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2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis password 996.2
Short description: Malfun neuro device/graf.ICD-9-CM 996.2 is a billable clinical code that can be used to show a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 996.2 must only be supplied for insurance claims with a date of business on or before September 30, 2015. For insurance claims with a day of company on or after October 1, 2015, usage an identical ICD-10-CM code (or codes).You room viewing the 2012 variation of ICD-9-CM 996.2.
Brain neurostimulator complicationBrain neurostimulator malfunctionBrain neurostimulator malpositionComplication connected with vagal nerve stimulatorComplication of mind neurostimulatorComplication that peripheral nerve neurostimulatorComplication the vagal nerve stimulatorErosion that neurologic implant or deviceLead or hardware erosion of neurological implant or deviceMalfunction of brain neurostimulatorMalfunction the peripheral nerve neurostimulatorMalfunction that ventriculoperitoneal shuntMalposition of mind neurostimulatorMalposition of peripheral nerve neurostimulatorMechanical complication the nervous mechanism deviceMechanical complication of nervous mechanism device, implant AND/OR graftNervous system device, implant or graft mechanical complicationNeurological implant lead or hardware erosionPeripheral nerve neurostimulator complicationPeripheral nerve neurostimulator malfunctionPeripheral nerve neurostimulator malpositionSpinal cord neurostimulator complicationSpinal cord neurostimulator malfunctionSpinal cord neurostimulator malpositionVagal nerve stimulator complicationVentricular intracranial communicating shunt leakageVentricular intracranial interacting shunt malfunctionVentricular intracranial communicating shunt malpositionVentriculoperitoneal shunt malfunction
Mechanical symptom involving:dorsal tower stimulatorelectrodes implanted in mind
peripheral nerve graftventricular (communicating) shunt
Complicationsmechanicalanastomosis - watch Complications, mechanical, graftartificial love 996.09bypass - watch Complications, mechanical, graftcatheter NEC 996.59cardiac 996.09cystostomy 596.82dialysis (hemodialysis) 996.1peritoneal 996.56during a procedure 998.2urethral, indwelling 996.31colostomy 569.62device NEC 996.59balloon (counterpulsation), intra-aortic 996.1cardiac 996.00automatic implantable defibrillator 996.04long-term effect 429.4specified NEC 996.09contraceptive, intrauterine 996.32counterpulsation, intra-aortic 996.1fixation, external, v internal components 996.49fixation, inner (nail, rod, plate) 996.40genitourinary 996.30specified NEC 996.39insulin pump 996.57nervous device 996.2orthopedic, internal 996.40prosthetic share (see also Complications, mechanical, device, orthopedic, prosthetic, joint) 996.47prosthetic NEC 996.59joint 996.47articular bearing surface wear 996.46aseptic loosening 996.41breakage 996.43dislocation 996.42failure 996.47fracture 996.43around prosthetic 996.44peri-prosthetic 996.44instability 996.42loosening 996.41peri-prosthetic osteolysis 996.45subluxation 996.42wear 996.46umbrella, vena cava 996.1vascular 996.1dorsal obelisk stimulator 996.2electrode NEC 996.59brain 996.2cardiac 996.01spinal tower 996.2enterostomy 569.62esophagostomy 530.87fistula, arteriovenous, surgically produced 996.1gastrostomy 536.42graft NEC 996.52aortic (bifurcation) 996.1aortocoronary bypass 996.03blood vessel NEC 996.1bone 996.49cardiac 996.00carotid artery bypass 996.1cartilage 996.49corneal 996.51coronary bypass 996.03decellularized allodermis 996.55genitourinary 996.30specified NEC 996.39muscle 996.49nervous system 996.2organ (immune or nonimmune cause) 996.80heart 996.83intestines 996.87kidney 996.81liver 996.82lung 996.84pancreas 996.86specified NEC 996.89orthopedic, internal 996.49peripheral nerve 996.2prosthetic NEC 996.59skin 996.52artificial 996.55specified NEC 996.59tendon 996.49tissue NEC 996.52tooth 996.59ureter, without mention of resection 996.39vascular 996.1heart valve prosthesis 996.02long-term effect 429.4implant NEC 996.59cardiac 996.00automatic implantable defibrillator 996.04long-term impact 429.4specified NEC 996.09electrode NEC 996.59brain 996.2cardiac 996.01spinal column 996.2genitourinary 996.30nervous mechanism 996.2orthopedic, inner 996.49prosthetic NEC 996.59inbile duct 996.59breast 996.54chin 996.59eyeocular lens 996.53orbital globe 996.59vascular 996.1insulin pump 996.57nonabsorbable surgical product 996.59pacemaker NEC 996.59brain 996.2cardiac 996.01nerve (phrenic) 996.2patch - view Complications, mechanical, graftprosthesis NEC 996.59bile duct 996.59breast 996.54chin 996.59ocular lens 996.53reconstruction, vas deferens 996.39reimplant NEC 996.59extremity (see likewise Complications, reattached, extremity) 996.90organ (see additionally Complications, transplant, organ, through site) 996.80repair - watch Complications, mechanical, graftrespirator V46.14shunt NEC 996.59arteriovenous, surgically produced 996.1ventricular (communicating) 996.2stent NEC 996.59tracheostomy 519.02vas deferens restoration 996.39ventilator V46.14nervous systemdevice, implant, or graft NEC 349.1mechanical 996.2postoperative NEC 997.00Obstruction, obstructed, obstructiveventricular shunt 996.2Stenosis (cicatricial) - see also Strictureventricular shunt 996.2Stricture (see likewise Stenosis) 799.89ventricular shunt 996.2
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