The PSP is currently packed with fun games. But, we don’t blame girlfriend if you most likely want to take it a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

If she a big fan that GBA and also want the gamings to be play on her PSP, that a possibility, yet it calls for some effort.

The solution is an emulator.

Considering PSP hardware specs, GBA Emulation ~ above PSP sounds promising.

But detect the best GBA emulator because that PSP is actually rather difficult.

They aren’t as common as other PSP emulators.

For a PSP to be able to run retro games, you should install custom firmware top top the device.

Try to discover it ~ above the web by keying in your PSP model.

The next step is to download your liked PSP GBA emulator to be set up on the device.

You should additionally find ROMs because that the gamings you great to play.

Since every emulator has actually its very own UI and means to install, please read the accuse properly.

You might additionally be request to connect your PSP come the computer in order to complete the installation.

Don’t suppose all emulators to operation smoothly because they aren’t perfect.

Some room more complex and come with advanced features, if others room leaned in the direction of beginners.

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Best GBA emulators because that PSP (2021)FAQs – game Boy Emulator

Best GBA emulators for PSP (2021)


The PSP has actually the specs to play games of larger consoles. If you want to play GBA games, first you must install tradition firmware top top the device.

For those unaware, tradition firmware is a type of software application that runs the PSP.

But prior to installation, it’s essential to understand that this practice might void the warranty.

If she fine with that, then go ahead. Follow these procedures for complete installation. Turn on the PSP, and use a USB cable to affix it to your PC.

As shortly as both gadgets are connected, the PSP will go into USB mode. You’ll view a pop-up window on the display shortly after.

It will take you come the PSP memory where the folders are stored.

Open the PSP folder, that will straight you come 2 or 3 folders. Discover one with ‘Game Folder’ ~ above it.

Next, you need to download the GPSP emulator. You must see 2 different folders in the download, GPSP, and GPSP%.

Copy lock both and also then dough them ~ above the video game folder you’ve opened before.

The GPSP folder is whereby the ROMs are claimed to it is in added.

Hence, we won’t suggest it and it’s all as much as you come decide.

For it come work, a ROM needs to have .GBA extension.

After including ROMs to the GPSP folder, go earlier to your PSP. Push down the O button to finish the connection.

You have to see the GPSP symbol on the PSP menu. Choose it, the games will be shown there. Use the X button to select and play.

For a much more detailed explanation, examine out our article on exactly how to download GBA emulator on PSP.


With the tremendous popularity of the PSP, unfortunately, the amount of PSP GBA emulators made for this console is very limited.

In fact, we can’t seem to find one more besides GPSP. There are a few more, though, only they’re not for the PSP.

MGBA, for instance, is a GBA emulator the runs on Windows. You have the right to still pat GBA gamings as lengthy as you have actually a computer.

This can be a solution when playing retro gamings on her PSP no an option.

It has actually several advantages, like support because that a huge number the players.

The setup is also easy. However on the flip side, you i will not ~ find an extremely advanced features on this.

As stated earlier, no emulators space perfect. Some have actually well-rounded features, while others feel prefer they need further improvements.

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3. Higan GBA


This is another emulator which will certainly take you to the days as soon as everyone was playing GBA games.

What we prefer the most around the emulator is the capacity to adapt to different species of hardware.

Due to the simplicity in design and the way it’s built, it can effortlessly be invited onto any kind of hardware.

Although it have the right to run GBA games, it supports multiple platforms, consisting of Gameboy Colour and also Sega grasp System.

On peak of that, installation is as simple as a few clicks.

Another element you might find appeal is the shade reproduction, which puts it at an advantage over various other GBA emulators.

While great, it’s no perfect.

The emulator deserve to be laggy at times, i m sorry probably has to do v mismatching mechanism requirements.

4. BatGBA

Some emulators put much more emphasis on features, yet this one is more about simplicity.

If you simply started learning about emulation, that a good idea to start with simple emulators.

As you’re figuring out exactly how the software program works, you’ll have the ability to operate more complex emulators later.

This is not the device you should download for progressed features. It renders a perfect fit for novices.

Being basic is not poor in any kind of way.

On the other hand, many thanks to the simplicity, the emulator no take much space. It likewise has an affect on performance.

Games will certainly run much more smoothly especially on low-spec systems.

There space plenty the GBA gamings you have the right to play on it, both commercial and also non-commercial.

5. Visualboy Advance

If you’re looking for an emulator that provides stability, this have the right to be one option. It has the usability that us don’t usually see on the typical handheld console.

It might readjust your perspective when it pertains to emulators specifically those made for GBA. The high level of compatibility v all types of gadgets is an additional plus.

So, be it a new or one old device, possibilities are you can run this emulator on it.

It’s just one of the finest GBA emulators both for beginners and skilled users.

Besides the reality that it has awesome features, it’s also free. And the updates room rolled quite frequently.

When it comes to OS support, it can run on assorted operating systems. It likewise provides switch remapping, which is useful when you desire to use a controller come play.

Furthermore, there is an alternative to take it screenshots. Or in situation you have to record clips rather of pictures, it allows the user to document the gameplay.

When this emulator was very first introduced, it was much from perfect.

It in which method felt laggy specifically on low hardware, yet Visualboy advancement today is a leap forward in regards to usability and also performance.

It has been optimized to manage a vast selection of hardware specs.

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FAQs – video game Boy Emulator

Are GBA emulators safe?

It depends on the sites where you obtain them. To be on the much safer side, you deserve to scan them through an antivirus or another program meant for protection.

Can ns play games legally on one emulator?

Emulators of any kind don’t provide a legal method of play games. If you want to pat GBA games legally, then you need to buy a console indigenous the to produce or another store.

Can ns play GBA emulators various other than on the PSP?

Yes, due to the fact that emulators no only created the PSP. Emulators differ in your platform support, but one thing for certain is the they are created for multiple platforms.

For this reason, it’s vital to uncover out if an emulator supports the device you want to pair the with. If it’s no compatible, climate you won’t have the ability to use it.

Do ROMS have actually viruses?

It’s a risky move to download papers from untrustworthy sources. At the finish of the day, it every comes down to the source.

If you get a ROM native a source that’s reputable and also used through many, the document might it is in clean after ~ all.

But if you get it native an unknown source, it might be infected, so it is in careful.

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Final thoughts on PSP GBA Emulator

There is no denying that all video game consoles have emotional nuances attached to them. Yes sir no exception to the era that marked the bear of GBA.

If you want to recreation the days of yore and indulge in nostalgia with retro games, you deserve to install the best GBA emulator because that PSP.

The PSP has good specs come handle games of enlarge consoles. Emulators are the systems if you want to beat GBA gamings on your PSP.

All you have to do is understand just how it works.

Broadly speaking, running games of an additional console would call for the installation of practice firmware.

You additionally have to affix it to a computer to finish the installation.

Another important aspect of emulation is the games.

After you’ve efficiently installed the emulator, discover the games you desire to play. They require to have the right extension so that they have the right to be operation on the PSP.

Not all games would operation smoothly. It relies on a few factors.

The an initial one is the top quality of the emulator. If that high quality, that should have the ability to manage assorted games and also hardware specs.

Another important factor is settings. Lower the setups if you uncover a game laggy since it should aid a lot.