Professional video clip makers don’t play music as they document video. So you may need come add video clip to MP3 ~ the video is shot. That will take your video clip to the next level. V a an effective yet easy-to-use video and sound editing and enhancing tool, you have the right to easily include MP4, AVI, or any kind of other format video clip to audio file in MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLAC format and save it as a brand-new file.

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currently download (originally video Editor) and learn exactly how to add video to MP3 v three an easy steps below.


1 Add video and MP3 records to the program

Install and also run video Editor. Then click the “Import” button in the upper left edge of the routine to import the video clip and MP3 documents that you want to merge. This video editor also features a drag-n-drop function so that you can straight drag and drop your documents to the program. After ~ that, select these included files and also place them come the matching tracks ~ above the timeline dashboard below. The video paper should be put on the video clip track and also the audio document on the music monitor - significant with the musical keep in mind icon.


2 change and modify the MP3 file

After that, change the length of MP3 file to make it enhance the video. If the MP3 is longer than video, relocate the red slider to the end of video, and also click the separation button (it"s choose a scissor in the device bar) to reduced the unwanted part. If shorter, friend can dual the audio and place the replicated files side by next on the same track.

Besides that, girlfriend can modify the MP3 or video record to do it more magic. To do this, dual click the target record and change the video and audio settings according to your desire. You can also add much more special video clip effects, such together Intro/Credits, Titles, Sound, jump Cut, Mosaic and also more. With, you can also detach the initial audio the the video clip and include the wanted one. What"s more, in audio editing panel, friend can change the audio settings, choose speed, pitch, and also volume. V, you have the right to remove the lift noise quickly with simply one click.

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3 export the new file

After adding video to MP3, you have the right to export it as a new file. Click the “Create” button and also choose from numerous output choices as friend like. In the “Format” tab, pick the forced format such together MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV and more. Girlfriend can likewise choose the ready-made preset for her mobile machine in the “Device” tab, share it with friends on facebook or YouTube or burn it come DVD.


Watch the video clip below to get an ext detailed information around how to edit videos in