The golden age of romantic comedies—you could know them, lovingly, as rom-coms—has long passed. In our brand-new Rom-Com Rewind column, us take a deep dive into the movies we so loved. Carry out they was standing the test of time? execute they make any sense? Just just how believable are they? room they in reality any good the second (or third, or fourth) time around? Let"s simply see, candlestick we?

The Movie

How to shed a guy in 10 Days

When Did that Come Out


The Trailer

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The Players

Andie Anderson (played through Kate Hudson) and also Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey). Keep in mind that both names room alliterated. I"m currently clapping.

Andie is a reporter at Composure magazine. Her job is to write the "How to" column.

"A tiny hard work-related for a tiny hard butt." I"m dying.

She is game for a difficulty and will execute ANYTHING for she JOB. Or, at least, that appears to be what this awkward "hanging upside under in a gym" shot is saying.

Also, she is a large goof! #relatable. Or, at least, that appears to be the purpose of this shot whereby she goes butt-over-head after ~ trying to move an ottoman.

He works v SHALOM HARLOW. (Where have actually you beeeeeeeen, Shalom? call me.) She theatre Judy Green, and also Michael Michele plays Judy Spears, which we need to know because…

…the two Judys have actually been provided the De Lauer diamond account in ~ the advertising firm where they every work. This account is a huge Deal, and Ben is not having actually it. He to be the one who carried in the tip. He is going to make sure he gets that account.

The Convoluted Set-Up

Back at Composure, Andie and also Jeannie (Annie Parisse) room accompanying a upper heart (Kathryn Hahn "a little dirty", us feel you) to a staff meeting. can"t number out what she"s done wrong v the guy who just dumped her. Return she did cry the first time they had sex. OK, and also she told that she love him…after two days. We all know you can"t do that, don"t we, girls? Hahahahahahahaha. Even millennials recognize you must never catch feelings.


Andie has to really lay under some Normative Dating real Talk for bad Men don"t prefer girls who have emotions, duh. Silly!

Okay, now it"s time for BEBE NEUWIRTH, light OF mine LIFE. She"s the boss approximately here.


She thinks someone need to write around"s pathetic i can not qualify to save a man. Andie agrees to perform it, due to the fact that otherwise office vampire Lori will acquire involved. (Also, too ~ Lord, Lori is put on chopsticks in she hair.)


Our intrepid journalist is going come hook a guy, then try to journey him away through all the standard mistakes girls make. You know, favor existing, communicating, breathing. Just those girly things. She"ll rotate it right into one of she "How To" stories—"How to lose a guy in 10 Days." DING DING DING DING DING DING DING. I"m aquiver v excitement.


But we"re still not done with building this questionable edifice.

Ben has crashed the business meeting where the Judys and also their boss, Warren, are pointing out their pitch because that the diamond account. Warren is all like, "Ben, you don"t recognize women, how deserve to you offer diamonds come them?" and the Judys room like, "Yeah! girlfriend don"t recognize women! Idiot!"


Warren is like, "Don"t worry, Ben, no men recognize women, bitches it is in crazy lol. Hey how do you change your Twitter avatar from an egg."


Five-Minute fulfill Cute Warning

Judy Spears spies Andie across the room, and also knows that she"s functioning on the "How to lose a Guy" story. She bets Ben the he can"t make Andie loss in love through him by the moment their client party happens. When is the party, girlfriend ask? Oh, it"s in TEN DAYS. God ns love rom-coms. Video game on, folks.


Ridiculous things That occur In quest of Romance, Or the Opposite

Andie do the efforts to put Ben off v stuffed toys and a pink blanket, which ns actually uncover legitimately hilarious.


Andie pretends she doesn"t eat meat.


Even though there"s one obligatory shooting of Andie chowing under on a sandwich so we know how Relatable she is! #veryrelatable.


Andie offers Ben"s handle a one-of-a-kind name: Princess Sophia. Mr. Masculinity facility does not like that.


Andie provides Ben "a love fern" the represents their relationship.


