One the the most an overwhelming scenes to write is a kissing scene, or really any scene when when things acquire hot and also heavy.

Writers worry about being too obscene (will my mother read this?), or also worse, not vulgar sufficient (no one desires to be labeling a prude). 

Humans are personal creatures as soon as it involves lust, and also illustrating one intimate scene can still do the many seasoned writer nervous.

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The perfect kissing scene is found smack dab between these 2 adjectives in the location — steamy and advanced — together it is the balance the coy and also crude that can construct into a beautiful scene.

In bespeak to craft the perfect kissing scene, the is necessary to look ago on the occupational of others in stimulate to view what works. I’m going to offer you 2 examples and also explain why both of castle work.

Dolphin-Slippery Kissing in Sophie’s Choice

Considered by countless to be william Styron’s magnum opus, this story chronicles the friendship in between a young southerly writer and a polishing Auschwitz survivor. In this step the young writer, affectionally named Stingo, is observing a painting next to a young jewish girl called Leslie.

“In the shadows her face was so close come mine that I can smell the sweet ropy fragrance that the sherry she had been drinking, and then she tongue was in my mouth. In all reality I had not invited this prodigy the a tongue; turning, I had merely wished come look at her face, expecting just that the expression of aesthetic pleasure I could find there would correspond come what ns knew was my own. However I did not even record a glimpse of her face, therefore instantaneous and also urgent was that tongue. Plunged choose some writhing sea-shape right into my gaping maw, the all but overpowered mine senses together it sought some unreachable terminus close to my uvula; the wiggled, that pulsated, and made contortive sweeps of my mouth’s vault: I’m particular that at the very least once that turned upside down. Dolphin-slippery, much less wet than rather deliciously mucilaginous and tasting of Amontillado, it had the power in chin to force me, or somehow obtain me back, versus a doorjamb, whereby I lolled helpless v my eye clenched shut, in a trance the tongue.”

In this choice Styron’s masterful summary keeps the reader glued to the page for every swirl the young Leslie’s tongue. For this reason let’s analyze what specifically worked …

Styron supplies the element of surprise come initiate this kissing scene. The main character is tho in the process of explicate the odor of Ms. Leslie once she startles him v a kiss. By abruptly launching into the kiss mid-sentence, Styron is may be to record his readers off-guard. This help allow the leader to suffer the shock that an unforeseen peck.

Another use of Styron’s unpredictable writing layout centers approximately the metaphors and also similes that take the reader by surprise through their effectiveness.

Who would of meant that relenten a tongue together a “writhing sea-shape” trying come squirm its means out the earlier of your head would certainly actually work? Or that, maintaining with the nautical theme, Styron would have the ability to make it sound organic when he illustrates a tongue as “dolphin-slippery”? 

Yet these depictions space such colorfully unconventional methods to explain the action of kissing, that they actually work in spite of their less-than-arousing sound.

Let’s take a watch at another iconic kiss scene.

Star-Struck Kissing in The Great Gatsby

In “The Great Gatsby,” Fitzgerald’s story around wealthy Jay Gatsby’s ill-fated infatuation through the currently married Daisy Buchanan, this scene explains a kiss in between the 2 on a cool moonlight night.

“His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy’s white face came approximately his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to she perishable breath, his mental would never ever romp again favor the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment much longer to the tuning fork that had been struck ~ above a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed favor a flower and also the incarnation was complete.”

What provides this scene so compelling is the distinct and also bizarre analogy Fitzgerald employs in bespeak to explain the moment. A tuning fork struck upon a star? That’s utterly unique.

But remember that the majority of this kissing scene is the anticipation before the kiss. This is what writers most regularly forget. Castle go right to the physical activity and forget the the literature foreplay is the bulk of the pleasure.

His figurative language in the second sentence provides the procedure of leaning in for this kiss virtually metaphysical, together the speaker describes how this kiss will act together an act of treatment to cure every one of the anxieties that plagued his mind. 

In Fitzgerald, a kiss is never just a kiss.

It deserve to be a cure, an epiphany, a disaster, a transformation.

Kiss & Tell: 7 Takeaways From this Kisses

So what have actually we learned by examining these two scenes side by side?

Metaphors space key. Spend some time describing in straightforward language what is happening, however don’t shy away from using strange and unusual metaphors for a kissing scene. Build preferably tension before the kiss begins.Don’t rush. Only negative writers law a kissing scene as simply the physical action between two sets that lips. A true kissing step is the tension in between two world before the kiss, the psychology throughout the kiss, and the reactions afterwards.Pay attention to psychology.A kissing step isn’t just around the physics act the kissing. It’s really around the relationship between these 2 characters. What are they thinking? What execute they really desire (and it’s not always sex. It might be a connection, it could be preventing the feeling of loneliness). Treat the act of kissing as whole narrative, v a beginning, rising action, and climax.There is the early sexual tension, the physical act of lips meeting, and the climax can come either in the character’s thoughts around the kiss or in what they carry out after they’ve separated from each various other (like the lightening in the mrs Eyre instance below).Have your kissing step be a revelation. Both in Gatsby and also in the Siddhartha example below, the plot of kissing i do not care something more: it i do not care a type of revelation, one epiphany. Don’t be fear to have your kissing scene lead her character into a profound realization.Think around the experiences of both her characters.Is one enjoy it it and also the various other hating it? Is one overthinking it and the other swept up in the passion? Have the Kisser be an Unreliable NarratorIn the Lolita example below, you will find an example of a kissing scene whereby you don’t trust the human describing the kissing. In Humbert Humbert’s version of the kiss, 12-year-old Lolita is the instigator of the kiss. But can us really trust his variation of events?

