To do a redstone clock, ar three block of any material in a square, through two block in between. Dig under one block in the spaces in between the three blocks. Then, ar the remainder of your blocks in the holes and also place torches ~ above the original three blocks. Place Redstone dust top top the grounded blocks.

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If friend have ever before tried to construct an automatic redstone machine you might have acquired stuck once you shot to get the redstone pulse come repeat itself. Constantly flicking a lever, advertise a button, or stepping on a push plate are not great solutions. Rather look to construct a redstone clock. A clock is component of wiring that allows a pulse to be repetitive until you want to protect against it. There are numerous different kinds of clocks girlfriend can develop in order come fit your needs. Many redstone clocks are version specific, what works in one version may not work-related in another.

Required materials for Redstone Clock

- Redstone Dust

- Redstone Torch

- Lever

These are the products you will must make the simplest redstone clock. This clock exist in the game before many redstone blocks were added, making it practical, but reasonably slow and also bigger than most clocks. Come make an ext improved clocks us will need to add the following.

- Redstone Repeater

- Redstone Comparator

- sticky Piston

Many of these redstone items can construct a clock on their own. Each clock comes v its very own dimensions and also speeds. Some versions of the video game cannot save up with the tick rate and may end up break themselves. Play around with the delay of her repeaters and the lot of redstone dust with your comparators to check out if the solves the problem for you.

How to do Redstone Clock in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here is the step-by-step pictorial overview you need to follow to Make a Redstone Clock in Minecraft:

The most basic clock in the video game would involve 3 Redstone torches and some Redstone dust.

This clock attributes by having sufficient time for each Redstone pulse to turn itself off and also turn itself on again. As each block it s okay powered, the Redstone torch transforms off which enables the following Redstone torch to turn on, and so on.


For this form of clock, girlfriend will require an odd number of Redstone torches. Configure her wiring so the they just go in directly lines and also do no cross each other other than at corners. The dispenser is inserted to ensure the it works.

You can place a lever almost everywhere on the clock to turn it off and also on again.

Breaking the lever or transforming it turn off will turn the clock ago on. This is one incredibly basic clock the only forced three Redstone torches and nine Redstone dust in order to function.

Types the Redstone Clock

There are many different species of Redstone clocks. Some will certainly require different tick rates and some will certainly fire an ext quickly and also others are an ext compact.

-Single Torch Clock

This is a greatly unreliable clock on its own. Not many versions the the game will allow a torch to strength itself off and also turn itself on there is no burning out. If you desire a clock that turns itself off after firing around ten times this could be perfect.

You can reset this clock by replacing any kind of of the Redstone dust or usage a bar to flick the on and off again.

-Multi Redstone Torch

As shown over you deserve to use an odd number of Redstone torches to strength a clock indefinitely. This is much much more reliable together the game is maybe to store up through the Redstone pulses to prevent burnout.

This one have the right to be turned on and also off with a lever making it an extremely useful because that anything you need automated. The drawback is exactly how clunky it becomes wiring this together to anything and how slowly it fires.

-Piston Clock

You have the right to use pistons, hoppers, and Redstone comparators to make a clock that you can manage the rate that it emits a pulse. Location two hoppers feeding right into each other and place as plenty of items into the hopper as you desire to sluggish down the speed of the clock


The an ext items in the hopper the slow the clock will certainly go. Once the hopper is north the comparators external the hopper will recognize that the state of the block that is compare has adjusted and emit a pulse.

You can have that pulse every time the pistons change by placing one more redstone dust next to where the Redstone block is. If friend want full speed this is the configuration to go with. If you want to slow it down and control the specific time come pass before it fires, places an ext and much more items into the hopper.

To turn this clock off just empty the hoppers of your items.

-Despawn Clock

A despawn clock is a valuable clock if girlfriend want longer time periods in between your Redstone pulses. It basically functions functioning off the the game’s rules for despawning dropped items. A reduce item will certainly despawn in 5 minutes. Which method the clock will emit a pulse every five minutes.

When the items despawns, the Redstone torch turns ago on to strength the dropper over it.


The button is supplied to collection the clock again. Eventually, if you are far sufficient away from the clock it will not drop things if the chunk is not loaded. Placing a button enables you to start the process again. The dropper is filled with any item that you deserve to stack. Each time the dropper drops things into the push plate the clock will fire and also turn the Redstone torch off till the items despawns. This deserve to be valuable with daylight sensors together it deserve to turn lamp on because that you and also turn lock off when it is daylight outside.

Ensure the you have actually a Redstone torch on the next of the press plate to do the maker function.


-Repeater Clock

One of the many compact Redstone clocks you can make requires two repeaters. This is likewise one that the faster clocks you deserve to make.


Place 2 repeaters side by side facing opposite directions. Affix Redstone come both and also place a Redstone torch and also break the torch immediately. This will create a loop wherein the Redstone repeaters will preserve a pulse long enough to strength the other and also vice versa. Girlfriend may have to play approximately with the delay of these repeaters in order because that it to duty properly. In bedrock, ns couldn’t get the clock come fire through no delay on both.


With the delay on one for one of the repeaters, the clock fired when or twice however then jammed itself. It appears this clock calls for at least one delay on both repeaters to duty on the radical edition. This is a an extremely compact Redstone clock that can fire reasonably quickly.



Why perform my Redstone Torches burn out?

A Redstone torch deserve to only take care of so numerous inputs in a 2nd before burn out. If the torch receives more than eight entry in sixty in-game ticks, the torch will certainly burn chin out. A solitary torch wired into itself will certainly most certainly burn out together there is not enough time because that the game to it is registered that the torch have the right to be on and off in ~ the very same time. Also though this clock will burn itself out you deserve to still utilize it by placing a bar to turn it on and also off again. This have the right to be beneficial for semi-automatic machines that should fire as conveniently as possible.

You can develop a Redstone clock with simply two Redstone torches yet this is constructed dependent and also unreliable.


You would need to replace the Redstone torches every time you great to rotate it earlier on.

How carry out you do Redstone faster?

Use less repeaters. Use less items, much less blocks. Redstone becomes more efficient and faster the much less it needs to travel and the much less items it has to register. Using a solitary torch clock is the faster clock before it burns chin out. Making use of a two torch clock is fast, however unreliable and complicated to collection on/off switches for. 2 repeaters have the right to do the job, yet it is no as fast as 2 Redstone torches. A hopper/piston clock have the right to be do with just one items in each hopper and will emit a pulse every other in-game tick. There room compromises you will need to make for each Redstone maker and part will work-related for you, however some will certainly make the build obsolete.


Congratulations! You currently know exactly how to construct numerous different Redstone clocks and also their functions. Various versions the the game allow for various clocks come function. If a particular clock walk not role in your version of the game, perform not panic! over there is most most likely a configuration through the same form of clock that enables it to role in your variation of the game.

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There are numerous different Redstone clocks in the game. Each serves a specific function and has actually its own rate that speed, however many Redstone clocks are universal. Finding the perfect clock for your particular build is easy if you just want the maker to fire as quickly and also often together possible. Learning what renders each clock different can aid you strategy different Redstone devices and different needs for automation. If you desire a an equipment that release water every five minutes look in the direction of a despawn clock. If you desire to control the precise time that takes before the clock emits a pulse look towards the piston/hopper clock. Over there are numerous different helpful applications because that Redstone clocks.

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