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as soon as your paper project calls for the heaviest form of cover paper available, Astrolite excellent white map stock is a good choice. With its 200 lb. Thickness, this heavy weight paper can help you attain exactly the look and feel you need for the task at hand. Draft to job-related beautifully with balance out printing projects. You may be able to use it with other varieties of printers, despite you should be mindful that ink meaning varies depending upon the type and high quality of printer.Print every sorts of contents on the smooth surface, which has a high level the brightness. Text shows up crisp and readable. Some of the provides for this FSC Certified paper are service cards, hang tags, report covers, gift tags, greeting cards and signage. You have the right to probably think of much more ideas, therefore order this useful 8 1/2 x 11 dimension today.Do you need our professional file services for her card stock? us do record cutting, file perforation, file scoring and hole punching. Just let us recognize what you need done — we’ll acquire right to it!
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Monadnock paper Mills
map Stock
8 1/2 x 11
offset Printing
Grain lengthy
Super heavy