Looking because that Herobrine in Minecraft and information on how to summon him? Well... We have both the official method and the modded method for girlfriend below.

Who is Herobrine?

The character of Herobrine isn"t actually real if that makes sense. Of course, naught in Minecraft is objectively real but Herobrine isn"t also officially fake.

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Herobrine was introduced to the Minecraft community through a community-made creepypasta and has because become a famous figure among fans the the game. That is semi-canonical, yet no version of Herobrine has actually been found in Minecraft at any point.

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The Minecraft Wiki native Fandom has a lot the information about Herobrine ~ above there but the theories around this character room endless.

We"ve acquired this strange one:

" Herobrine is stated to it is in Notch"s dead brother, somehow installed into Minecraft. When this is the "canon", this is also totally false in reality, together Notch has actually no brother."

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" Herobrine is just a figment of the user"s imagination. All users the user speak to, consisting of Notch"s email reply, could simply it is in the creation of the player"s mind. This would likewise explain Notch"s rejection of the canon, as mirroring the story is all in the user"s head."

Essentially, due to the truth that he isn"t real... There"s no genuine explanation to define who this strange Slenderman-inspired character is.

How come Summon Him

If the over didn"t give too much away, you"ll be saddened to recognize that this has actually all been an elaborate ruse. Friend can"t in reality summon Herobrine in Minecraft despite what world say.

There is literally no proof of this character existing in Minecraft. This, though, theatre into principles of his mythological characteristics and annoyingly just cements the legend of the character further.

Herobrine has do a couple of appearances in official Minecraft assets though which countless are expecting is a little bit of an within joke. For the many part, when he does show up it"s the an outcome of fan-made submissions.

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Herobrine is among those points that is almost "free marketing" for Mojang as it keeps pulling people ago into the depth of Minecraft"s deepest cave.

The mode Information

If you"re still committed to recognize Herobrine and trying come summon that in Minecraft, you have the right to download a few mods to assist you with that.

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Firstly, you"ll need to download and install the Herobrine mod from burnner_ on the Minecraft Forum here. It"s precious noting that there"s no confirmation that you"ll even see him in Minecraft once you download this. In addition to this, when you do view him he will disappear immediately.

Then, you"ll should craft a Herobrine summoning block, which is do in a 3x3 network with heart Sand at the centre of 8 bone. This is other the mod appears to include to the game.

From here, you"ll need to construct a Summoning Totem by placing two Gold Blocks under vertically and also then the Herobrine Block and also finally a Netherrack block on top. You can see what we median from this WikiHow picture below: