Looking forward to something means to be excited around something. We use this come talk about something we room excited about in the future. It has actually not occurred yet, yet we space waiting because that it eagerly. Subject + it is in verb + looking forward to + noun/gerund...I to be looking forward to the weekend. Ns am looking front to my vacation. I am looking front to meeting you. She is looking front to she wedding. That is looking forward to working with you. Note is looking front to meeting his new boss. Mary and also Tim room looking forward to moving into their new house. They are looking forward to hearing your presentation. Us can additionally make past tense sentences to tell about something us were excited about, yet that never ever happened. It reflects disappointment.I was looking front to see the movie, however I couldn"t go since I to be sick. Ns was looking front to working with him, yet he chose to quit. She was looking front to conference you. She will certainly be disappointed you are not coming. It"s too poor the game is canceled. Us were looking forward to watching. This kind of sentence is an extremely common when speaking, yet it is also really common when writing an individual and service emails. It makes the other human being feel liked, respected, and appreciated.I am looking front to conference you. We are looking forward to having further discussions. Our team is looking forward to working v you on this project. Ns am looking forward to hearing indigenous you. We have the right to make the very same sentence pattern not in the consistent form (no "be verb"). This is much more common in writing and also formal situations. Subject + look front to + noun/gerund...I look front to meeting you next week. We look front to hearing your proposal. Our team looks front to the meeting. Our CEO looks front to mentioning the project with you. Bonus Tips and also Points1. In many cases, we deserve to use "excited about" come express the very same thing.I to be looking forward to the game. (=I to be excited about the game.) We space looking forward to conference your new girlfriend. (=We room excited around meeting your brand-new girlfriend.) However, in business or expert situations, we perform not desire to say "excited". "Looking forward to" sounds much far better and much more professional.I am looking front to our meeting. She is looking forward to the conference. We space looking front to working with you.Real-World English ConversationsA) i will check out you next week. B) i am currently looking front to it. A) perform you have any plans this weekend? B) ns am walking to see my son. He simply got back from Europe. A) You need to be looking front to that. B) ns am. A) i am looking front to see that fear movie. B) ns think you could be disappointed. Don"t gain your wishes up. A) room you looking front to the conference? B) no really. The conference is typically boring. A) We space going come the coast this weekend. B) i bet your children are looking forward to that. A) Yes. They space so excited. A) What space you looking forward to these days? B) I"m looking front to my following vacation. A) when is it and where are you going? B) that is not for one more 3 months. Ns am going to Scotland come golf with my friends. A) the sounds prefer a the majority of fun. Research these free English class to enhance your English speaking.

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If you discover these common sentence patterns well, then her English speaking will improve greatly and also you will have the ability to have fluent conversations in English in the close to future! examine the lessons well, practice using the sentences and also questions at home and in actual life, and also make certain to come ago to review the material so you do not forget. If you carry out these three things, then you will certainly be speak English choose a aboriginal English speaker in no time!

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