I am love playing v all this Galaxy Unit crafts and also worksheets. If girlfriend missed the last post we covered Moon Phases with Oreos! This time we are talking about the Planets. We put together this really stellar Solar system Planet Model for kids. That sturdy and also the perfect school job if your child is in need of one.

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My children learned so much when structure this Solar mechanism Planet Model. It was a good help for their worksheets to be able to see it and move it roughly if they required to, to answer the questions.

Do you have actually a small astronaut? aid them produce this Solar system Planet Model and create memories together well.

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Solar system Planet Model

What friend Need



2—1″ Foam Balls

3—1 1/2″ Foam Balls

3—2 ½” Foam Balls

1—4″ Foam Balls

Craft Paint—Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Brown

8 wood Skewers


2 Styrofoam cups (8oz.)

Black paper Plate

Sheet that Tan Foam because that crafts

3 pipe Cleaners, yellow

8 small Round White Stickers

Black Marker

Hot adhesive Gun


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 How come make Solar device Planet version for Kids



Hold the skewers by the pointed end and also paint them every black. Nothing worry about painting the point. Also, paint one cup all black on the outside. The other cup you will paint the top outer edge black so that as soon as you ridge them no white is showing. Let these dry and also stack the cups with the bottom confront up.


Next, you have the right to paint the foam balls the color of the planets and let lock dry. Right here are the colors ns did because that each planet:

Mercury-gray with a small white – 1″ ball

Venus-yellow and orange – 1.5″ ball

Earth-blue, green, and also a small white – 1.5″ ball

Mars-red with a little of orange – 1″ ball

Jupiter-light brown through a couple of white stripes – 2.5″ ball


Saturn-Yellow with a few brown stripes – 2.5″ ball

Uranus-light blue v a bit of white – 2.5″ ball

Neptune-blue with a bit of white – 1.5″ ball

The Sun-yellow – 4″ ball

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Hot glue the sun to the bottom that the black cups and also let dry.


Cut every skewer down a little bit so you have 8 various lengths and put a planet on the flat finish of each skewer. Start with Mercury top top the shortest skewer and also work increase in earth order come the longest skewer.


Hot adhesive the bottom the the cup come the facility of the black color plate.


Start with Mercury and poke the skewer right into the cup close come the sun at the peak of the cup. Continue next v Venus yet place that a little bit lower and about an inch over from the first one. Continue on with Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and also Neptune. They should look prefer they are going around the sun.

Underneath the equivalent planet, ar a sticker on the plate v that planets name written on it.

Optional Step: do a ring for Saturn with the tan foam by cut out about a 2 3/4” circle. Reduced the inside of that circle out, leaving around a ¼” ring and also slip it over the Saturn planet.

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What is your favorite planet? Don’t forget about the Moon Phases – these two go hand in hand.