Hello mine friends! sometimes I uncover a product i love so much, the deserves it"s very own blog post. Even if it is it"s a clean product like this super inexpensive vacuum that i LOVE, or the gorgeous cooking set I uncovered (that quiet looks great by the way), or also furniture prefer my most favorite sofa ever.

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This time we"re heading exterior for things I acquired a couple of weeks back but simply recently assembled. There are many little details that ns wish we had thought of if finishing this residence (that started as a spec house). One of those tiny things the has constantly bugged me is just how low and also shallow ours outdoor spigots are.
i wish I would have had them installed higher for easier reach. They space SO low and so close to the stone, it"s challenging to acquire a hose attached. And as we obtain older, we protect against struggling with anything that needs crouching. Ha!

We"ve always used hose holders that sit ~ above the ground. You might remember that ns spray painted them critical year:

They"ve hosted up an excellent (I"ll show you in a minute), and also I love the watch of them, however we wanted something taller. Also, the clippings from the yard are constantly all end the place and also stick prefer glue.
i did some looking roughly online to view if there was a equipment that would raise every little thing (including the spigot) up off the ground. I uncovered the solution!

once the parcel arrived and I opened it up, the looked prefer a most pieces. I placed it come the side for a few weeks it rotates I had some extra time come sit down with it. And also then once I did, that took around two minutes to assemble. That"s always the way...what ns think will be simple takes 45 minutes and what i think will be an overwhelming takes a couple.
It"s really simply three parts that snap together. It was additionally super easy to gain staked right into the ground. (Dampen the soil if yours won"t go in.)
We have a really long expandable hose that i love and also I wasn"t so sure it would certainly fit top top the holder there is no pulling that over once filled up. The didn"t even budge!:

i love the you have the right to place the holder where you want and also turn ~ above the water from where you"re at. I"ll be relocating the place of the holder to another spot when I obtain a longer lead hose. That method I won"t need to walk across the earlier of the residence to acquire to water because that our potted plants.
**I bespeak this expansion hose to with to the clues I"m relocating it to -- it"s supposed to be versatile (our current one is not) and also comes in a bunch the sizes.

lock aren"t the many beautiful holders, yet they are streamlined enough that you don"t really notice them. The great part is friend can conveniently hide castle behind bushes because that or tree too. I"ll probably bury the lead hose in the mulch so girlfriend don"t watch it.
ns think this is thing is brilliant! the comes with a 2 year warranty as well. I thought it may solve the same concerns you too! girlfriend can find the standing water tap holder here, the flexible expansion hose ns ordered andthe lengthy expandable hose we love.

We just uncovered these this year and are so useful and practical! I've also attached to mine mom's deck v zip ties for this reason she deserve to water she deck tree without having to go up and also down deck stairs come the spigot top top the house.


If you have actually a specific question ns will carry out my finest to prize you ago here! you can discover our repaint colors and also links to items in ~ the "Our Home" tab at the top of my site. Thanks so much for reading!

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