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Replacing a damaged Trimmer Rope

It never fails: just as you are around to tackle part yard work on a Saturday morning, the traction cord on your Stihl trimmer breaks. Now you're stuck replacing a pull cord rope, adding another hour to her yard work and losing one hour of her day off. How are you claimed to relax on the weekend if you're constantly addressing your tools? It's mine hope that these simple to follow instructions will obtain your Stihl trimmer up and also running quickly, so you can gain busy relaxing.

If you're functioning on a Stilh kilometres 56 RC trimmer, you're in luck since that is the device I will certainly be working on in this article.

One tool you will need, over all others, is a plug socket tool through a torx little bit on the other end. This device should have actually come v your Stilh kilometres 56 RC trimmer when you to buy it. If girlfriend don't have actually one, purchase one. It's precious its load in gold. Friend will likewise need a new pull cord. I've provided links to both the torx bit and the traction cord below.

Tools You have to Replace a Stihl Trimmer pull Cord


Magnet, snap ring pliers, big and tiny needle-nose pliers, and a Stihl torx/plug socket.

Eddie Carrara

Steps to replace a pull Cord top top a Trimmer

Here is an summary of the actions you will need to follow in order to replace your pull cord. Pictures and much more detailed steps deserve to be discovered below.

Remove the end cover.Remove the snap ring.Disassemble the unit into two pieces.Remove the coil native the shaft.Hold the spring in place after removing the coil.Remove the damaged piece of rope.Clean out debris top top the cover.Measure out a brand-new piece of rope.Thread the brand-new rope right into the coil assembly.Tie a small knot in ~ the end of the rope and also pull it into the coil pocket.Wind the pull cord rope about the coil.Reinstall the coil right into the housing.Turn the coil two revolutions clockwise to add tension.Thread the rope with the feet in the finish cover.Install the handle.Reinstall the end cover.

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1. Eliminate the end cover. This will house the finish pull cord rope assembly.