At home I’m making use of my laptop in a sort of a stationary setup. It has actually all the peripheral devices, favor a 4K display, a keyboard, a computer mouse etc., continuous attached to it.

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This is quite neat and also looks as follows:

My work place.My work place.

Such a setup is also convenient due to the fact that it enables you to grab and carry her laptop ~ disconnecting a pair of cables.

The power-on problem

And this is all great except for one small, but annoying issue. Mine Dell XPS 13, like countless other laptop models, has its power switch hidden beneath the lid.

It’s an excellent because it avoids the device from an accidental powering on, however on the downside, in order to revolve it on, you’ll need to:

Slide the laptop the end of the screen stand;Open the lid;Push the strength button;Close the lid;Slide the laptop ago in.

And you need to follow this regimen every time you want to turn the computer system on.

Possible solutions

I’ve explored the choices and searched fairly a few forums where people with a comparable problem asked because that an advice, with no luck.

There is, for instance, the Wake-on-LAN function, but in stimulate to usage it you’ll require another machine capable of sending a magic packet. Too cumbersome.

The laptop’s BIOS likewise offers wake-by-USB support, yet that would require having actually the USB ports constantly powered, i m sorry would diminish the battery pretty conveniently once you disconnect the from the AC. Nah.

The solution

I’ve eventually controlled to discover an virtually perfect, but additionally a contempt quirky, solution. I beg your pardon I’m going to share with you.

The laptop’s BIOS has the Wake top top AC switch. As soon as activated, the laptop will certainly power ~ above every time you affix the strength adapter to AC or, alternatively, its DC cable come the laptop:

Dell XPS 13 9343 BIOS settings.Dell XPS 13 9343 BIOS settings.

Bingo! but pulling the AC plug native mains or, rather, the DC plug native the laptop isn’t that good an option. It may lead to a loosened connection over time.

When at home, mine laptop is it is provided by a back-up strength adapter I’ve bought in ~ AliExpress. It’s nice cheap therefore I decided to experiment through it.

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With the assist of a soldering iron and a cable cutter I’ve placed a flip switch from an old IKEA lamp into the adapter’s DC cable:

Power swith ~ above the laptop’s DC cord.Power swith on the laptop’s DC cord.

That’s around it! currently all you need to turn your laptop top top is upper and lower reversal the switch twice. Works as a charm! ■