Motorcycle helmet visor fogging is a major safety concern that no just take place in cold conditions, but also during rain in summer and winter.

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Many contemporary motorcycle helmets have functions that stop fogging.

They include air vents, visors the prop open up a couple of centimetres, nose/breath guards and also anti-fog visors or inserts.

However, if your helmet doesn’t have these features, there are things you can do to make certain your visor watch is constantly clear.


Blu-Tack props the visor open

The cheapest means to a clear visor is ventilation. Open any type of vents that room available. If the is not enough, you deserve to prop open your visor slightly. It doesn’t have to be huge gap. I use a item of Blu-Tack top top the bottom front aperture that prevents the visor indigenous closing under wind push at highway speeds. I’ve additionally used balloon gum as soon as I’ve been captured out in the rain without Blu-Tack. If her helmet has a chin spoiler, they are usually removable, so shot taking it out for more air.

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Visor inserts

Pinlock insert

Some motorcycle helmets come v anti-fog visor inserts once you purchase them. If not, inspect your visor for small plastic “pins” on the within or the helmet packaging because that the words “Pinlock-ready”. Then you deserve to fit a Pinlock insert. If not, you can likewise buy inserts that stick on. These inserts seal a bubble of air to keep the visor clear. Be mindful to follow cleaning instructions and also don’t use visor cleaners ~ above them. Also, be mindful that they deserve to be destroyed by dust, so store the visor closed. These inserts can expense as lot as a replacement visor, yet are precious every cent.