This file describes page formatting options that will impact your whole document.

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Adjusting paper Margins

Adjusting paper Margins: ruler Option

Using the Ruler heat is a quick means to change margins. This technique can be provided to readjust the left or right margins.

If the Ruler is no displayed, indigenous the View menu, choose Ruler

From the View menu, pick Print Layout

Move your cursor come the Ruler line and also position it over the margin you desire to change The cursor bring away the shape of a double-headed arrow.


Click and also hold the computer mouse button and drag the margin come the preferred locationHINTS: To view the margin measurements, organize down the <Alt> an essential while dragging the margin.Left and also right margins can be adjusted from the horizontal Ruler line. Top and bottom margins have the right to be changed from the upright Ruler line.

Adjusting file Margins: Dialog box Option

When adjusting the margins for your entire document, use the Page Setup dialog box.

From the File menu, choose Page Setup...

Select the Margins tab

In the Margins section, readjust the margins together needed

Click OK

Numbering Pages

Word offers two choices for number is numbered pages. The first option add to a page number to each web page of your record in one of two people the header or footer. The 2nd option, making use of the Header and also Footer toolbar, is an ext appropriate for documents with multiple sections and allows you much more control over the page numbering.

Numbering Pages: Dialog crate Option

From the Insert menu, choose Page Numbers…The Page number dialog box appears.


From the Position pull-down list, choose a place for the web page number

From the Alignment pull-down list, pick an alignment for the web page number

OPTIONAL: If you desire the number to print on the an initial page, pick Show number on an initial page

OPTIONAL: If you desire to change the beginning page number or the kind of number (perhaps from Arabic to Roman),Click FORMAT... The Page Number layout dialog crate appears.
Make the appropriate changes

Click OK

Click OK

Numbering Pages: Toolbar Option

Using the Header and also Footer toolbar is suitable for papers with multiple part and enables you much more control over the web page numbering. For more information, to express to creating Headers and Footers.

Inserting page Breaks

Word has actually two species of web page breaks. The first is a herbal page break. These happen when the information has filled an entire page and needs to flow onto the next. As soon as you are working in Normal view, natural pages division will appear as a dotted line.

The second form is forced, regularly referred to together a hard page break. Compelled page breaks occur when the user inserts a difficult page break. In Normal view, this are indicated by a dotted line v the indigenous Page Break in the center of the line.

Inserting web page Breaks: food selection Option

Place the insertion suggest where you desire the new page to be inserted

From the Insert menu, select Break...The Break dialog box appears.

Under Break types, pick Page break

Click OK

Inserting page Breaks: key-board Option

Place the insertion allude where you want the new page to be inserted

Press <Ctrl> + <Enter>

Removing web page Breaks

If i markers space not presented on your page, top top the Standard toolbar, click SHOW/HIDE


Select the web page break

Press <Delete>

Preventing Extra blank Pages

While over there is no a Word feature that stays clear of extra blank pages, you can help reduce empty pages by reviewing your document. If your file ends in a forced page break and also there are blank lines ~ it, another page of the paper will print.

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To stop this extra page, delete the empty lines between the page break and the end of paper marker (a heavy horizontal black color line).

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