Maplestory – Level 1-275 Training overview September 2021 (Reboot & Normal)

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Maplestory is a huge world with distinctive monsters roughly every corner and also many lands and dimensions to explore.

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As a new or return player, it deserve to be difficult to navigate the maple world and also find monsters an ideal for training at your current level.

In this cultivate guide, us cover the ideal training point out at every levels from 1-275. You have the right to use this guide for both Reboot and regular servers.

We’ve uncovered the following training spots come the ideal if you’re looking come level up as fast as possible.

Level rangeMapMob(s)
1-10Class tutorial-
10-20Golem"s Temple: Golem"s holy place 3Flaming combined Golem
20-30North woodland Green Tree TrunkCurse Eye
30-40Gold Beach: gold Beach Seaside 2Violet clam Slime
40-45East Pantheon: fascinating ForestGravi Stonegar
45-55Burnt Land: Wild Boar LandWild Boar, Terrified Wild Boar
55-60Excavation Site armed forces Camp 1*Skeledog, Mummydog
60-70Svamp: quiet SwampCopper Drake
70-75Orbis: Stairway come the sky ICellion, Grupin, Lioner
75-85Ice valley IIWhite Fang
85-100Sunset Road: Sahel 2Sand Rat, Scorpion
100-105Final Mission: Zakum"s AltarNormal Zakum
105-115Minar forest Sky swarm 3Blood Harp
115-125Hidden Street Unbalanced Time*Dual Ghost Pirate
125-135El Nath The cavern of Trials IIIBain
135-145Minar forest Black Wyvern"s NestDark Wyvern
145-155Minar woodland The Dragon nest Left Behind 2Skelosaurus, Skelegon
155-165Time lane Detour to Oblivion 4Chief Oblivion Guardian
165-170Knight Stronghold Armory 2Official knight E, official Knight D
170-185Inside the Mothership Corridor H03Gray luxury Saucer
185-200Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation site 2Sinister Rocky Mask
200-210Lake of Oblivion: weathering Land of fury & surprise Fire ZoneRaging Erda & Soulful Erda
210-220Slurpy Forest: Slurpy woodland Depths & Torrent ar 1Angry Flyon, Ripe Wolfruit & green Catfish, Blue Catfish
220-225Lachelein Night market Chicken Festival 2 & Nightmare Clocktower 2FGallus & Dreamkeeper
225-240Arcana: The forest of planet & Cavern reduced PathEarth heart & Befuddled Spirit
240-250Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2 & Mirror-touched Sea 7Aranya & goalkeeper of Darkness
250-255Tenebris: Labyrinth that Suffering interior 5Dark Miscreation, Dark Construct
255-275Limina: end of the civilization 1-5Ascendion, Foreberion

*Hidden maps – uncover information on how to acquire to all concealed maps in their i below.

You can find much more information about each cultivate spot also as options by pressing any kind of level interval in the chart.

Difficulty the mobs top top Reboot vs typical servers

As mentioned, this training guide is both because that Reboot and the common servers.

Because mobs space stronger on the Reboot server, you might want to walk to every training spot 2 to 4 levels later on than the recommendation above.

If you, however, have multiple personalities on her account already giving you an effective link skills and legion buffs, climate you deserve to follow the referrals without problems.

Likewise, if you have lots of buffs native the start on the continuous servers and strong leveling items, you deserve to go come the training point out a pair of level earlier.

How to find maps

If girlfriend can’t find a map detailed above, open the human being map by pressing W, find for the map in the find bar situated at the top, and also then dual click the the map name for directions.

Some distinct maps in the video game are hidden. Any map we’ve noted above the is hidden has instructions on exactly how to get there in their dedicated paragraph below.


When training, be sure to activate runes whenever friend can, as they give dual EXP for 2 minutes up activation.

Hyper Teleport Rock

If girlfriend play on Reboot, be certain to purchase the Hyper Teleport absent to move approximately with ease.

You can also get the Hyper Teleport rock on common servers for complimentary with the daily gift event, however only on work 1 and day 15. These two lasts for 3 days each.

When you have actually the Hyper Teleport Rock, you can just double click a map on the world map come teleport come it instantly.

