(gaianation.net) - Nude image of Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood stars were freshly leaked digital in a enormous scandal involving at least one hacker who properly guessed weak iCloud passwords and also security questions. And also the stolen photos greatly surfaced native one dark edge of the internet, known as 4chan.

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Most civilization view the net as a good learning tool as well as a resource of limitless entertainment. However it is also large and so incredibly niche. 4chan is a perfect instance of that. Till recently, only antisocial, foul-mouthed geeks had heard about 4chan. They supplied it together a forum come congregate and share explicit images. Now, virtually everyone has visited 4chan, in the wishes of figuring out just how hundreds of celebrity nudies might originate indigenous there.

But 4chan is in reality not something new or completely from left-field. It’s end a te old. It"s the birthplace the hacktivist team Anonymous. It"s the source of several renowned memes. If your interest is piqued more than it already was, store reading. gaianation.net has comprehensive everything you should know around 4chan, the underbelly of the internet.

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What is 4chan?

Described as an image-based bulletin board, 4chan (www.4chan.org) is a website modeled ~ a Japanese forum called Futaba Channel. Human being use 4chan to mainly share pictures online about a range of different things as well as post comments in a thread-like format.

There are details image boards on 4chan for particular topics, varying from Japanese anime to videogames, and also each board has been assigned a semi-random name. The Random plank is referred to as /b/ board, for instance, and it is whereby users deserve to post totally random images and comments.

Much of the contents on /b/ board but involves shocking product such together pornographic images and racist or misogynistic comments. As the most famous board ~ above 4chan, it"s no surprise that the recently-stolen images of naked celebrities very first appeared top top 4chan"s /b/ board.

Apart from renowned hacks and wide-scale pranks, 4chan users have been accused responsible for popularising countless internet memes such together LOLcats, Rickrolling, coco Rain, Pedobear, etc. Examine out 4chan"s FAQ page to learn an ext about the site.

And finally, 4chan claims to have actually 20 million distinctive visitors and 540 million web page views a month.

Who started 4chan?

Christopher Poole, a 26-year-old business man from brand-new York City, started 4chan anonymously, under the pseudonym moot, in 2003.

The wall surface Street journal revealed Poole"s identification in 2009. In a later on interview v Time magazine, Poole claimed he had tried to store his private life really separate indigenous his net life. That exact same year, The Washington short article reported Poole to be a university dropout living through his mother.

Poole has worked on other projects past 4chan in recent years. In 2010, for instance, he launched a site called Canvas, which enabled users - logged in through Facebook connect - come upload digitally modification images. Poole announced in 2014 that Canvas would be going out of business.

How does 4chan work?

Go to www.4chan.org. You can select any kind of board indigenous the key page. You will have to agree to the site"s disclaimer before viewing any type of board.


Once you open up a board, girlfriend will notification all the semi-random names for 4chan boards noted horizontally in ~ the optimal of the site. Click on any type of of those links to navigate from plank to board. The Home connect -found near the height right-hand next of every board - will certainly lead you earlier to www.4chan.org.


4chan is ephemeral in that short articles (which are known as threads and constantly start through an image) room deleted in ~ a couple of hours the creation.

The site doesn"t enable any plank to have much more than 10 pages in ~ a time, definition threads expire or room pruned in ~ a reasonably high rate. Many content is in reality only easily accessible for a couple of hours or days.

If you"d like to check out the very latest threads posted to a board at any type of given moment, fight the Refresh connect at the bottom that a board.

Posting a thread

To begin a new thread on any type of of the site"s boards, you need to click the start a new Thread link and also then upload an image (4chan is an imageboard, ~ all). Over there is no account registration process on 4chan. Many users often tend to post threads anonymously, just by leaving the name ar blank.

Posting a comment

To answer to an existing object (aka come comment), click the Reply switch near the thread and then the write-up a answer link. Comments execute not need images.


You can adjust your settings, such as exactly how you preview price quotes or whether you want all threads come auto-update with the latest comments, through going come the Settings attach at the top-right of any board.


To find threads, usage the search box on the right-hand next of a board, just over the optimal thread. Next to the search box girlfriend will also see a brochure button. It will certainly make every thread appear as thumbnails in a grid-like view. Girlfriend can choose a thumbnail to see the whole thread in full.


4chan warns individuals to familiarise themselves v the website rules, especially before posting a new thread or comment. Breaking the rule may an outcome in short article deletion, a short-term ban, or even permanent banishment.

Check out 4chan"s Rules web page for an ext information around what you can or cannot do while utilizing the site. An instance rule includes: "You will automatically cease and also not continue to accessibility the site if you space under the age of 18."

Why space celeb nudies hard to clues on /b/ board?

4chan is mostly ephemeral in that threads often tend to expire within hrs or days.

After the very first celeb nudies to be made public on 4chan previously this month, lawyers because that Jennifer Lawrence immediately threatened come prosecute everyone who released or republished them, saying: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and also will prosecute anyone who short articles the steal photos that Jennifer Lawrence”.

Tonnes of personal photos belong to more than 100 celebrities have been exit on 4chan over the critical month, however most the those threads immediately led to deleted 404 pages. Even new threads often tend to protect against working in ~ minutes that creation.

How is Anonymous associated with 4chan?

One critical thing: chances are you"ve more than likely heard the expression Anonymous once 4chan comes up.

Anonymous is a ax loosely provided to describe an global network of hackers (self-described together hacktivists). Anonymous members are dubbed Anons, and also they"re distinguishable with the use of man Fawkes masks worn both in public and in digital avatars.

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Anonymous started in 2003, with a 4chan imageboard, and also has because become recognized for a collection of well-publicised cyberattacks and stunts. Anonymous has actually targeted whatever from government agencies come the Westboro Baptist Church, however opinions ~ above the group"s effectiveness vary widely.