What room Orthodontic Spacers & how Do they Work?


Orthodontic spacers, additionally known as separators, are used at the very beginning that braces treatment. They are worn temporarily to create a small amount of an are in the back molars, where metal bands will be placed to connect the archwire.

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If your orthodontist supplies spacers for her braces treatment, that will generally be short-lived – you will certainly wear spacers for 1-2 weeks before the bands are set up on your earlier teeth. Lock gently produce a tiny amount of room between the teeth, wherein your orthodontist will fit steel bands i m sorry anchor the archwire the the braces appliance. These metal bands walk on your earlier molars, for this reason this is wherein the orthodontic spacers will be placed.

There are two type of orthodontic separators:

Rubber spacers

These room very little elastic loops that slide between two ago teeth. They room usually blue in color.

Metal spacers

These are tiny metal rings that room inserted between two back teeth.

Which one your orthodontist provides depends top top your details case and also the treatment style of the provider. For most braces cases, rubber spacers will be used.

Spacers are contained as part of her braces treatment, so friend don"t have to worry about an added cost. The full cost of braces is about $1,700 come $6,000, depending upon your particular case and also where you seek treatment, and spacers space a part of the price.

When the spacers space applied, you may feel part discomfort or pressure: this means the spacer is successfully developing the necessary an are in your this for the braces. It may feel together if you have actually a piece of food wedged in between your teeth.

Not everyone will require spacers: some people"s teeth naturally have actually enough room between them to put on the steel bands, but most patients" this are normally close together, and also will call for spacers if metal bands are used for their treatment.

If her orthodontist is not going come use metal bands for her braces, friend won’t require spacers. It depends on your certain case: sometimes, the orthodontist will prevent using spacers and bands altogether. Invisalign clean aligners treatments, because that instance, perform not need spacers.

The application process is simple: the orthodontist or an assistant will use a committed instrument to install the spacer between two of your earlier teeth. This procedure occurs about 1-2 weeks before the bands space inserted.


During the insertion procedure for metal bands, the spacers space removed and also the bands are inserted over the back molars. The braces brackets space bonded come the teeth, and also the archwire is inserted into bands and brackets.

You will only acquire spacers for braces treatment: if you space straightening your teeth v removable clear aligners favor Invisalign, you will not require spacers, and there is no various other dental factor to get spacers other than for braces treatment.

Do You need Spacers because that Braces?

Not everyone will need spacers throughout their braces treatment, however it is a common element of treatment for numerous patients. Many people"s teeth room nestled near to every other, therefore spacers are important to develop a little of space where the metal bands will go.

However, her orthodontist might not use metal bands for your treatment, depending on the specifics of your case. And some patient naturally have actually enough an are between their teeth that they will not require orthodontic separators.

In details cases, spacers room worn because that a longer component of your treatment or also throughout treatment, but in the bulk of cases, patient who acquire spacers will wear them because that 1-2 weeks before getting the braces appliance installed.

Spacers are used as part of braces therapy to treat a selection of dental conditions.

Spacers for Braces - ache or Discomfort


Spacers are supplied to create a little amount of an are between specific teeth come affix components of the braces appliance. For that reason, you might experience some pressure once the spacers room applied, leading to discomfort or pain. The procedure of gaining the spacers put in might be uncomfortable, but patients perform not generally uncover this exceptionally painful.

How much pain you feeling is regarded your sensitivity, and also how tightly your teeth room nestled versus each other. Because that those with really tightly-placed teeth, the spacers may cause more discomfort. Countless patients define the uncomfortable as similar to having a item of food wedged between the teeth.

Generally, this uncomfortable of spacers will certainly fade as your teeth gain used come the emotion of the spacers. Your teeth need to stop hurting ~ 2-3 days, yet you can still feel the push of the orthodontic separators throughout the moment they are in between your teeth. This is normal, due to the fact that it means the spacers are working. If pain or uncomfortable persists, you deserve to take one over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or Advil, or drink a soothing cool beverage choose a smoothie. Girlfriend can also suck ~ above a clean washcloth wet in cold drinking water.

Many patient report feeling of pressure, discomfort, or pain during parts that braces therapy – over there are numerous ways to minimize the discomfort transparent treatment, and also most civilization will find they get used come it as part of straightening their teeth.

What can You Eat as soon as Using Spacers?

After her orthodontic separators space installed, girlfriend will need to be careful not to loosen them from between your teeth. Sticky or gummy foods items can stick come the spacers and potentially traction them out.

On the other hand, soft foodstuffs will feel good if your teeth feel uncomfortable due to the spacers, and also will it is in gentle ~ above them there is no dislodging them.

Because friend can"t floss whereby the spacers space inserted in between your teeth, you should likewise avoid foods items that can get stuck in between your teeth.

What to eat through spacers:




Mashed potatoes

Smoothies (blend in fruit and veggies because that a healthy, soft meal)

Protein shakes


Steamed veggies, chopped into small pieces

Meat reduced off the bone in tiny pieces

Foods to protect against with spacers:

Gum or gummy candy

Hard or sticky candy favor toffee

Popcorn or anything the can get stuck in her teeth and also loosen the spacers

Pretzels, nuts, any kind of other hard and also crunchy foods

Chewing ice

Get an ext info top top what friend can and can"t eat throughout your braces treatment.

Caring For your Spacers & What to do If They loss Out

While you will only wear your spacers because that a few days, the is important to care from them and also ensure they don"t loss out too early.

You should proceed brushing and flossing your teeth, however don"t floss in the locations where the spacers have been inserted between your teeth, as this can dislodge the spacers. As soon as brushing, try to brush back and forth throughout the tops and sides of her teeth, quite than up and also down vertically, which deserve to move the spacer indigenous its correct position.

Be mindful what girlfriend eat come ensure the the orthodontic separators don"t obtain dislodged – see the guide above on foods items to avoid. Make sure to no chew gum.

If the spacers loss out just 1-4 days before your next visit to the orthodontist, that"s okay: it means the spacers have actually successfully developed enough space for her braces come be placed on. If they fall out an ext than 4 days prior to your visit days, they might need to be put ago in, so call your orthodontist for much more information.

Can You use Rubber Bands rather of Spacers?

Orthodontic separators are a medical machine and have to only be used under the supervision of a licensed orthodontist and also their staff.

Elastic rubber band separators might look favor rubber bands, however you can not use consistent rubber bands together spacers. This might damage your this or gums, or also get stuck and cause epidemic or inflammation in your gums.

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Be sure to follow her orthodontist"s instructions when seeking braces care – her compliance and also oral wellness are an essential part of afford a healthy, beautiful smile.