Table of contents

Level 1-10

At the start of the game, you’re walk to it is in taken through a accuse dependant ~ above the class you’re playing.

Therefore, there are no specific training spots from level 1-10

The best means to gain to level 10 is to follow your job tutorial quests.

As soon as you complete your project tutorial, you should be level 10.

Level 10-20

Flaming mixed Golems at Golem’s Temple: Golem’s temple 3 is an impressive map to train from level 10-20.

These mobs are basic to take the end for any class, making it the go-to ar to train for all new characters.

The EXP per mob is great, and the map is compact, which means you’ll always have a crowd to assault without having actually to relocate much.

You can gain to Golem’s Temple: Golem’s temple 3 by walking appropriate from Henesys.

Map: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s holy place 3Mob: Flaming combined GolemLevel: 19HP: 350 (Normal) / 525 (Reboot)EXP: 39 (Normal) / 54 (Reboot)

At level 50, friend unlock easy Zakum, i beg your pardon is a weak version of the ceo Zakum.

Defeating simple Zakum gives far-reaching EXP at this level, so take it him out daily.

You have the right to fight simple Zakum by adhering to the quest “ Statue that Dread,” which friend unlock through the quest symbol on the left next of the display screen at level 50.

Alternative maps: Riena Strait (From level 50).

Level 55-60

Skeledogs and also Mummydogs in ~ Excavation Site military Camp 1 is a thin map with a practically teleport in ~ the bottom, which takes girlfriend right earlier to the top.

Using this teleport, you can start from the optimal of the map, clear a platform, jump down, clear one more platform, run down once again, and also just repeat this until you’re back at the teleport in ~ the bottom.

This map is one of the most basic maps come train at for any type of class, together you don’t have to have large AoE skills or mobility to clean the entire map quickly.

If you desire to, you deserve to stay right here until level 65 rather of the encourage 60.

Excavation Site army Camp 1 is a covert map, which means you can’t check out it top top the world map.

To acquire to this map, go to Excavation website Excavation Intermission Area in Perion. Walk up to the old tower on the best side and also enter through the open up gate.

Map: Excavation Site armed forces Camp 1Mob: SkeledogLevel: 62HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)Mob: MummydogLevel: 62HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Riena Strait .

Level 60-70

Copper Drakes at Swamp: quiet Swamp in Sleepywood is a classic training spot that has held that is spot as the best training spot indigenous level 60-70 for a long time.

Because that the map’s popularity, it can be daunting to discover a map for you yourself if you’re on a famous server or ~ above the Reboot server.

If girlfriend can’t discover a channel because that yourself, you have the right to go to the following map, Swamp: Humid Swamp, where you can also fight Copper Drakes.

As quiet SWamp is together a good training spot, many players walk train there prior to level 60 if your character is strong.

Some players also choose to continue to be till level 75 instead of level 70.

Map: Swamp: quiet SwampMob: Copper DrakeLevel: 66HP: 16,000 (Normal) / 64,000 (Reboot)EXP: 302 (Normal) / 724 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Excavation Site armed forces Camp 1 (Skeledog and Mummydog).

Level 70-75

At level 70, head come Orbis: Stairway come the sky I, situated in Orbis.

Here, you’ll uncover three different kitten mobs on a map consisting of 5 platforms.

The bottom platform on the map has two cloud springers, i m sorry you can use come jump every the way to the peak platform.

By using these cloud springers, you can clear the whole map an extremely quickly by dropping under after clearing a platform and then jumping ago up to the top.

The spawn rate is very great on this map, ensuring over there are constantly mob to defeat.

To acquire to this map, head to Orbis, take it the portal in the middle of the city on the right side, and then usage the world map or usage directions to gain the rest of the way.

Map: Orbis: Stairway come the skies IMob: CellionLevel: 71HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)Mob: GrupinLevel: 71HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)Mob: LionerLevel: 71HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)

Level 75-85

Another great thin map the is easy to clear is ice cream Valley II in El Nath.

Here, you’ll be training against White Fangs that generate on 3 platforms through a teleport on the bottom one.

