No issue how plenty of angles are there in a diagram, each angle has actually its own distinctive name. We usage the symbol "∠" followed by the surname to stand for an angle. The listed below links have much more on exactly how you deserve to label an angle and also in how many different means you can accomplish this task.

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1. Label an angle making use of the vertex and also a suggest from each arm

2. Brand an angle using only the vertex

3. Brand an angle making use of numbers

Label one angle making use of the vertex and also a suggest from every arm

∠ABC or ∠CBA


The vertex have to go in between the 2 points.

Label an edge using only the vertex




When two or much more angles re-superstructure the very same vertex, us don"t use just the crest to surname the angles.

Label one angle using numbers




Certain lower-case letter of the English alphabet like a, b, and c, and also Greek letters favor alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ), and theta (θ) are also used to represent angles.

Solved Examples

1. Name this angle.


There are four ways we can name this angle: ∠FGH,∠HGF,∠G,∠1.

2. Situate ∠DBC in the figure.


∠DBC is emphasize in the picture below.


Take increase the challenge!

The below photo has V together its vertex. The task is for you to identify and also name all the angle that deserve to be created from in ~ the image.

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∠PVQ or ∠QVP, ∠QVR or ∠RVQ, and ∠PVR or ∠RVP

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Allow your an abilities to go great guns, using our free printable Naming angles worksheets.