If you desire to know exactly how to restart Pokemon Y and also reset your save file, you’ve come to the best place.

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How to Restart Pokemon Y

Here’s just how to restart Pokemon Y. Simply organize Up + B + X when you’re in the game’s title (or settings) menu, and you’ll it is in asked if you want to reset the save file, confirm and you’re done!

That’s how to restart Pokémon Y!

Pokemon Y Tips and also Tricks

Once you’ve restarted her Pokemon Y conserve data, right here are a pair of tips and also tricks that will help you kick off her adventure in the best means possible.

Right after ~ you obtain your Pokedex, save your game, press Start + pick + together + R to reset it, climate navigate come the secret Gift and also “Wi-fi.”

Doing that will gain you a special Torchic, which friend can obtain from the distribution person on the left of the counter at any Pokemon Center.

One the the best ways to knife money in the game is to use the Amulet Coin on her front-loaded Pokemon for the whole game. You won’t have to use any type of other boost item.

The Amulet Coin have the right to be derived at Parfum Palace in between the very first and second gyms and also will dual the coins you earn from trainer fights.

You deserve to save some money by not investing in too plenty of potions since you i will not ~ be needing them. If you desire to heal, you can simply ride ago to a Pokemon center and also heal because that free.

You can use the money you conserved up on purchase Pokeballs since they’re one of the most vital things to have actually in her inventory.


If you want to feed her Pokemon Poke-Buffs, you need to organize the puff in former of their confront rather than drop that on the floor.

Catching Pokemon boosts the rate you’ll unlock for a “Critical Capture,” which way that you can instantly capture a Pokemon after throw a sphere at it.

O-Powers, when vaguely explained in-game, are very useful. They carry out buffs and special abilities to your local and also online friends.

Don’t hesitation to usage them as soon as you view someone online as lock regenerate end time.

Pay fist to the various patches the grass as each kind of patch has various properties and potential Pokemon conference rates.

As one example, friend can find an Eevee much easier in a yellow job of grass than you would certainly in a environment-friendly one.

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If you desire to evolve one Inkay, organize you 3DS upside-down when he will level 30 in combat. If you desire to be extra sure, you have the right to just save the 3DS hosted up upside-down throughout the totality fight.