Once again, you have the right to farm this map efficiently by clearing one communication at a time beginning from the top, and then teleport earlier up to the top when you’ve cleared the bottom one.

You have to stay right here until level 85, together this map is remarkable for leveling.

You deserve to get directly to this map by acquisition the hazard Zone Taxi in El Nath to ice Valley II.

Map: ice cream Valley IIMob: White FangLevel: 81HP: 54,000 (Normal) / 243,000 (Reboot)EXP: 780 (Normal) / 1,950 (Reboot)

Level 85-100

Once you with level 85, you must head to Sunset Road: Sahel 2 in Nihal Desert.

You’ll it is in staying below for a when fighting Sand Rats and also Scorpions, as it is just one of the best places come train till you with level 100.

Mobs only spawn ~ above the bottom communication on this map, which is totally flat and extends from one next of the map come the other.

This map’s structure renders it an extremely easy to farm here, particularly if you have an AoE ability you deserve to use while relocating or a rush skill.

You can obtain to this map by walking two maps come the left from the portal in the center of Magatia.

Map: Sunset Road: Sahel 2Mob: Sand RatLevel: 89HP: 86,000 (Normal) / 387,000 (Reboot)EXP: 1,145 (Normal) / 2,862 (Reboot)Mob: ScorpionLevel: 90HP: 90,000 (Normal) / 405,000 (Reboot)EXP: 1,188 (Normal) / 2,970 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Alcadno research study Institute lab – Area B-3 (Iron Mutae), Alcadno study Institute rap – Area C-2 (Roid and also Neo Huroid).

Level 100-105

At level 100, friend unlock typical Zakum, which is a relatively easy ceo to solo at this level, also if friend don’t have any type of upgraded equipment or attach skills/legion buffs.

To acquire to regular Zakum, you deserve to either speak to your instructor in El Nath, the exact same as as soon as you perform Easy Zakum or use the boss menu.

Be sure to choose up a rune before taking ~ above Zakum, as this will ensure friend level increase a lot from simply one run.

You need to reach at least level 105 by defeating Normal Zakum at level 100 if friend activate a rune before your run and also can take out the arms reasonably quickly.

If your character is making use of the burn event, you’ll be much higher level after that one run.

Map: final Mission: Zakum’s AltarMob: typical Zakum Level: 110HP: arms – 700,000 each / body – 7,000,000 EXP: arms – 44,800-67,200 each / human body – 360,340

Alternative maps: Minar forest Sky nest 3 (Blood Harp)

Level 105-115

Blood Harps in ~ Minar forest Sky colony 3 in Leafre is the first training clues you’ll it is in training at where you have actually to fulfill a star pressure requirement.

A star pressure requirement is the variety of star pressure enhancements you need to have actually on her equips collectively.

For example, if you’re attract a hat through 4 star force enhancements and a glove v 3 star pressure enhancements, your complete star pressure power is 7.

If girlfriend don’t have actually the forced star pressure power or much more for a given map, climate you’ll do substantially less damages to the mobs on that map.

When friend do, however, satisfy the requirement, you’ll get way more EXP indigenous the mobs that need you to have a particular amount that star pressure power.

These mobs have an ext HP 보다 usual, however the boosted EXP absolutely makes it precious it come train in ~ star pressure maps.

To obtain star force enhancements on your items, upgrade them v spell map scrolls until they have no an ext slots.

This deserve to be done v the “Enhance a item of equipment” switch in your equip inventory.

Once they operation out that slots, you can further upgrade the item through star force enhancements, which expenses mesos.

This type of upgrade is done in the exact same window.

Maps that have mobs the are greater than level 100 usually likewise have an additional EXP bonus – burning stage, which boosts EXP acquired up come 100%.

To maximize her EXP gain, be sure to adjust channel till you uncover a map through a 100% burning stage EXP bonus.

To acquire to this map, head to Leafre, take it the peril Zone Taxi to entrance to Dragon Forest, go with the portal on the left, and also then usage the civilization map or use directions to acquire the remainder of the way.

Map: Minar forest Sky nest 3Star force Requirement: 5 StarsMob: Blood Harp (Star Force)Level: 107HP: 904,550 (Normal) / 1,356,825 (Reboot)EXP: 6,165 (Normal) / 7,398 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Ludibrium Toy manufacturing facility (Robo and Master Robo) .

