This post, 6 American Girl Doll Hair Hacks has actually been sponsored by American Girl Doll. They detailed a sample doll for testimonial purposes. Al opinions room my own.

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If you own an American Girl Doll, girlfriend know how they are comprised of very certain details. Every doll’s hair isincredibly unique, for this reason while some have curls and waves other have smooth and also straight hair.

Hair formats vary together well. Over there are many long haired dolls and also of food ones through bob cuts prefer Kit. Whichever doll or dolls you have, you want to be certain you take care of their hair. This often tends to it is in the component most youngsters focus on when playing or dressing their doll, so the is crucial you provide it proper attention sothe dollwill last a long time.

When the 2017 Girl the the Year Gabriela McBride arrived and I experienced those gorgeous curls, ns knew it to be time to remind my daughter about how to care for one American Girl Doll’s hair.

As discussed I recently had the chance to evaluation American Girl Doll’s 2017 Doll of the Year. Her name is Gabriela McBride, and she is American Girl’s very first African American Girl the the Year!

Let me tell you a little bit around Gabriela: She is a poet and dancer andLOVES to perform.This is fairly an accomplishmentconsidering her story functions her struggle with a speech impediment.

I love exactly how American Girl works so difficult to produce real girl living in real world instances girls now face!

Gabriela comes v her storybook, jeggings, and her signature violet DREAM sweater. She likewise comes with her adorable tennis shoes, and hair ties to aid pull she hair up or host it back. She is rather active, remember?

Her garments is so sweet, for this reason colorful, and also perfect for a girl top top the go. She hold a sportier look, which appears to resonate through so countless young ladies these days.

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Additional equipment you can snag for Gabriela contains her beat crate gym bag, countless outfit changes, she pet cat, her present time kit, or also her tap shoes.

If you understand a young lady that loves come express her creative side, she will certainly surely have the ability to relate come Gabriela McBride. If your girl is more athletic or competitive, she can relate come the dancer next of Gabriela.

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You can’t help but an alert Gabriela’s gorgeous curls. Therefore let’s get onto the topic of how to take treatment of your American Girl Doll’s hair. You desire to be sure you take great care of these gorgeous locks, for this reason they don’t end up being damaged or require repair. Right here are 6 American Girl Doll Hair hacks to acquire you started:

American Girl Doll Hair Hacks: exactly how to Take treatment of American Girl Doll Hair

1. Never use heat to the hair.You must never usage a curling iron, directly iron, or hair dryer on your American Girl Doll. Heat will damage and also possibly burn the doll’s hair.

If friend wish for curls, you deserve to use a small water and also sponge rollers. Always permit the doll’s hair come air dry.2. Just use the American Girl Doll hair brushes or hair picks.The brushes and picks offered through American Girl space specially designed for the dolls. If her doll has straight hair, the wire brush is perfect. If your doll has actually curlier hair, you desire to opt because that the choose instead.

Never usage your own brushes on your hair, together it might remove it from the basic of the head.

3. Never ever shampoo the hair. If her doll’s hair it s okay dirty, never shampoo it. Beauty and styling commodities can develop up top top the hair making that dull and unmanageable. If the hair gets dirty, spot treat the areas with a spray bottle and soft cloth.

If you should renew the shine, you can add a little drop the conditioner to the water before spraying.

4. Store a misting bottle on hand because that tangles.A misting party isn’t just good for dealing with dirty clues in the hair (see above) but you can likewise use castle to loosen up tangles. Use a party that provides a super good mist, and not something that will drench the doll or spray without lot control.

A misting bottle is also nice for once styling the hair in general as it can smooth the end buns and ponytails nicely.

5. Comb the end knots in sections.Should her doll acquire knots, don’t gain forceful v them. Instead, comb or pick out the knots one little section at a time.

Hold the hair at the base of the head so you can manage how hard you pull. Otherwise, you threat being also rough and also pulling the end hair.

6. Never ever use rubber bands in your doll’s hair.You never ever want to usage rubber bands in your doll’s hair, as they can quickly get stuck and create knots.

Only use genuine hair ties, which room often towel coated and slide with hair easily. Usage hair accessories designed for kids only, together you recognize they will certainly be tenderness on her doll’s head too.

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American Girl Doll’s 2017 Girl that the Year is a beauty and I am so happy to include her come our collection. Learn more about Gabriela McBride here and see how you have the right to order one because that a one-of-a-kind young lady in her life!