The Terrain Editor is provided to create realistic landscapes prefer mountains, rivers, and canyons. To exercise your an abilities in sculpting terrain, you’ll develop a version of Old Faithful , a well known geyser that’s component of Yellowstone nationwide Park in the unified States.

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Creating a new Project

In Studio, click the New button in the upper-left.Select the Flat Terrain template.

Using the Terrain Editor

Using the Terrain Editor, you can generate arbitrarily terrain, include rocks and also other material, and create landscapes.

In the Home tab, click the Terrain Editor.
In the Create tab, click Generate.
At the bottom, under Other Settings, click Generate.
Wait until the development bar has finished.

Once done, her terrain could look prefer this:

Sculpting Terrain

With a basic map, you can now add rocks and also salt to the environment using the Paint Tool.

Under the Terrain Editor, click the Paint button. This tool allows you adjust the illustration of terrain with various materials, choose grass, rocks, or also water.With the Paint device selected, uncover Material Settings and pick the Rock material.Change the Base Size to be larger, such together a number of 14. Then, left-click and drag the tool throughout the center of the terrain to produce a absent formation.
readjust the paint Material to salt and include it near the center.

Adding Water

With the rocks and also salt, you will do it now include water to the geyser center.

Under the Terrain Editor, click the Subtract button. This device slowly clears terrain and also is beneficial for producing caves, rivers, and also lakes.Because every terrain is created on a grid, it’s vital to gain the best angle through your camera view. To do it easier to subtract, angle her camera so it points down at the geyser favor below.Click and drag the tool over the facility of the salt to develop a feet in the facility where you’ll add water.

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Under the Terrain Editor, click the Paint button.