At level 105, you additionally unlock Monster Park, i beg your pardon is a one-of-a-kind dungeon girlfriend can go into two times day-to-day for free.

Be certain to usage both of these everyday entrances together the dungeon gives an excellent EXP.

On Reboot, you have the right to purchase more tickets for mesos while added tickets on normal servers expense NX.

Level 115-125

Hidden Street Unbalanced Time is another hidden map situated in Ludibrium.

At this map, you’ll find dual Ghost Pirates in abundance, make this map incredible for training.

The map itself is built really well for training with several platforms and also a teleporter at the bottom that takes you ago to the top.

To acquire to this map, head to Ludibrium Warped route of Time , go to the height of the map, and also enter the orange portal top top the much right side.

Map: covert Street Unbalanced TimeStar pressure Requirement: 26 StarsMob: double Ghost Pirate (Star Force)Level: 119HP: 2,186,175 (Normal) / 3,279,262 (Reboot)EXP: 10,530 (Normal) / 12,636 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: indigenous level 120 – Korean people Town: Black hill Entrance (Moon Bunny) , Hilla .

Level 125-135

Bains at El Nath The cavern of Trials III in El Nath is a an excellent map come train at from level 125-135.

The spawn right here is excellent, the EXP per mob is high, and also there is a convenient teleporter on the ideal side the the map.

To easily get come this map, head come El Nath, speak to your instructor in ~ the Chief’s Residence, and ask them come send you come Zakum.

The map is located simply one map to the left that the Zakum entrance map.

Map: El Nath The cavern of Trials IIIStar pressure Requirement: 55 StarsMob: Bain (Star Force)Level: 136HP: 4,578,750 (Normal) / 6,868,125 (Reboot)EXP: 19,107 (Normal) / 22,928 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: from level 130 – Herb town Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 (Kru and Captain) .

At level 130, friend unlock easy Horntail, an additional boss that is good for leveling.

Level 135-145

From level 135 to 145, our recommended training clues is Minar forest Black Wyvern’s swarm in Leafre.

At this map, you’ll uncover a bunch that Dark Wyverns, which provide a an excellent chunk the EXP every mob.

This map is quite huge with numerous platforms, forcing you to move approximately a bit.

The spawn rate is additionally very an excellent on this map.

To obtain here, take it the peril Zone Taxi to enntrance gate to Dragon swarm from Leafre, and also navigate the remainder of the way by making use of the people map.

Map: Minar forest Black Wyvern’s NestStar pressure Requirement: 65 StarsMob: Dark Wyvern (Star Force)Level: 141HP: 5,671,500 (Normal) / 8,507,250 (Reboot)EXP: 22,782 (Normal) / 27,338 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Korean people Town (Yellow King Goblin).

At level 135, girlfriend unlock normal Horntail, which offers extremely good EXP in ~ this level.

Normal Horntail is, however, quite daunting to beat in ~ this level if friend don’t have actually some kind gear and also a strong character.

Level 145-155

Once you reach level 145, head a little deeper right into Minar forest till you with Minar forest The Dragon colony Left Behind 2.

Here, you’ll conference both Skelosauruses and also Skelegons.

Mobs in ~ this suggest begin to range up your HP rather quickly, for this reason you’ll probably notification that mobs take it a small longer to take down.

The EXP these mobs give is, however, also bumped up quite a bit, make this among the best places come train from level 145 come 155.

The framework of the map and also the significant spawn price makes it well suited for training.

You can get to this map by acquisition the hazard Zone Taxi from Leafre to enntrance gate to Dragon colony or by utilizing the Horntail ceo teleporter and then wade the rest of the way.

Map: Minar forest The Dragon swarm Left Behind 2Star pressure Requirement: 70 StarsMob: Skelosaurus (Star Force)Level: 153HP: 9,126,000 (Normal) / 13,689,000 (Reboot)EXP: 33,882 (Normal) / 40,658 (Reboot)Mob: Skelegon (Star Force)Level: 147HP: 7,128,000 (Normal) / 10,692,000 (Reboot)EXP: 27,558 (Normal) / 33,069 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Kerning Tower: 6F Hair Salons (Peeved Perm Machine) , Kerning Tower: 2F café (Enraged Espresso Machine) <80 Star Force>.

