

As her puppy it s okay older, so his bladder capacity and also strength will increase enabling you to increase the time interval in between visits to the designated area. As soon as he get 12 months he should have the ability to go v the night without needing a potty break. In ~ 14 months he will be a fully grown adult and under normal conditions able to hold earlier his bodily attributes for his twice daily walks.

So, room Shih Tzu basic To Potty Train?

Okay, ok be moral with you, putting in the effort and patience top top your component can it is in a tiny testing at times. Her shih tzu’s properties stubbornness deserve to be a tiny testing in ~ times. Yet keep your mind set on the task in prior of you, follow all of the guidelines collection out above, and you will uncover that that will at some point take to potty training through ease. All of a sudden he’ll “get it”.

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I great you success through your shih tzu’s potty training. If girlfriend have any kind of questions or views on this subject or noþeles shih tzu, please leaving a comment or send a blog post using ours contact us form.