Using Microsoft’s PowerPoint software, civilization create new presentation for marketing, office, or college purpose, over there are variety of ways come share those presentations v others. Although, human being can use these presentation together a slideshow because that next business meeting, and also collage male or office civilization can usage it to present their task at university or office. People can significantly increase number of eyes to see it by sharing it ~ above a social media site such as Facebook. Making use of social media website Facebook, people can re-superstructure slideshows, digital resumes and other PowerPoint presentations. This is quite straightforward to achieve by very first converting PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) paper to a video file. PowerPoint presentations paper can be conserved in “.wmv” (Windows Media Video) record format. On facebook supports this document format, and using this paper format user can straight upload document to Facebook.

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This post provides detail explanation on,

How to convert a PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) paper to a video paper using Microsoft PowerPoint

How come upload the convert presentation video record to personal Facebook account

In home windows Operating System

Method 1 − Upload PowerPoint to on facebook as video

Step 1

Choose and also open the PowerPoint presentation that user likes come upload on Facebook.


Step 2

Convert .ppt record format come .wmv record format (Save the PowerPoint presentations document as a home windows Media video clip file). To perform this conversion,

From the standard toolbar, click on the paper tab → save As.

In the save As dialog box, user can readjust the “File name” or have the right to keep the same exactly how as it was earlier. The “Save as Type” dropdown food selection facilitates users to transform “.ppt” document to “.wmv” paper format, native “Save as Type” dropdown menu pick Windows Media Video. This conversion might take several minutes come complete.


Step 3

Make sure that the video record size must not exceed the maximum file size supported by Facebook, to inspect the document size the .wmv file,

Right click .wmv record to pick properties from paper definition menu

In properties dialog box, click on the general tab to view the dimension of the record in megabits (MB). Inspect that the document size should not exceed the maximum record size (1, 024 MB).


Step 4

Ensure the the video clip should be as well long, to check that,

Open, the produced .wmv file in any type of Windows media player application, to inspect the exact length of the video file

Make certain that the file should not run more than 20 minutes


Step 5

Choose web internet browser to allow pop-ups native Facebook,

In IE, click on Tools → options → Privacy tab from Internet alternatives dialogue box and then click on Settings in the Pop-Up Blocker menu. Enter in the field labeled attend to of website, push enter and also click the close button. An exception for Facebook has been added to IE.

In Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools → options → materials option → exception button. Get in into the field labeled address of website and click OK. An exemption for Facebook has actually been included to Firefox.


Step 6

Open on facebook account utilizing username and password. Click on the “Add Photos/Video” alternative to open video clip upload dialogue box, facilitates customers to share your favourite image and video with facebook friends.


Step 7

Once user click “Add Photos/Video, it opens up “Upload Photos/Video”, after clicking on “Upload Photos/Video” that opens record Uploader to upload Photos/Videos file, select the file that user wants to upload and also click ~ above open. This procedure will fill Photos/Video from the tough drive to Facebook.


Step 8

Terms and condition at the time of upload process,

The regards to Agreement home window will appear, read the regards to Agreement and click the “I Agree” button to start the upload process.

Depends top top the dimension of the video clip and her Internet link speed, the upload process may take number of minutes come complete.

The process will successfully upload the PowerPoint presentation record to Facebook.

Method 2 − Upload using SlideShare app on Facebook

Before implementing this method, just go come the, develop an account to review the information, because without knowing about SlideShare app, user can not upload PPT to Facebook using SlideShare app.

After reading around SlideShare app, walk to Facebook, login to the account utilizing Username and Password and search because that Slideshare, get it and add it come the application section. This process will display the SlideShare web page on Facebook v “sync Account” option. Incorporate both account (Facebook account and also SlideShare account).


One every above process successfully done, click on the “Upload” switch to upload PowerPoint come Facebook. After uploading PPT into “My Slidespace” section, click on the “Post come Wall” option.

This process will additionally upload the PowerPoint presentation paper to Facebook, yet sometime it erases animations, transitions, music and video clips.

Method 3 − making use of Google Docs

Google Docs is one of finest web application to upload and edit the presentation record in the cloud, does not requires any kind of other software program to support Google Docs in that upload process.

Just login to Google Docs and upload the PowerPoint file on it. To perform this, click the “Share” tab top top the optimal right that the main page and also choose “Share”, this will facilitate individuals to view the PowerPoint or the favored persons.


Next, click on “Publish/Embed” come visualize the presentation obtainable to everyone on the web and Google Docs offers the embed code that can be provided on the blog, take that URL and also post it on facebook so that everybody have the right to see the PowerPoint presentation.

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The over 3 amazing methods defines that how to re-superstructure the PowerPoint presentations on Facebook with ease in less time.