In this post, I"ll it is in reviewing Ultra Eliminex, a product used to pass a medicine test.

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According to my research, many assets on the sector today are used to pass medicine tests successfully, but Ultra Eliminex is just one of the top assets on the market. Ns will describe my experience with this product in this review.

I freshly bought this product because I was reserved for a medicine test at a job I recently interviewed for. Being a regular smoker, ns was nervous the I would certainly not pass the test and not acquire the job.

I purchase this product online, and also it was delivered to my house a couple of days prior to my test was scheduled. It come in a really appealing silver bottle and also has a black color cap. The costs about $75.00 for 32 ounces.

I had actually smoked the day before the product arrived at my house. I had been out of occupational for a few weeks and also spent a the majority of time at my house, taking part time to relax and also unwind. That led to rise in my smoking, which pertained to me concerning my pending medicine test.

How does it work

Ultra Eliminex is a classical detox formula consists of a distinct proprietary blend and added ingredients, all of which action in a linked manner in the detoxification process.

Drug residues tend to be deposited in the body"s fat cells and are got rid of after start the bloodstream and filtering right into the urine via the kidneys.

Like the clinical rationale of consistent detox kits, Ultra Eliminex works by increasing the rate of fat cell burning, which helps to swiftly release the drug residues and also thereby improve the rate of detoxification.


The main ingredients incorporate water, dextrose, fructose, vegetables glycerine, citric acid, man-made flavors, salt benzoate, potassium sorbate, and phosphoric acid.

The proprietary blend has the adhering to supplements:

Alfalfa sheet extractBiotin – Vitamin B7 that maintains yellow colour of urineBurdock source extract – a diuretic that increases urine volumeCalcium – level measured throughout the to pee testCayenne pepper extract – cleanses the digestive tract of medicine metabolites.Corn silk extractTurmeric extract – efficient detoxifying effectDandelion extract – assists in the failure of fat cells.Echinacea purpurea – liver detoxificationFolic mountain – Vitamin B9 the maintains yellow color of urineGreen tea extractGuarana particle extract – energizing complement that likewise helps to decoding metals and also othersJuniper berry extract – fat-burning nature that reason THC come leak from fat cellsLicorice root extractLustrum berry extract – detoxifies the cradle tract.Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, salt – electrolytes that preserve the certain gravity the urineMilk thistle – detoxification that the liverNettle source powder – acts as a diuretic to rise urine output.Riboflavin – maintains the yellow coloring of urine.Thiamine – antioxidant propertiesUva ursi extract – gets rid of toxins indigenous the bladder.Vitamins B12, B6, D3 – aid with maintaining urine coloring.



For best results, avoid using any type of drugs before using the drink for at the very least 48 hours. Try to stop taking numerous vitamins, alcohol, acidic fluids such together vinegar or juices, nicotine, caffeine, or various other unwanted toxins prior to using this product.Shake well and also drink the entire components of the party at a comfortable yet consistent pace during the course of 30 minute to 1 hour. This is preferable if you are on an empty stomach.Be sure to urinate frequently. This is part of the elimination procedure and important to a successful cleanse.Now her body has accomplished the optimal level of cleansing on the very same day.For real heavy users that toxins, the is recommended that man-made urine options are taken into consideration to certain the results are good.


This product did not work also though I complied with the instructions to the letter. I stopped eating the night before at 8:00 p.m. And drank 64 ounces of water before bed. Ns woke up at 5:00 a.m. And drank the product ~ above an north stomach.

I had a daunting time drinking this product in the it shed my throat – ns did not favor the taste at all. It tasted terrible.

After ns ingested the drink in ~ thirty-seven minutes, ns then drank one more 64 ounces the water.

I urinated at least seven time after that, two hours prior to the test was administered.

I took the test and still did not pass. I weigh under two hundred pounds, and also this product is supposed to be one of the finest on the market.

I failed also though I had actually been fully sober in ~ seventy-two hours of the test, exercised daily for at the very least one week, and kept mine intake of carbohydrates and also fatty foods to a minimum.

It is too lot product to consume without achieving the desired results. If I can give this product a an unfavorable star rating, ns would.

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Will activities tests because that probation be able to detect Ultra Eliminex?

No, because every one of the ingredients are completely natural.

How lengthy does Ultra Eliminex last?

Ultra Eliminex begins working within two hours of gift introduced right into the body and also remains potent and working for roughly five hours thereafter.

Where deserve to I purchase Ultra Eliminex close to me or online?

Ultra Eliminex can be purchased straight from the company"s website, i m sorry is Ultra Eliminex can additionally be purchase on Amazon and also at numerous other popularly used retailers ~ above the internet.

Does Ultra Eliminex occupational if i am being tested for alcohol or opiates?

As an overall guide, dilution will certainly not it is in successful once it comes to any kind of drug or problem that possibly can finish up in her urine.

Do you have any kind of tips or top I should consider?

Try not to i eat lot to 2 hours prior to you take this product since excess food in her stomach can transform the dynamics of how the product is took in in the body.

On the work of your test, take into consideration eating a huge steak due to the fact that it contains high level of b-vitamins and also creatine, i m sorry can assist pass the test.

When you room taking the really test, the pee you need to use need to come indigenous mid-stream urine.

About the Company

Herbal Clean has over 25 year of experience in production optimal cleansing and also detox products.

Each product has actually a scientifically proven mix of natural herbs and minerals that not just eliminates toxins yet improves the body’s basic detoxification process.

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Herbal Clean supplies a wide variety of options, from decoding teas to one-stop system cleansers to detox chewing tablets.


Kenn A “Omg, no way it worked! I stopped 3 days before my test and also only drank water leading as much as the test. I started the drink at 630 am and finished by am. Drank around 50 oz. The water and Gatorade after ~ the drink and peed 3 little times before test and then throughout test caught midstream and handed it over, now I got the speak to from my boss I passed!!! A lot of reading online states its peak strength is around 2-3 hours after girlfriend drink it”

H Hill

“Followed the indict implicitly, waited for the optimum "clean" window between 2-5 hours and I tho did not pass my test. If this might work because that a straightforward "dip test," if the tester is making use of a fixed spectrometer, the possibilities you will pass space slim to none. I hope friend have better luck 보다 I did.”

Anthony R

“Did not work. Don’t waste her time or money top top this product. It had actually been numerous weeks because last indulged. Ns took this and more water 보다 I might handle. Tho failed...”

Adam B

“It yes, really does work. It took result after only 2 hours. The only con the I discovered is the it provided me diarrhea about a half-hour after drink it, i m sorry lasted all day. But it gotten rid of the toxin from my mechanism really well.”


“I"m in a situation where I have actually less than 24 hours’ notice. I have used this product in the past, and also it worked! I setup on utilizing it again tomorrow. Ns love this, and if taken together directed, it must work for you too. Drink that slow yet steady. Shiver it prior to each sip. Don"t forget to chug water after.”