The good Wall has actually a history of over 2,000 years, however the background of the watchtowers is much earlier than that of the great Wall.

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The Han dynasty paid great attention to the watchtowers" building and construction as the towers were very crucial for transmitting signal before a battle.

25,000 Watchtowers Were built Along the an excellent Wall

A watchtower on the great Wall that Huangyaguan

The watchtowers were constructed along the great Wall. The total variety of towers was about 25,000 and the distance in between each tower differed.

Some that them were very close to each various other at a street of around 3 miles, while few of them were much away indigenous each other at a distance of numerous miles.

Watchtower Shapes and Materials

The shape of the towers differed from being square and rectangular according to the regional conditions.

The building materials provided were largely stone bricks, and other type of bricks were occasionally used depending upon the materials obtainable locally.

The elevation of every tower was around 3 come 5metersand its broad was around 5to 10meters.

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Watchtower functions - Signal Alarm, Storage, and Living Quarters

Signal alert by do Smoke

The watchtowers were offered to watch opponent movements and also transmit signals.

When the soldiers ~ above the tower witnessed the adversary approach, they would puff exhilaration in the daytime and also light a fire at night to send message one after one more until all of their soldiers knew.

They shed wolf dung to create smoke in the daytime, so the smoke was called "wolf smoke".

The great Wall of Mutianyu

It was stated that the smoke from burning wolf dung would certainly not disperse in the wind, which was good for transmitting messages immediately.

The soldiers ~ above the good Wall lit one beacon fire and fired one salvo if just one or two opponent soldiers approximately 100 opponent soldiers to be found.

If the adversary count reached 500, the soldiers lit two beacon fires and fired 2 salvos.

The variety of lit beacon fires and also salvos varied with the number of enemy soldiers.

Storage and also Living quarters for the Soldiers

Each tower had three stories. The very first and second floors were offered as living soldier for the soldiers and storage rooms for grain and also fuel.

The supplies stored in the tower can support the soldiers" survival because that a long duration of time, if necessary.

It was a an excellent place to store out that the wind and also rain as the soldiers patrolled ~ above the good Wall.

The great Wall of Simatai

Most of the watchtowers to be built ~ above the greatest places, which was an ext convenient for soldiers to look the end for opponent movements.

If a war occurred, the watchtower came to be the command center for the generals and it to be a ar for transmitting messages to the emperor in the funding city.

If the soldiers ~ above the great Wall want to retreat or the troops on the ground want to rise onto the wall, castle had to obtain through the watchtowers.

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