When our client come in for piercings, one of the most common questions we acquire asked around is what piercing methods we use. At almost Famous human body Piercing, we offer both the gun (non-cartilage area the the ear lobe only) and the needle piercing method. We do use needles for all body piercings, including those ~ above the ear lobe, but we will certainly not usage a piercing pistol on any kind of piercing various other than the ear lobe.

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We have uncovered that part customers choose to it is in pierced through a gun, and also make that specific request. If the person gaining their earlobes pierced is a little child, and also not old enough to sit for sure still, the is much safer for both the body piercer and also the person gaining pierced to usage a gun for that age group.

Traditional stud and also clasp jewelry is also an extremely popular. Not every human who pierces their ear lobes will select to wear human body piercing jewelry layouts in the piercing. At virtually Famous body Piercing, we provide our client the option of timeless stud and clasp earrings in both 14k white and also yellow gold, or in hypoallergenic styles.

Gun or Needle?


Piercing firearms are commonly used for ear piercing, and little training is forced to usage them. There really isn’t any kind of necessary anatomical expertise needed for the earlobe, and the most crucial factor to take into consideration is the edge of the jewelry, and also whether or not the person getting pierced will certainly be getting much more ear piercings in the future.

Needles are more commonly offered by professional piercing studios, wherein a selection of piercings anywhere the body space offered and also guns are generally not provided at all, or not supplied on anything other than ear lobes due to the jewelry no being proper for placement in every piercings.

The ear-piercing machine we usage at virtually Famous body Piercing (which is considered a clinical device) is made up of a re-usable piercing gun, and a single-use stud and clasp earring in a sterilized blister package. The packaging for the jewelry uses the same packaging and sterilization criter as forced in the medical device industry, i beg your pardon prohibits pollution prior to usage of the sterilized item.

Getting Pierced with a Gun

The piercing gun is reusable due to the fact that no component of the gun come into contact with the client’s skin. The stud and also clasp room left in the client’s ears. The only component of the ear piercing device that makes call with the customer’s skin is the plastic mount or cartridge. The cartridge is specifically designed because that disposal there is no the piercer coming in direct contact with the offered cartridge.

If you do obtain your ear lobes pierced through a piercing gun, the aftercare regimen does no change. Friend still have a fresh wound in her body that will need special care until healing is complete. Check out our aftercare guidelines here.

Getting Pierced with a Needle

The process of utilizing a needle to execute a piercing in one area of the body various other than the ear lobe is lot safer, and also our client say, less painful than utilizing a piercing gun. The needle is hollow and has a sharp suggest to develop a clean hole. Because the needle is hollow, it clears a small amount the skin and tissue in the instant area that the piercing wound, and also creates a space for the jewel to rest, allowing room for the wound to drain and also to heal.

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Now, the is certainly true that many world have had piercings done through a gun rather of a needle and encountered no serious health issues. Yet when the two approaches are straight compared, needles are much safer, and also less painful because that body piercings. Remember, ear-piercing solution were especially designed come pierce the ear, nothing else!

Almost famed Body Piercing

When you desire piercings done, it’s essential to go through an experienced who uses proper methods in a safe and clean environment. It’s additionally important that the professional be familiar and trained in blood borne pathogens and infection control. Together the over information shows, piercing firearms used as necessary can be successful for ear lobe piercings. At almost Famous human body Piercing we use just the safest techniques for ours clients. With 4 locations in Minnesota and North Dakota our expertise speaks because that itself. You re welcome contact us this day with any kind of questions you might have around body piercing, our products and methods.