Q. Here’s an old one for you, Peter. I have actually two Pyrex bowls that have actually been stuck together for years. How deserve to I unstick them without breaking them?


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A tiny physics experiment will carry out the trick. Collection the outer glass in hot water and fill the within glass v ice cubes or crushed ice. Wait. In a couple of minutes, they will separate. The warm will broaden the outer bowl and also the cold will shrink the inner bowl.

Q. ns am having actually my hardwood floors sanded and finished. One contractor claimed that he will sand, then usage no sealer and three coats that polyurethane varnish, because that $500. Another said the he will sand, then use one sealer and also two coats that polyurethane varnish, for $800. Which need to I choose?

A. No contest. First, no one has actually been able to tell me simply what a sealer is. Second, any kind of coating such together polyurethane or any type of other sort of varnish, clear coat, preservative, or non-polyurethane complete is a sealer, since it seals the floor versus any intrusions, such as water. Do the math and hire the $500 person. The first coat by the three-coat human is the sealer.

CURIOUS A. the is a goner, and you can offer it a large kiss goodbye, because it has actually done yeoman duty because that at the very least six years beyond its warranty period. Hope your next one will do as well.

Q. I am having hardwood floors installed. Is it much better to go v the pre-finished or go through the coats that polyurethane?

A. Go through the pre-finished. There are at least three coats ~ above them, and they space cheaper than putting in raw wood, sanding it, and also finishing it. I have actually two testimonials on pre-finished: The first is my very own (I put it in 30 years ago, did that myself and it is quiet pristine), and also the second is from my daughter, Gina, who had actually it installed last year to replace the crummy wall-to-wall carpeting in her tract house.

Q. my husband and also I purchase a 200-year-old residence in Vermont v a lovely contemporary kitchen. However, as shortly as the temperature dips outside, cold wait pours out of the oak cabinets, microwave, etc., each time they space opened. The hood over the stove becomes a wind tunnel. What is going on and also what need to we do?

A. Your cabinets are cold since they space unheated and are closed, staying clear of warm home air indigenous entering. This is aggravated if over there is no insulation in the home walls. Therefore either keep the doors open a crack, cut half an customs off the bottom shelf to let some home air in, or drill neat feet in the bottom shelves to permit warmer air to enter. For the microwave, hit the minute switch to warmth it up before using. Due to the fact that the range hood is ducted come the outdoors, you could put a various kind of covering on the duct ~ above the outside, one the closes securely as soon as the unit is not running, or, put a item of 1-inch Styrofoam in the duct, snugly, above the stove. Take it out, of course, as soon as the unit is running.

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Q. My neighbor had his attic insulated with Icynene (a kind of foam insulation), between rafters and covering all surfaces and also vents, except the floor. Why no insulate the floor, too?

neighbor A. Icynene is a new foam insulation, used greatly in new construction since it broadens a an excellent deal. This would make it challenging to put into a closed wall cavity. Placing it in an attic is easier, and what you described is a brand-new idea to insulate whatever under the sun (or roof), therefore you do not need to use ventilation. The goes versus standard thinking (good insulation to add ventilation) that has been roughly for a century or so. Why the floor was not insulated v Icynene fairly confuses me, yet perhaps it is to enable house waiting to get in the attic, wherein it will certainly be kept warm by the heavy insulation. Once the attic is filled with heat air, no more warm air can enter.

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