it is simple to learn how to do pom pons. There are two methods to acquire pom pons: one is to buy them, the various other is to do them. Not only does making pom pons save some money, that is likewise a many fun!

What You will certainly Need

for this project, you will certainly only require the following few supplies:

garbage bags (10 every pom pon) Scissors ice cream (Example: duct tape) Related write-ups

Note: rubbish bags have the right to be uncovered in plenty of different color to complement your team. Inspect places choose the dollar store for great deals on colored garbage bags. Also, using thicker bags will assist your poms revolve out better and last longer.

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before you begin, you will should prepare a level surface. The surface needs to it is in hard, flat and scissor resistant. Perform not do this project on quite hardwood floors; rather, finish this task on a concrete surface ar or enlarge table.

take it the rubbish bags out of the box and lay them flat. When taking lock out, you will an alert they are folded. Save them together they come out of the box, simply unrolled.

If you are using various colors in your pom pons, place them the end accordingly. Because that instance, girlfriend can alternating black and white bags to gain a mixed color effect. This is your pom pon, so include as countless colors as you would certainly like.

Note: once laying the end your colors, store in psychic they will later be folded; therefore, the colors will certainly mimic on the contrary side.


cut both the top and the bottom ends of the bag. This will leave both political parties open and also unsealed. fold the ten bags in half evenly. There need to be no overhang in ~ the bottom. You will now notice the urgent area is secure and closed if all open ends space at the top. cut the strips. Cut the pom pon strips is not specific art. However, some civilization feel much more comfortable measuring. If girlfriend are among these people, you deserve to measure the end each strand to be a details width. Because that the many part, you can just reduced strips about the dimension that makes between 10-12 strips throughout the bag. Pay unique attention to only reduced the strip under as much as wherein you desire the manage to begin. Because that instance, around 4-5 inches from the fold. role the bags native one next to another. This movement is comparable to rolling up paper starting native the next to create a tube. tape the pom pon handle, i beg your pardon is the 4-5 inches that were left from the cutting. Make certain the ice cream is ~ above nice and also tight therefore the handles will certainly endure wear and also tear. fold the manage up from the bottom to make a shorter handle, or leaving it together it is. Some human being even favor to put a extending over the area to create a cleaner look.

Fluffing the Pom Pon

To attain the watch of a cheerleader pom pon, the pom pon should then be fluffed. You have the right to do this by taking the strips in your hand, usually about 5 or so at a time and also rubbing castle together, in between your palms. Utilizing a slim amount that water to make her hands damp before rubbing seems to increase the look preferred when fluffing. Fluffing commonly takes everywhere from 3-6 minutes, relying on how full you would favor your pom pon to look. At this point, you deserve to evaluate the length of the strips and also see if they should be trimmed. If you notice the strips need to be trimmed, just gather the strips in a bunch and also hold lock tightly together. You can then trim them as lot as you like.

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Note: Trim the pom pon strips tiny by small to make certain they room not over trimmed.

now that girlfriend know how to make pom pons, try it and have funny while adding an items to your inventory!

Written through Jessica Tesoriero

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