Level 155-165

Time roadway Detour come Oblivion 4 is terrific training spot native level 155-165.

At this map, you’ll it is in fighting chef Oblivion Guardian, Oblivion Guardian, and also Eye of Time.

Because this map is so good to train at, some players pick to stay right here until level 170 instead of 165.

If you have actually a Hyper Teleport Rock, you can teleport directly to this map.

If friend don’t have actually a Hyper Teleport Rock, you require to complete some the the Pink p prequests that will take girlfriend through temple of Time.

Keep perfect these pursuits until you can accessibility Time roadway Detour come Oblivion 4.

You have actually to complete Pink bean prequests at some point, for this reason it’s not a rubbish of time, plus you’ll get EXP from taking out the mobs lock ask girlfriend to loss in the quests.

To get to holy place of Time, go to Leafre, go to the Leafre Station, speak come Corba in ~ the top of the map, and fly every the way to the right.

Once you’re at temple of Time, speak to holy place Keeper to gain started v the Pink p prequests.

Map: Time lane Detour to Oblivion 4Star pressure Requirement: 90 StarsMob: cook Oblivion Guardian (Star Force)Level: 166HP: 21,489,000 (Normal & Reboot)EXP: 55,374 (Normal & Reboot)Mob: Oblivion Guardian (Star Force)Level: 164HP: 19,906,000 (Normal & Reboot)EXP: 51,894 (Normal & Reboot)Mob: Eye the Time (Star Force)Level: 160HP: 16,896,000 (Normal) / 25,344,000 (Reboot)EXP: 45,123 (Normal) / 54,147 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Kerning Tower: 6F Hair Salons (Harried Hair Roller) <80 Star Force>, devastated Forest: Hill north of Henesys damages (Mutant Slime) .

Level 165-170

When you with level 165, head to Knight Stronghold Armory 2 in Henesys Ruins.

At this map, you’ll it is in fighting official Knight E and Official knight D, both of i beg your pardon are quite strong, have actually a most HP yet give lot of of EXP.

Like the vault map, friend can acquire here instantly v the Hyper Teleport Rock.

If friend don’t have actually one the those, climate you have actually to get here through going through the door to The Future in temple of Time.

Once in Henesys Ruins, speak come Chief Alex and also complete the two quests “Scouting the Stronghold” and also “Piercing Defenses.”

After completing this two brief quests, you deserve to go to Knight Stronghold Armory 2.

Map: items Stronghold Armory 2Star force Requirement: 120 StarsMob: official Knight E (Star Force)Level: 176HP: 30,380,000 (Normal) / 45,570,000 (Reboot)EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)Mob: main Knight D (Star Force)Level: 174HP: 28,482,000 (Normal) / 42,723,000 (Reboot)EXP: 70,485 (Normal) / 84,582 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Kerning Tower: 6F Hair Salons (Harried Hair Roller) <80 Star Force>, ravaged Forest: Dreamy woodland Trail (Mutant Ribbon Pig) .

Level 170-185

Gray luxury Saucers at within the Mothership Corridor H03 in Omega sector are impressive mobs come train at from level 170-185.

The map chin is really compact with only a couple of platforms but good spawn, permitting you to take out the whole all mobs on the map quickly.

Even despite this map is additionally a star pressure map choose the vault one, the mobs here only have slighter an ext HP while offering significantly more EXP.

Some players only stay at this map it rotates level 180, together you unlock Future Perion at that level.

However, if you’re fine geared, then it’s probably best to wait till your level 185 – a tiny closer come the level the the mobs in Future Perion.

To gain to this map, head come Omega Sector, then go v the portal top top the far left, keep going until you gain to Boswell ar IV, use the Intergalactic Transmitter in ~ the top, and also walk the rest of the means through the Mothership.

