The most disappointing thing about Weinergate is the prick pic the Anthony Weiner might or might not have actually posted come Twitter. That thing was sad! but we're right here to present you—er, explain—how it's done.

The picture of Weiner's wiener (or what we assume is his penis) to be pathetic. The isn't even a true dong shot, it's a photo of his half-hard cock in his underwear. Snoozeville. And also remember the disappointing dong shoot that thoroughly embarrassed Brett Favre? Men—especially the people who are famous—need to realize that once they take photos of your 5th appendage and also send it out to who else, the will eventually be judged by countless other people. Prior to you get out her cell phone, please follow ours advice. A dong shoot is no laughing matter. After ~ all, it's her balls that space on the line.

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Full Exposure

As us learned native Mr. Weiner, an underwear dong shot simply won't do. Very first of every it never does a cock justice, even if it's giant and also hard. Secondly, once the photos go public, it belies a false modesty. It states the topic of the picture wanted to send a dong shot, but was also nervous come send the really dong, and that it's under the sheath that a pair of boxer briefs renders it somehow OK. It's not. The clothed dong shot is sort of like being a little bit pregnant. Girlfriend might as well just go totality hog.

Groom Away

You wouldn't leaving the house with your hair a poisonous mess, would you? then you shouldn't send about snaps of her package in which the looks all whack. We're no saying to cut off all the hair down there, or wax yourself till you look choose an anatomically exactly Ken Doll, or, God forbid, "peenjazzle" yourself. However just make certain the hedges aren't also overgrown. And for all of you guys out there who are, ahem, short of stature, the much less bush method the enlarge the dick looks. That's one thing Brett Favre gained right.

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Erect Yourself

This is the most vital decision you're walk to do in the dong shot process: How tough should that be? Now, no mrs really desires to look at a prick picture, and she absolutely doesn't desire to look in ~ a limp dick. Yet a full erection is a little on the crass side, even in the kingdom of XXX message messages. Also, if the person receiving her photo can tell the you're completely hard, then there's no secret about simply how huge you really are. I indicate plumping the up right into a semi. That way it watch a small bigger than normal, gives the impression that a boner, yet still provides the impression the it's going to get even bigger before reaching full mast. That's what girlfriend want, for world to think your dick is huge. Simply ask Kanye.

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Force Perspective

A snapshot of a penis totally free floating in space won't give any type of indication of exactly how huge the member is. Because that those top top the smaller end of the spectrum, gain nice and also close and also fill increase the framework with her wang. Without anything rather in the shot, it's going come look favor Godzilla attacking Tokyo. Because that those ~ above the bigger side, don't do anything together cheesy together holding increase a leader or a beer bottle to show just how huge you are. That's just bragging. Make certain that a hand or some various other object is near by to put whatever to scale.

Lighting Matters

You desire a penis snapshot to have actually a bit of an wait of mystery. Nothing too bright, but certainly no so dark that the thing in concern is obscured by the background. And also don't usage a flash. Never, never, never. Have you ever seen how poor bald civilization look at Wal-Mart? Exactly.

Work her Angles

The best means to shoot the penis is native the height down, with the lens pointed towards the feet. Laying down works better than standing. This is the means your prospective companion will be looking in ~ it, so give them a great view. An additional acceptable edge is to organize the camera toward the body and point the prick to one side, especially if you room hard and the endowment is large. I would certainly strongly advise versus lying down and shooting the underside the the dick, uneven you're yes, really tiny and also need your balls to add the illusion that you're much longer than you truly are.

Mirror Image

I would certainly advise versus taking image in the mirror like Craigslist Congressman kris Lee. This may sound silly, but a dick snapshot should it seems ~ impromptu and intimate, like the sender is so enamored through the sendee that he couldn't help but simply whip it out and also commemorate it for eternity. Standing in the mirror appears vain, walk crazy points to the perspective, and the mirror can offer off a lousy glare. Also, pics in the winter usually end up mirroring off much more than a bit of a torso. If you have actually a buff body prefer Congressman Aaron Schock then, please, capture your body from neck come knees. However, if you're a little flabby about the midsection do the world and yourself a favor and keep a tight emphasis on the body component at hand.

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Go Pro

If you're really going to be sending these things out anywhere Craigslist or posting castle on Manhunt or Adult FriendFinder or any other seedy corner of the Internet, carry out everyone a favor and pay a little bit of money for an professional to execute it. You deserve to easily uncover one in the same location that you're going to be going to cruise because that sex. Sure, boudoir pics reek a small bit of being Samantha Jones, however if you're walking to obtain a most play out of these, girlfriend might as well make sure they're that the highest quality. Just remember this isn't going come say "impromptu penis shot" it will certainly say "cyber sex professional" but sometimes that is the vibe that is walking to obtain you laid. Simply keep your challenge out that it. This isn't Playgirl.