ship on federally managed waters must lug USCG—approved visual distress signals. If her paddlecraft is equipped with a motor, you might be compelled to lug day signals. The require for extr signals will rely on whereby you space operating and also the size of her vessel. If pyrotechnic VDSs room used, a minimum the three have to be carried in the vessel. It is illegal to display visual distress signal if you space not in require of immediate, emergency assistance. Check v your state’s boating agency for any certain requirements because that visual distress signal on state waters.

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job signals any type of VDS that is clearly shows in bright sunlight federally managed waters Waters on i m sorry vessels should observe commonwealth requirements, including VDS requirements; these waters include: coastal waters The good Lakes territorial seas body of water linked directly to among the above, approximately a point where the body of water is less than 2 miles large night signals any VDS the is visible in the dark
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