Abigail Williams is the central antagonist of Miller"s play, The Crucible. She is a seventeen years old girl who is best known for her vengeful, selfish, manipulative and far-from-truth nature. She nickname in the pat is denoted as "Abby". She is the character who pretty lot sets the witch-hunt in the city of Salem in motion. Why is Abigail therefore vengeful and against whom? Why is she rendered together an terrible liar? Is the historical Abigail as wicked together the fictitious character in the play? Let"s cracked it!


Abigail"s Relationship

Abigail Williams is subjected to showcase a bunch of relationships in the specific play. Her connection with john Proctor serves together a point to blot the great name of john Proctor. The is said in the play that Abigail is having an illicit partnership with man Proctor when she was rendering her solutions as a maid-servant come Elizabeth Proctor as soon as she to be ill. Her 2nd relationship is associated with Reverend Parris as Abigail is his niece. So, Abigail and also Betty room cousins. Parris let she niece remain in his house because Abigail"s parents have been killed by the neighborhood American Indians. Abigail has actually been living in her uncle"s house since she was dismissed from Proctor"s house. Abigail"s 3rd relationship is highlighted through her friends, Mercy Lewis and Mary Warren. Abigail"s behaviour towards her girlfriend is fairly authoritative together backed increase by the quote below,

ABIGAIL, beginning for Mary: ns say close up door it, mary Warren!

It is clear the Abigail finds pleasure in bullying she friends to make her plan work.

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Abigail as a Willian

Abigail is the core antagonist that the play. She villainy is projected and propelled with her lies. She is an "accomplished and convincing liar". Also the personalities as solid as Danforth cannot withstand against her fatal weapon filled through lies.

ABIGAIL: I have been hurt, Mr. Danforth; I have seen mine blood runnin" out! I have actually been close to to murdered every day due to the fact that I done my duty discussing the Devil"s people—and this is mine reward? To it is in mistrusted, denied, questioned choose a—

DANFORTH, weakening: Child, I carry out not mistrust you—

ABIGAIL, in an open up threat: Let girlfriend beware, Mr. Danforth. Think friend to it is in so mighty that the strength of Hell might not rotate your wits? Beware that it!

The character of Abigail is presented in together a way that we as readers cannot aid but blame her of spreading the cult that Witch-hunt through her lies. Why? The wood-dancing event and also Abigail"s successful attempt to change her blame come Tituba and her friends room clear evidence, reflecting the manipulative powers of her lies. Abigail, then, provides this strength to work out her scores through Elizabeth Proctor. Man alludes,

God aid me, ns lusted, and also there is a promise in together sweat. But it is a whore"s vengeance, and also you must see it.

Abigail"s villainy is not limited to she "enemies". Even her closest loved ones are no safe from she curse. As soon as she learns that the authority in Andover is strictly handling the people who room accused that witchcraft, Abigail steals her uncle"s money and leaves for Boston,

My daughter tells me just how she heard speaking of ships last week, and also tonight I discover my—my strongbox is broke into. (Parris)

Motivations behind Abigail"s Villainy

Abigail has actually been depicted as one antagonist from optimal to bottom transparent the play. The motivations behind Abigail"s villainy make her a complicated character to deal with. Abigail bring away liberties through John there is no taking care of his married life to meet her teenage lust. Once Abigail is dismissed from Proctors" house, she is not upset about the ns of she love yet the ns of her reputation in the town.

It is important to quote that Abigail"s parents had actually been killed by neighborhood American Indians,

I observed Indians smash mine dear parents" head ~ above the pillow alongside mine. (Abigail)

Her early stage misery must have left a solid influence on her to nurture vengeance against the ones who she deems she enemies.

Abigail is treated like a girl the the reduced class, just above the black Tituba. She revengeful attitude versus Elizabeth deserve to be stirred by the social discrimination discovered within the town of Salem. Abigail wants to remove Goody Proctor to join hands through John not because Abigail loves him, but to boost up her reputation.

Abigail"s manipulation the Betty"s illness; shifting her blame-game to her friends and Tituba; concealing about the person who "conjured" in the woods plainly shows her love because that power. Abigail"s synthetic fit to discredit Mery is additionally her effective attempt to maintain her strength as a "Ghost Witch".

Manifestly, Abigail is required by her beforehand misery to take on a dangerous path as a villain. She resides for no one yet herself.

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The historic Abigail

The Abigail in history did command the team of girls who saw spirits and pinpointed witches during Salem witch trials. But no evidence against the love affair between John and also Abigail has been detected since the historic John Proctor to be sixty and Abigail was just eleven year old. Miller says that the historic Abigail operated in Proctors" house and also accused Elizabeth the witchcraft. However she did not include John in her accusations despite the "urgings that the prosecutors". So, that is clear the the Abigail in history-books was different than the fictitious Abigail.


Abigail is a round character. She properly develops herself from a maid-girl to an extremely powerful lady come shake Danforth. Abigail"s villainy is centred roughly securing her name and to gain power,