So I’ve check out that ‘gon bui’ (gone boo-ee) way cheers, but I likewise read it can mean come drink your whole drink.

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I will be ending a toast at a wedding v this and would like to recognize if I will certainly offend anyone by speak or make them feel favor they need to drink every the alcohol in their cup?


Ok. Is there a traditional ‘everyone raise your drink to the brand-new couple’ type saying i should shot instead?

I’ll speak cheers if best.

I’m just trying to present I put in a tiny amount the effort. Ns the best man and also my friend (Canadian) is marrying a Chinese woman. Many her family is coming the end from China for this reason I want to shot something sophisticated in my decided if that worked. Is over there anything rather you’d recommend to end the speech?

Doesn't that typical cheers in Japanese? What the comment stated before, "yum bui" is what I constantly hear in speak cheers in Cantonese.

That’s the Cantonese reading of the Mandarin indigenous 乾杯. Plenty of words in Japanese have Chinese beginnings so they might sound similar.

As various other posters have said, that's Mandarin.

Sounds like you heard the from somewhere (I heard that Jackie Chan use it when he & Jet Li to be helping that white kid rescue the Monkey King in that awful, awful wire-fu movie).

飲杯 is the Cantonese version.

Splitting up the characters, you have 飲 (drink, verb) and 杯 (cup, noun).

Placed together, the phrase is "a drink cup", or supplied in a toast (for example, in ~ wedding banquets), it's an instruction come raise one's cup to drink to the celebrant(s).

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Created Apr 14, 2013


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