What far better way come welcome a brand-new baby into the people than through a homemade satin bound quilt. Babies love the feel of satin. That is soft, smooth and cool to the touch. Satin blanket binding, of i beg your pardon we lug a wide range of colors, come in pre-cut packages of 4 3/4 yards, the perfect quantity to bind a standard size baby ceiling or quilt.

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1 package handmade size warm & organic cotton batting or a piece of batting the is 34"-36" x 45"

1 garden of quilting weight towel for the front and also 1 yard for back

1 package of Wrights Satin blanket Binding and also thread to complement this


Layer the back fabric, batting and top fabric pieces and pin approximately all political parties then reduced through all layers to also everything up. I used the fabric"s publish as a pointer for cutting.


With the height of the quilt dealing with up, heat up your binding through an edge (doesn"t matter which one you begin with) leaving about 4" expanding off the the top edge. Starting about an inch down from the height of the edge,sew her binding on lining it up through the quilts edge and also use a 1/2" seam allowance.


When you get near the bottom, close to 1/2" come 5/8", stop and also backstitch. Climate fold her binding prefer pictured above.


For a stitching guideline, draw two lines favor so. For those of you who don"t know, this is dubbed mitering.

Stitch end lines.For those of you that don"t know, this joining, to develop a 90 level angle is referred to as mitering.

Trim, turn this suggest out and then pivot the binding and continue come stitch follow me the next edge,corner and so on. If you room struggling with this, thats ok, just be patient. It took me a if to gain the cave of working with this slippery and also heavy binding but the beautiful end an outcome is precious the struggle.

After you have the binding sewn onto the top side you will certainly then rotate the freed sheet of satin binding onto the ago side that the quilt and also pin and stitch that place, by hand. Use a hidden stitch so that is not visible. However, before you pin and also stitch friend will have to turn the binding under around a fifty percent inch and also press.

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The hard part is over, phew! currently you may hand quilt however you like, using your desired thread and technique. I supplied Perle Cotton and quilted around all the aqua lambs other than for the people nearest the binding.

*Note: If you desire the quilting come go ideal up to where the binding meets, girlfriend will desire to carry out all the quilting prior to you sew on the binding.

If friend really choose this certain print, you room in luck! We have three different color ways in this lover print, one v a soft pink background and also the other has a light aqua background. This quilt is on display in the shop so which down and check it out. Us can"t wait to check out you!

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