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Well guys, looking for comments on exactly how to proceed...I have actually a 52" Exmark Turf Tracer that has been a very good mower because that me, and I had sharpened the knives earlier this season with no problem. This time around, I should resharpen them since I, choose an idiot, ran over something relatively solid that obtained picked up and also whacked the blades good.I sharpened 2 blade with no issue at all. The third blade just will not come off together the bolt is stuck.I"ve make the efforts heat and also penetrating oil, and also I have a brand-new impact wrench ( that appears to have actually a bit more oomph (~700 contrasted to 220 ft lbs) than my Craftsman C3 19.2v cordless (which is generally adequate for most things). Ns have additionally tried a breaker bar add to cheater pipe (but i m so sad only had a item of copper pipe which appears to flex as well much). I have actually purchased a brand-new 60" ar of steel pipe come be supplied as my brand-new cheater pipe, but have yet to effort in really hopes that I can do something that hopefully won"t destroy the spindle.Purchased some "freezing" compound that is stated to complimentary "rusted" bolts, yet I fear that rust is not the difficulty that ns am dealing with. I was reasoning that heat reasons expansion, for this reason if ns can get it an excellent and cold, the should cause contraction, and also perhaps that would offer me a chance? Is supposedly a freezing lubricating compound (something favor am still thinking about how I must do this. If i break the spindle, I"d be out approximately $100 to buy a brand-new one on ebay or something. I"ve check out (after currently attempting this) that heat may no be the ideal thing to use close to the spindle. I"m in ~ a loss. My just other choice is come borrow a trailer and drag it come a mechanic through a far better quality affect and hope that their stuff can break the free, however the problem there lies in steering 30 mile round pilgrimage to go gain a trailer, and also 30 miles round expedition to return it.As that is, the mower is working fine, but that specific blade is simply stuck on there tighter 보다 I can seem to obtain to move. And also since it flexes and also tried for this reason turn, I fear that is acquisition away some of my leverage.

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Any pointers?TLDR: tongue on super tight, has been eliminated a couple of months ago so that shouldn"t be rusted. Impact and other tools it seems to be ~ to it is in of no use.