Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA - (specialty in pain Management) — written by Kirsten Nunez ~ above June 29, 2020

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Your feet support your whole body. They do it possible to walk, run, climb, and also stand. They likewise work to store you stable and balanced.

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When you’re a child, her feet rapidly flourish each year. Castle grow also faster during puberty, as your human body turns into an adult. Your bones, including the ones in her feet, get bigger during this time.

Generally, feet avoid growing about 20 or 21 years old. But it’s possible for a who feet come keep cultivation into their beforehand 20s.

It likewise depends once you began puberty. Everyone grows at various rates. For example, if you began puberty early, your body and also feet might stop growing sooner than various other people. Genes play a role, too.

Some civilization feel favor their feet are getting bigger later on in life. In reality, farming feet space usually due to age-related alters like weight get or loosened ligaments. It’s also common come experience rise in feet size during pregnancy.

Feet usually stop growing at age 20 in males. The most noticeable transforms will most likely happen throughout growth spurts in puberty. In boys, puberty commonly occurs between ages 10 and 15.

Foot growth generally slowly down between ages 14 and also 16.

In girls, feet likewise stop growing about age 20. They usually start puberty earlier, in between ages 8 come 13 year old. During this time, a girl’s feet will certainly rapidly grow as she goes through development spurts.

Usually, the rate of foot growth decreases in between ages 12 to 13.5 in females.

During childhood and also adolescence, the bones in your feet get bigger. This is what provides your feet grow.

When her bones stop growing in your 20s, her feet avoid growing, too. They i will not ~ keep growing throughout life.

Yet, her feet can readjust as you get older. This changes alter the dimension of your feet, but they don’t involve actual bone growth.

Your feet can increase in dimension due to:

Decreased elasticity. After years of using your feet, her tendons and also ligaments lose elasticity. This makes your feet longer and wider.Weight gain. load loss and maintenance is more complicated later in life. Gaining weight puts pressure on the pads of her feet, making lock spread.Physical deformities. as you gain older, you’re more likely to construct bunions and also hammertoes. Friend may have to wear a larger shoe dimension in order to comfortable wear shoes.

It’s common for feet to gain bigger throughout pregnancy. This can take place for number of reasons:

Increased weight. The boosted body weight areas extra anxiety on your feet. Your ligaments can become elastic, resulting in your feet come spread.Hormonal changes. During pregnancy, your placenta produce relaxin, a hormone that softens the cervix by cultivating collagen degradation. Relaxin might also loosen the ligaments in her feet.Increased fluid retention. Her body holds onto much more fluid throughout pregnancy. The liquid can accumulate in your reduced limbs, causing bigger feet.

If her feet obtain bigger as result of swelling, the raised size will certainly be temporary. Ankle and foot swelling commonly subside after providing birth.

To alleviate swelling throughout pregnancy, shot the following tips:

do light physical activity every daywear compression sockswear loose clothingavoid lengthy standingsleep on your left sideelevate her legs

In some cases, the increased size is permanent. This typically happens when the ligaments in her feet become loose and lax throughout pregnancy. If this structural transforms occur, your feet may not return to their initial size.

Most human being rarely think around their feet. However, your feet are few of the most exciting parts of her body.

Here are several fascinating facts around your feet:

1. One quarter of your bones space in her feet.

Your skeleton has actually a full of 206 bones.

Each foot contains 26 bones. This amounts to 52 bones in both feet, i m sorry is around one-quarter of every the skeletal in your body.

There are additionally 100 tendons, ligaments, and also muscles in every foot.

2. They have the most sweat glands.

Compared come the rest of her body, the soles of her feet have the many sweat glands every square centimeter. There are around 125,000 sweat glands on every sole. They excrete about fifty percent a pint the perspiration every day.

3. They’re few of the many ticklish locations of the body.

The soles of her feet contain about 8,000 nerve endings. Most of the nerves are situated close to the skin surface.

For this reason, your feet are very sensitive to physics touch. That’s why some human being are really ticklish on their feet.

4. Different foot sizes are common.

Many civilization have different foot sizes. In fact, it’s rarely to have actually two feet that are the very same size. If one foot is bigger than the other, it’s encourage to to buy shoes that comfortably fit the enlarge foot.

5. Our feet are getting bigger.

In the unified States, the average shoe dimension is obtaining larger. Thirty years ago, the most popular shoe sizes for men and women to be 9.5 and also 7.5, respectively.

Today, the most typical shoe sizes space 10.5 because that men and 8.5 for women. This may be pertained to the rise in overweight and obese individuals.

6. Toenails prosper slower than fingernails.

Normally, fingernails grow about three millimeters a month. The takes about six months for a fingernail to completely grow in.

Toenails takes 3 times together long. A toenail have the right to take about 12 to 18 month to totally grow.

Feet normally stop growing at age 20. In part people, your feet might continue to slowly gain bigger into their beforehand 20s. Everyone is different, so there isn’t a set age for when your feet should stop growing.

As you get older, her feet can get bigger because of weight gain, loose ligaments, or physical changes like bunions. But this doesn’t typical your actual bones space growing. Instead, your feet gain flatter and wider over time.

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If girlfriend wear the exact same shoe dimension as friend did in your 20s, consider getting a larger size. This will carry out proper support and promote great foot health.


Medically the evaluation by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA - (specialty in ache Management) — created by Kirsten Nunez on June 29, 2020