Does anyone the end there have actually the correct manual? I too need help resetting the time. Which switch is "Mode" any aid is appreciated. We favor to have actually the accurate time year round. Not just throughout DST.Thanks

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The team has found the hand-operated for this product! us hope it helps solve your problem. gain the Manual right here
9 just bought this form of watch and also have the straightforward operations. To collection the time and also date:A. Press and hold mode (Upper left button) until hrs digits speed (you"ll be in alert Mode). Press mode again to go into TIME mode. Secs digits will flash.B. Press adjust (bottom right button) to collection SECONDS to zero.C. Push START/STOP (upper best button) to pick MINUTESD. Press adjust to change.E. Repeat to collection Hours, Date, Month, and Day of the week. Go with 12 hrs to collection AM or PMF. Press setting when done.G. Come display date from TIME display, push START/STOPH. With day displayed, press and also hold START/STOP, climate press adjust to readjust display between DATE-MONTHI. With TIME displayed, press and also hold ADJUST, climate press mode to switch in between 12 and 24 hour format.
6 I have the manual. However, the instructions describe the watch as W-212. I uncovered this attach to the same manual I got with my Timex 1440 Sports.
5 The instructions over are incorrect. You need to :1. Host the set button down(top left) Wait for the seconds to flash.2. Usage the setting button(bottom left) to toggle thru the hour , minute and date. 3. As soon as you room done hit set again to save the changes.
4 Timex WR5OM 1440Change time: Press set Button (top left) till the number at the optimal right is flashing2)Then push Mode switch ( bottom left) , the hour will certainly then flash, you climate can adjust the hour by pushing the Start switch (top right).3)Press mode switch again, then the minutes are flashing, change mins. By making use of the start button again. Proceed to usage the mode switch to take it you through the date,day the the week etc. Adjust this choose you did the moment one entry in ~ a time
4 watch exactly how 2:1st display screen has the day of the week in ~ the top. Listed below that is the day of the month, a little thing that states "date", and the sec.below the is the adjust the time, host down set til the sec. Begin blinking. Click mode to get to what u desire to change. It will go native sec., come hrs., to min., to month, to day of month, to day of week, to military or conventional time. When you space done click collection to conserve watch the date, click start/stop if on first mode once to
4 This is for multiple models that the 1440 Sports. Note: WR50M is no a just method water resistant come 50 meters. The models are noted on the back plate. Ns hope this help others who are frustrated v Timex no posting these on their website also though they room still commonly sold!!! I discovered this manual. Timex 1440 sports Watch.pdf
4 her watch deserve to keep monitor of 2 timezones at once, and ur alarm must know which one you room talking about. Click set again to conserve your changes. 2 turn your alarm on and off, push start/stop till "alm" (your alarm) and also or "ch" (hourly beeping) room setting to progress.this display screen says "TR" in ~ the top. This is a stopwatch the counts down. Set it as with u collection ur alarm. 2 begin it, push start/stop. To stop it, press start/stop. When it beeps 2 let you recognize the time is up,
4 press any button to do it it is in quiet.on 2 the next screen!this screen says T2 top top the top. This is your second timezone. Setting this is a bit different. Host down collection like usual, and adjust the hours. The hours count up by one, but the minutes counting by 30. The T2 time deserve to only be different from her T1 time through increments that 30min. Make sense? click set to save changes.there! u now understand your watch... Hopefully. If i described it fine enough. Say thanks to u! and also goodnight. (im here all week) ;)
4 additional comment to the one above.Once you have the hour/minute/date flashing, you use the start/stop switch to change the numbers.Once you have the numbers that you want then girlfriend hit the collection button to save the changes!
4 have the right to anyone assist with the various screens? Mine didn"t come v a manual. I"ve gained the first screen is the time and also date. The 2nd screen claims "sp" through two tiny running numbers at the top, what is this screen?
4 it s okay i have figured out how to revolve off the alarm, and to do it prevent beeping every hour. Without clicking set, press start/stop till the "alm" and "ch" walk away.ive worn this watch because that a year and also i love it
4 as much as ns know, u cannot turn off the switch beeping. The first screen is ur time. The 2nd screen is a stopwatch the counts up. The fourth is her alarm. The fifth is a stopwatch that counts down, and beeps in ~ zero. Setup this stopwatch is the very same as setup your time. The sixth display that states T2 is a different timezone. You can set ur clock to show two timezones at the same concern is: everyone know exactly how to rotate off the alarm?
3 The 3rd screen is the alarm. The fourth display screen says "tr" at the height with 0:00 in the middle. I"m assuming this is the stopwatch function but can"t control to do it work. The fifth display screen looks like one more clock screen. Says T2 in ~ the top. What"s that? and how perform you turn the beep turn off so it stops beeping every time I press a button????
3 setting the Timex 1440 sports WR50M T5G891:This model (WR50M) has four buttons, from left come right, top to bottom: 1) Set; 2) Start/Stop; 3) Mode; and also 4) Indiglo.To set or adjust the time:Press and hold set and Start/Stop simultaneously; the seconds will begin to blinkRelease both buttonsUse Mode switch to toggle v to Hours, Minutes, etc.When desired number (such as Hours/Minutes) starts to blink, use Start/Stop switch to adjust numberWhen done, hit set
3 Timex WRO5OM 1440This is concerning the means the time display screens if you want millitary time, Press collection Button(top left) it rotates number at top right flashes, then press Mode button (bottom left) and also keep advertise this button till you with the display that reflects HR 12 and adjust this to 24 by pushing the Start switch (top right) then press collection button (top left) and also you are finished.
3 progression to 2nd screen.this is ur stopwatch screen. As soon as it is count the small people blink and the job of the main run throughout the top. To begin or protect against the timer, press start/stop. To reset the timer, click mode to development to 3rd screen.this is her alarm. To collection your alarm, hold down collection until the hrs start blinking. Click start/stop to progression in hrs. Click mode to walk from hrs come min, climate to T1 or T2. This means timezone 1 or timezone 2.
3 "CH" means "Chime". If you want your clock to "chime" on the hour, every hour, climate you put your watch on this setting.
2 exactly how do you take it off chime? somehow it put itself ~ above that setup & ns can"t uncover my manual. This watch has actually a mind of it"s own!

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2 On mine 1440 sporting activities Watch in ~ the alert thing, alongside it states a ch. Go anyone recognize what that is?