5 Bonus Kissing Scenes

Gone v the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Before she might withdraw she mind native its far places, his arms were roughly her, as sure and hard together on the dark road to Tara, so lengthy ago. She feel again the sirloin of helplessness, the sinking yielding, the surging tide of warmth that left her limp. And the quiet face of Ashley Wilkes was blurred and also drowned come nothingness. He bent earlier her head across his arm and kissed her, softly in ~ first, and also then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling come him together the just solid thing in a bright swaying world. His insistent mouth to be parting she shaking lips, sending out wild tremors follow me her nerves, evoking from her sensations she had actually never known she was qualified of feeling. And before a swim giddiness be crazy her round and also round, she knew the she was kissing him back.

Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse

She attracted him toward her v her eyes, he inclined his challenge toward hers and also lay his mouth on her mouth, which was prefer a fresh split-open fig. Because that a long time that kissed Kamala, and also Siddhartha to be filled with deep astonishment together she teach him just how wise she was, how she ruled him, put him off, lured him back… every one different from the other, quiet awaiting him. Breathing deeply, he continued to be standing and at this moment he was favor a boy astonished by the diversity of knowledge and things worth learning opening up prior to his eyes.

Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides

The rims of Clementine’s eye were inflamed. She yawned. She rubbed her nose with the heel of she hand. And then she asked, “Do you want to practice kissing?”

I didn’t understand what come answer. I already knew exactly how to kiss, no I? was there something much more to learn? however while these concerns were going v my head, Clementine was going ahead with the lesson. She came roughly to face me. With a dig expression she put her arms approximately my neck.

The essential special effects are no in my possession, yet what I’d prefer for you to imagine is Clementine’s white challenge coming close come mine, she sleepy eyes closing, her medicine-sweet lips puckering up, and all the other sounds of the civilization going silent — the rustling of our dresses, her mom counting leg lifts downstairs, the airplane outside making an exclamation mark in the sky — all silent, as Clementine’s extremely educated, eight-year-old lips met mine.

And then, somewhere listed below this, my love reacting.

Not a thump exactly. Not even a leap. Yet a type of swish, favor a frog kicking off from a muddy bank. My heart, that amphibian, relocating that moment in between two elements: one, excitement; the other, fear. I tried to pay attention. I tried to host up my end of things. But Clementine was way ahead that me. She swiveled she head ago and soon the means actresses go in the movies. I started doing the same, however out that the corner of her mouth she scolded, “You’re the man.” So ns stopped. I stood stiffly through arms at my sides. Finally Clementine damaged off the kiss. She looked in ~ me blankly a moment, and then responded, “Not poor for your first time.”

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

Hardly had actually the automobile come to a standstill than Lolita positively flowed right into my arms. No daring, not daring let myself go — not even daring permit myself realize that this (sweet wetness and trembling fire) to be the start of the ineffable life which, ably assisted by fate, ns had ultimately willed into being — no daring really kiss her, i touched she hot, opening lips with the utmost piety, tiny sips, naught salacious; however she, through an irritated wriggle, pressed her mouth come mine so difficult that ns felt her huge front teeth and also shared in the peppermint taste of she saliva. Ns knew, the course, it was yet an innocent game on her part, a little bit of backfisch foolery in imitation of some simulacrum the fake romance, and since (as the psychotherapist, as well as the rapist, will certainly tell you) the limits and rules of such girlish games are fluid, or at the very least too childishly ethereal for the senior partner to grasp — i was dreadfully afraid I might go too far and also cause she to start back in revulsion and also terror.

Jane Eyre, through Charlotte Bronte

The rain rushed down. The hurried me increase the walk, through the grounds, and into the house; but we were quite wet prior to we can pass the threshold. That was acquisition off my shawl in the hall, and shaking the water out of mine loosened hair, when Mrs. Fairfax arised from her room. I did no observe her at first, nor did Mr. Rochester. The lamp to be lit. The clock to be on the punch of twelve.

“Hasten to take it off her wet things,” stated he; “and before you go, good- night — good-night, my darling!”

He kissed me repeatedly. Once I looked up, on leaving his arms, over there stood the widow, pale, grave, and amazed. I only smiled at her, and also ran upstairs. “Explanation will carry out for another time,” thought I. Still, as soon as I reached my chamber, i felt a pang at the idea she should also temporarily misconstrue what she had actually seen. However joy soon effaced every other feeling; and loud as the wind blew, near and also deep together the thunder crashed, fierce and frequent together the lightning gleamed, cataract-like together the rain fell throughout a storm of two hours’ duration, I competent no fear and tiny awe. Mr. Rochester come thrice to my door in the food of it, come ask if ns was safe and tranquil: and that was comfort, the was strength for anything.

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Before ns left mine bed in the morning, tiny Adele come running in to tell me the the great horse-chestnut in ~ the bottom of the orchard had been struck by lightning in the night, and fifty percent of it split away.