Map: inside the Mothership Corridor H03Star pressure Requirement: 140 StarsMob: Gray high-end Saucer (Star Force)Level: 180HP: 34,344,000 (Normal) / 51,516,000 (Reboot)EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Kingdom roadway Corrupted Magic woodland 1 (Corrupted simple Magician) – Very small HP.

Level 185-200

As soon as girlfriend hit level 185, you need to head come Sinister Rocky Masks at Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation website 2.

The generate rate and also the number of mobs ~ above this map are incredible, making the the finest map to train at level 185-200.

As the mobs below do a bit of damage, you might want to update your equipment a little if you’re struggling against stronger mobs.

Sinister Rocky Masks gives a high amount of EXP, which, paired through the incredible spawn on this map, provides the map crowded so it have the right to be challenging to discover a free channel.

If girlfriend can’t find a channel without anyone else, girlfriend can check out the two neighboring maps. These are very great as well.

To acquire to this map, go to Henesys ruins through temple of Time and also follow the world map or usage directions.

Map: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation website 2Star force Requirement: No requirementMob: Sinister Rocky MaskLevel: 195HP: 12,632,600 (Normal) / 63,163,000 (Reboot)EXP: 59,075 (Normal) / 159,502 (Reboot)

Alternative maps: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation website 1 (Sinister wood Mask) , from level 190 – Twilight Perion: Warrior Grounds (Ancient combined Golem).

Level 200-210

Once you reach level 200 in Maplestory, girlfriend gain access to the Arcane River, whereby all end-game leveling will occur.

The Arcane River attributes a system comparable to Star force where you need a particular amount of Arcane pressure for each map in bespeak to deal normal damage to enemies.

Because the the Arcane river system, you should not train at a map that has actually a greater Arcane pressure requirement the what you right now have.

If girlfriend don’t satisfy the Arcane pressure requirement of a training spot we’re recommending, then look for one more one surrounding where you do accomplish the requirement.

If you have actually at the very least 150% the a map’s forced amount that Arcane Force, climate you will deal significantly an ext damage come mobs on that map, and you will only take one damage from those mobs.

You can use this bonus to your advantage if you’re playing a class with short HP and poor defenses or if you have actually trouble surviving in general.

From level 200 come 210, you’ll be staying the vanishing Journey that the Arcane River.

The best training spot as soon as you start out training right here is in ~ Lake the Oblivion: weathered Land of Rage, wherein you’ll it is in fighting Raging Erdas.

To gain to the Arcane River, go v the door of the Present and use the world map as soon as you’ve completed the early Arcane flow intro.

Map: Lake the Oblivion: weathered Land of RageArcane force Requirement: 30 Arcane ForceMob: Raging ErdaLevel: 201HP: 46,056,000 (Normal) / 110,534,400 (Reboot)EXP: 101,389 (Normal) / 233,194 (Reboot)

What map you need to train in the Arcane river depends an ext on her Arcane pressure than level, i beg your pardon is why we’ve readjusted the alternate maps ar to “Move to this maps as soon as you have enough Arcane Force.”

Move to these maps when you have sufficient Arcane Force:

Cave the Repose: Eastern cave Path 2 (Tranquil Erda) <60 Arcane Force>Extinction Zone: covert Fire ar (Soulful Erda) <80 Arcane Force>

Level 210-220

Chu Chu Island is the next area in the Arcane River.

You have to train below from level 210 to level 220.

When you with this area, you have to train at Slurpy Forest: Slurpy woodland Depths, which has an awesome generate of angry Flyons and also Ripe Wolfruit.

To obtain to Chu Chu Island, you have to complete the storyline quests for noodles Journey, the very first area in the Arcane River.

Map: Slurpy Forest: Slurpy woodland DepthsArcane pressure Requirement: 100 Arcane ForceMob: angry FlyonLevel: 213HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)Mob: Ripe WolfruitLevel: 213HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)

Move come this map once you have enough Arcane Force:

Eree Valley: Torrent zone 1 (Green Catfish, Blue Catfish) <130 Arcane Force>

Level 220-225

Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2 in Lachelein is a good training spot from level 220 to 225.

At this map, you’ll be taking out Galluses that give plenty that EXP.

This map is an extremely flat, through the only three platforms gift the exact same height vertically.

