These guidelines have been developed to guide clinical decision making because that the medical, nursing and also allied wellness staff of Perth Children’s Hospital. They are not strict protocols, and they do not change the judgement of a senior clinician. Clinical common-sense should be applied at all times. This clinical guidelines should never be relied on together a instead of for proper assessment with respect to the certain circumstances of each case and also the demands of every patient. Clinicians should additionally consider the regional skill level available and their neighborhood area policies prior to following any type of guideline.

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To overview Perth Children’s Hospital (gaianation.net) ED staff with performing a suprapubic aspiration of urine (SPA).


Poor ready or method may bring about failure to acquire urine or pollution of sample.


Suprapubic aspiration of pee is a simple and safe an approach for obtaining an uncontaminated specimen of urine in kids In secure children, perform before other invasive procedures such together venepuncture and also lumbar puncture (in instance the son voids) use KKIND principles throughout the procedure.


kids less 보다 6 month of age who need a urine culture Children much less than 1 year old who need repeat urine culture because the vault urine culture is contaminated.


Passed urine in the ahead 1 hour Distended abdomen Coagulopathy Skin infection over puncture site Urogenital abnormality.


If patient has actually passed urine in the 60 minutes prior to the procedure, feed the patient and wait 30 come 60 minutes. Prepare every equipment before undoing the nappy; procedure must be done conveniently once genitals space exposed. Traditional aseptic method with sterile gloves is required.


Staff required:

physician to bring out procedure Nurse to host the child throughout procedure Assistant to catch urine (if patient passes urine peri-procedure).


SPA equipment (photo is for illustrative functions - all devices should stay sterile).

3ml or 5ml syringe Alcohol wipe 23 gauge needle Sterile gloves urine specimen container (yellow top) Dressing.



Sucrose maybe given to babies prior to the procedure.

Positioning and technique


perform hand hygiene before touching the patient position the son supine Nurse holds the boy steady in a ‘frog leg’ place or supine v legs extended. An assistant should be all set to record urine with an open up urine specimen seasoned if the patient passes urine.

Check the bladder dimension /volumeusing one of the following 3 methods:

Curvilinear ultrasound probe to examine bladder volume: Transverse view, depth (D) 2 -3 centimeter or Transverse diameter (T) 3.5cm (recommended method) or use of ultrasound boosts success price of SPA native 50% to >80% Bladder scanner (minimum 20mL) - scan 3 times to confirm, or tenderness percuss the bladder; fundus must be 1-2 finger breadths above the pubic symphysis (PS).


1. Clean the skinfrom the pubis come umbilicus in a circular movement 5cm diameter v an alcohol wipe.

2. Execute hand hygiene and don sterile gloves.

3. Insert the needle (attached to the syringe) perpendicular to the skin at 1-2cm premium to the pubic symphysis (the suprapubic crease level) at midline:

4. Aspirate tenderness after the needle pierces the skin. Aspirate as you insert, as wellas once you retract the needle.

5. Development the needle 2-3cm deep if essential (i.e. Entirety length of the 23G needle). Stop advancing needle when urine is aspirated.

If urine is not obtained, do not remove the needle, yet withdraw it to a subcutaneous layer and also redirect it contempt cephalad while aspirating. If still can not to obtain urine, withdraw and also redirect slightly caudally when aspirating The procedure must be abandoned if still unsuccessful and also an alternative an approach of pee collection have to be thought about Further attempts in ~ SPA have to be at the discretion of the an elderly Doctor on duty.

6. Withdraw needle as soon as adequate volume is obtained, or no more urine have the right to be aspirated.

7. Place dressing end puncture site.

8. Deliver urine from syringe come yellow optimal specimen jar. If sufficient volume of urine obtained, conserve 0.5mL for urine dipstick analysis.

9. Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.



Routine observations and also care.

Urine Specimen

label specimen jar through patient details and also time of specimen collection. Ar urine sample v a completed pathology form requesting microscopy, society and sensitivities (M,C&S) in a specimen bag. Plainly identify specimen top top the pathology request form as a Suprapubic aspirate sample. Send the sample and request type to PathWest specimen reception as quickly as possible.

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Complications of SPA are rare yet may include:

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