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"Chasing Cars" is a tune by Scottish-Northern Irish alternate rock band snow Patrol. It was released together the 2nd single from their fourth studio album, Eyes open up (2006). It was taped in 2005 and released on 6 June 2006 in the unified States and 24 July 2006 in the united Kingdom. The track gained far-reaching popularity in the us after gift featured in the 2nd season finale of the well-known medical drama Grey"s Anatomy, which aired ~ above 15 might 2006."Chasing Cars" came to be notable as one of the songs the revealed the affect of legal downloads on single sales in the UK, selling repetitively for years after that release. The tune is snow Patrol"s biggest-selling solitary to date, ending 2006 together that year"s 14th best-selling single in the UK and that year had the difference of gift the last tune performed live on the BBC"s peak of the Pops. Released in the post-Britpop period, the track peaked in ~ number 6 on the UK Singles Chart, and also number 5 ~ above the us Billboard warm 100. At the 49th yearly Grammy Awards in 2007, "Chasing Cars" to be nominated for best Rock Song, and at the 2007 Brit Awards it to be nominated for best British Single. As of 2019, the song has actually spent 111 mainly in the main UK height 75, 166 in the top 100 and had offered over one million duplicates in the UK by October 2013. The has also sold 3,900,000 copies in the us by January 2015, do it one of the height best-selling absent songs in the digital era. In 2009, UK music license body PPL announced the "Chasing Cars" was the many widely played tune of the decade in the UK. Ten year later, it was revealed together the most-played tune of the 21st century top top UK radio.more »

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We"ll do it allEverythingOn ours ownWe don"t needAnythingOr anyoneIf ns lay hereIf I just lay hereWould you lie through me and just forget the world?I don"t fairly knowHow to sayHow ns feelThose three wordsAre claimed too muchThey"re not enoughIf ns lay hereIf I simply lay hereWould girlfriend lie with me and just forget the world?Forget what we"re toldBefore we obtain too oldShow me a garden that"s bursting into lifeLet"s waste timeChasing carsAround our headsI need your graceTo remind meTo discover my ownIf ns lay hereIf I just lay hereWould friend lie with me and also just forget the world?Forget what we"re toldBefore we get too oldShow me a garden that"s bursting into lifeAll that ns amAll that I ever before wasIs below in her perfect eyes, they"re all I can seeI don"t know whereConfused around how as wellJust recognize that these points will never adjust for united state at allIf ns lay hereIf I simply lay hereWould friend lie v me and also just forget the world?

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snow Patrol snow Patrol room a British alternative rock band developed at the college of Dundee in 1994. The group comprises Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Jonny Quinn (drums), Nathan Connolly (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Wilson (bass guitar, backing vocals) and also Tom Simpson (keyboards). (piano, guitar, backing vocals). Originally an indie rock band, their very first three records, the EP Starfighter Pilot (1997), and also the studio albums Songs for Polarbears (1998) and When It"s anywhere We Still have to Clear up (2001), were commercially unsuccessful and were released by the elevation labels electrical Honey and also Jeepster respectively.

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The band then signed on to the significant record label Polydor records in 2002. Much more »