Training in ~ Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2 is very easy because of the map structure.

To obtain to Lachelein, you have to complete the storyline pursuits in Chu Chu Island.

Map: Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2Arcane force Requirement: 210 Arcane ForceMob: GallusLevel: 222HP: 197,219,720 (Normal) / 335,273,524 (Reboot)EXP: 322,473 (Normal) / 741,687 (Reboot)

Move come this map as soon as you have enough Arcane Force:

Lachelein Clocktower: Nightmare Clocktower 2F (Dreamkeeper) <240 Arcane Force>

Level 225-240

Arcana is the following area girlfriend unlock in the Arcane River adhering to Lachelein.

Because maps in Arcana room such good places come train at, most players stay here till level 240 while rather stay below till 250.

Most players pick to skip the following area, Morass, entirely, except for the searches you have to finish there.

The reason why most players skip Morass is the the maps there are developed inconveniently because that training contrasted to Arcana maps.

The very first spot you need to be training in ~ is at planet Spirits in Arcana: The forest of Earth.

To gain to Arcana, you need to finish the storyline searches in Lachelein.

Map: Arcana: The woodland of EarthArcane pressure Requirement: 280 Arcane ForceMob: earth SpiritLevel: 232HP: 270,291,200 (Normal) / 459,495,040 (Reboot)EXP: 408,778 (Normal) / 940,189 (Reboot)

Move to this map as soon as you have enough Arcane Force:

Arcana: Cavern reduced Path (Befuddled Spirit) <360 Arcane Force>

Level 240-250

As spanned in the ahead section, us recommend you skip Morass entirely and instead begin training in Esfera at level 240.

To get to Esfera, however, girlfriend do have to finish storyline pursuits in Morass together usual.

Once you make it come Esfera, you have to train in ~ Aranyas in Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2.

There are a ton that mobs ~ above this map, and also it’s built an extremely well because that training.

Map: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2Arcane force Requirement: 600 Arcane ForceMob: AranyaLevel: 244HP: 431,142,000 (Normal) / 732,941,400 (Reboot)EXP: 509,964 (Normal) / 1,172,917 (Reboot)

A lot of players stay at this map it spins level 250.

If you’re looking for another great map because that this range, then check out:

Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 7 (Keeper the Darkness) <600 Arcane Force>

Level 250-255

Before you have the right to go to the finest training spots in the game, i m sorry are located in Limina, you have to reach level 255.

To get to from level 250 come 255, we recommend friend train in ~ Tenebris: Labyrinth the Suffering internal 5.

This map is complete of mobs that give good EXP, making that the desired map for most players till they gain to 255.

Before girlfriend can get in the Labyrinth of suffering where this map is located, you have actually to complete storyline searches in Moonbridge.

If you haven’t already unlocked Moonbridge, you have actually to finish storyline pursuits in Esfera.

Map: Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering inner 5Arcane force Requirement: 760 Arcane ForceMob: Dark MiscreationLevel: 244HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)Mob: Dark ConstructLevel: 244HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)

Level 255-275

Now that you’re level 255, you can go come the ideal training clues in the video game located in Limina.

To get to Limina, you have to finish storyline pursuits in Labyrinth of Suffering.

There room several an excellent maps come train at in Limina, consisting of Limina: finish of the people 1-5, which most players prefer training at.

As you’ll it is in training at Limina maps till girlfriend hit level 275, you can want come train at different maps in Limina just to make things an ext diverse.

If you have no difficulty training at the exact same map because that a long time, then stick v Limina: end of the people 1-5.

The spawn rate and also the variety of mobs on this map space excellent, and also the mobs provide a ton the EXP.

Map: Limina: end of the civilization 1-5Arcane pressure Requirement: 880 Arcane ForceMob: AscendionLevel: 262HP: 655,470,200 (Normal) / 1,114,299,340 (Reboot)EXP: 700,242 (Normal) / 1,610,556 (Reboot)Mob: ForeberionLevel: 263HP: 666,329,400 (Normal) / 1,132,759,980 (Reboot)EXP: 710,121 (Normal) / 1,633,278 (Reboot)

That’s our take it on a complete training overview for Maplestory spanning level 1 come level 275.

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