I am a complete novice at this game, however I have actually a question: ns was playing v this friend of mine and also she sunk all of her colors yet when she struggle the 8 round in, the cue ball additionally went right into a pocket. She insists she won however I to be almost certain she lost. This was simply a happy game however I to be curious that really "won". Thanks in advance.

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By all the rules I have the right to think of, friend won, she lost.

If friend both had fun, friend both won.

If it led to something an ext than friendship, regional condom salesmen won.

In virtually all vain scenarios, you lose if girlfriend foul when pocketing the 8.

In most bars and tourneys, you lose if friend foul as soon as you’re on the 8-ball, even if it is you bag it or not.

Two friends gaining together come shoot around, have the right to play with any kind of rules they wish.

When ns played through friends that were not serious around pool, on residence tables, we’d usually just spot the 8 if it was made ~ above a foul.

When i play for fun through a newbie or a kid I'll sometimes shot to sink the cue with the 8 ball.

This means I don't need to dumb down my game however they can still win.

One top top my finest competitive games ever before I made some an excellent shots and also then scratched the white in one more corner after the black. We all laughed because that 5 minutes...was worth it for the memory.

Fe l i m really sorry for mark Allen. An alert score. 8:22 of video clip https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DU8XKyhpWcc

She's got it backwards. Most bar games are played the a scrape on the 8 loses regardless that if the sphere sinks. Main rules space that nobody loser untill the 8 sinks.

Depends on the league. APA is an automatic loss if you scratch on the 8 ball also if girlfriend don’t make the 8 ball.

BCA and also Valley league rules permit play to proceed unless someone scratches when they do the 8 ball.

OP really needs to develop the rules that he and also his friend are playing by but I can’t think of any organized group that scratching when you make the 8 sphere is no a loss, regardless of i m sorry ball drops first.

Not true. Bca rules inbound:

20. Loss OF GAME. A player loses the video game if the commits any kind of of the following infractions:

a. Fouls once pocketing the 8-ball (exception: watch 8-Ball Pocketed on The Break).

b. Pockets the 8-ball ~ above the same stroke as the last of his team of balls.

c. Jumps the 8-ball off the table at any type of time.

d. Pockets the 8-ball in a pocket other than the one designated.

e. Pockets the 8-ball once it is no the legal object ball.

His enemy made the ball and scratched... Lose of game

It’s a playful game, for this reason let her have actually it lol. The rules are a lose on one 8ball scratch, no matter if it’s sunk or not.

The rules room a loss on an 8ball scratch, no issue if it’s sunk or not.

That's not accurate. Under BCA and WPA rule a shoot on the eight the doesn't bag the 8 and the CB scratches is ball in hand, no loss that game. Lose of video game in that case is kind of a bar dominion thing.

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OP winner under every rules I know of, yet an 8 ball scrape is not always a ns if the 8 is not pocketed, especially in BCA rules. It's a lose under most rules.


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