Andie buys lock a puppy.


Right as soon as Ben is around to lose it through all this woman-y shenanigans, that remembers that there"s a big deal on the line here. He argues they walk to a couples therapist. Andie states she to know a an excgaianation.netnt one. LOL JK it"s simply Kathryn Hahn. Castle gaslight him to the extent that he says Andie meet his totality goddamned family.


Are friend tired? God, ns feel tired. He need to really want this client.

The Illogical and Normative method They fall in Love

When they obtain to Ben"s Staten Island home, Andie is melted by the sight of so plenty of adorable children. Ben offers to readjust his nephew"s diaper. What a guy, amirite, so goals, etc. Ben"s super-sweet family rope Andie into a game of Bullshit: the trick come the game, he tells her, is "knowing just how to read people." IS HE reading HER?????


Inexplicably, then they decide to take it a motorbike drive on the boardwalk. Every one of a sudden, Andie is exhilaration utterly normal and also not at all choose a fakely OTT girlfriend. A substantial truck splashes castle both through brown water and, instead of freaking out around e. Coli like I would, they begin laughing and also bond even more deeply, yet on a actual level, you know?


Then in the toilet Andie beginning crying. You establish there has actually been no cite whatsoever the Andie"s family. Possibly she is an alien, favor in Third absent from the Sun. Maybe she has actually no family, favor Oliver Twist. Every little thing her story is, she loves the family vibe and the house and Ben"s parents. Climate they smooch. You have the right to tell it"s real since there"s tinkly music play in the background.


They take it their apparel off, i m sorry is weird, since shower sex at my parents" residence sounds come me favor the whatever the the contrary of an aphrodisiac is.

After they do it in Staten Island, Andie has Rom-Com calm Girl Hair. That"s exactly how you recognize they"ve please in love.


But: Problems

Cut come the night that the party. Andie looks favor a very beautiful banana pudding.


Mr. Boss man decides to discover out for self if Ben has won the bet. "There isn"t a diamond in the room that sparkles prefer a mrs in love," that posits. Andie is so flustered that we recognize SHE DEF LOVES HIM. Ben has won. He has secured the lady as well as the big account. Good job!

Wish this gals would start a glam detective firm together already.


The Glam Detective agency are not happy. They tell Ben"s occupational buddies a small lie: that Andie"s known around the bet all along and also so the win doesn"t count. Lock rush turn off to beg she to store quiet around "the bet"…which she the course knows nothing about. The guy she to be trying to bamboozle but accidentally fell in love with is a LIAR.

Meanwhile, Lana cozies approximately Ben since Warren has actually told she he"s the brand-new diamond guy. And also she can"t help but trumpet Andie"s recent story about a negative schmuck she"s been fakely dating…OH WAIT IT"S him OOPS.


I have actually seen this movie an ext times 보다 just around anyone, and also I still have actually no idea why this happens, but Ben and also Andie take your anger the end on each various other by to sing "You"re therefore Vain."


The Kicker

"You want to lose a male in ten days? Well, you did it. You just lost him." Whoa.


A kind of Nothingy ending If friend Ask Me

Now that the reality is out, the two go about their business. Ben it s okay the diamond account; Andie quits her job. However her final column for Composure is around how she make the greatest mistake of she life. OMG.


Ben reads it and is likewise like "OMG," prompting possibly the only high-speed motorcycle/cab follow in any type of romantic comedy ever.


I Don"t Really know What come Say about This

But have the right to they truly be happy together? Andie is top top her way to D.C. For a job interview. Ben is like, "Don"t follow her dreams! Stay right here with me!" and she is like, "OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" WTF.


That"s the end.

Does This Movie have actually Problems?


How countless Problems?

So many.

So, Is that Good?

I"m walking to walk with: No. Too countless weird assumptions about gender roles. Yet there"s still something really satisfyingly goofy about it. I would watch the again, TBH.

How numerous Times have actually I watched This Movie?

9. I"m sorry. Ns can"t describe it at all. TangSenior tang is the former an elderly editor the
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